I think we can admit that we're all just a bit jealous of Palm's Touchstone charging station. The act of simply plugging your phone into its charger doesn't pose any real challenge, and it's nothing new in the world of electronic devices. But there's no cool factor there, and fumbling around for your charger in the dark is no fun.

Perhaps that's what drove forum member d94 to sacrifice his warranty, time, and potentially his Epic 4G to bring us this impressive mod. In the nine pictures posted in his thread, it almost looks like an easy mod with minimal soldering and "Oh god I hope I don't break this" moments. Perhaps an easy task for the seasoned modder.

According to d94, not a single one of the Epic's basic functions had to be sacrificed for this mod either. The charging LED still behaves the same way, and when mounted in his car, GPS is fully functional.

So if your Epic 4G has had to sit on the sidelines while the Evo 4G got comfy on the Touchstone, here is your chance! Get into his thread and get to work. [Android Central Forums]


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Epic 4G modded to charge on Palm Touchstone


Looks like a cellebrite cable... anyways love the mod. Still trying to get the nerve up to do it to my Evo.

That's awesome. I came from a Pre to the Epic, and I happen to have a spare Touchstone kicking around. I saw the Evo mod from a while back and was impressed. If I had the soldering tools, I would totally do this. I miss my Touchstone the most out of having a Pre.

You can pick up a cheap-o soldering iron and some solder for less than like 5 bucks. Not much of an investment if you like the touchstone a lot.

Thats cool I have touchstone just dont wanna mess up my Epic 4g wish you could just buy a new back cover and pop it on and place it on the charger

d94 is a Sprint head technician. I am sure he was able to gather resources to make this happen. Nonetheless - IMPRESSIVE

I'm pretty sure the magnetic backing conflicts with the magnetometer in the phone.

That is, apps that use the phones direction (orientation) will not work properly.

It's not the GPS that would be a problem with the touchstone-compatible magnetic back... it's the COMPASS.

Possibly a reasonable trade-off for many, but yes, there is no way the digital compass would work with the magnets back there.

Note to JamesCarnley: the orientation of the device is driven by the "accelerometer" sensor; in other words, the sensor that measures acceleration/force. The magnets would have no bearing on that.

I have an Epic so clicked on the Epic link but it looks like the pictures showing how to do this have been removed from that thread. Where can I find the "How to" pics for the Epic mod for touchstone? Thanks...

EDIT: ah, looks like I just can't see them at WORK! We're good now. ;)