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Good news for those of you waiting on the fix for the Epic 4G's 3G upload speed (or lack thereof): According to an admin on Sprint's community forums, it'll start pushing out Sept. 30 -- tomorrow -- and roll out to everybody over four days. We'll have to wait for the full changelog, but hopefully it'll address some of our other concerns as well. [Sprint via Android Central Forums]


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Fix for Sprint Epic 4G upload speeds reportedly starts Sept. 30


Download speed test app and you will notice. I am glad otherwise i would exchange for an Evo. Epic has other problems such as when i turn on 4g it connects but if the is weak it disconnects i understand that but i do not understand is when i reach an area with 4g again and it is on my epic does not connect by itself. I turn it off and then turn it back on.

Ps - hopefully they're feeling the crunch to resolve gps as well, maybe even froyo?, in time to keep early adopters from jumping on day 29....

will fixing upload speeds possibly make downloading and streaming faster too. My buddy has an epic and I wanna get one but right now I can pull up videos faster than him on my pre.

Here's where we see whether it's Sprint or Samsung that's holding up the update process... After all, the EVO has already had four or five different updates, same carrier different manufacturer. It had the launch-day SD card fix, and at 'least one OTA to fix various issues before the Froyo update, then the Froyo OTA, and one more OTA last week or so to address a few newer issues (calendar bug) and uncap the fps. Pretty sure there was one other OTA too before Froyo, I've lost count. HTC/Sprint have truly stood behind the EVO, I hope Samsung plays ball and helps Sprint do the same for the Epic, but the Captivate/Vibrant haven't gotten much and they launched earlier.

And for the record, it wasn't like the EVO launched w/more or bigger bugs/issues than the Epic. The SD card thing was the only game stopper and it was fixed literally before it even launched.

What exactly is the GPS problem with the Epic? I've had mine since Sept 1st and I used Maps and GPS faithfully and i'm not noticing any problems? However i do notice the upload problem tho, speedtest.net doesnt lie