Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch in White

It's a little grainy, and it's wrapped in plastic, but here's your first look at the white version of the Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch. Remember that it's the same as the original version we reviewed months ago, and it'll be available for $199 on Sunday.

Thanks, anon!

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icebike says:

Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch

Can we get a longer name please?

benthe1 says:

Yes yes, we can, but that would just be WAY too long...

cctpitts01 says:

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Sprint Epic 4g Touch Slayer Of IPhone. LOL how's that?

jimmiekain says:

Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch in White

lilotimz says:

"Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S2 White Epic 4g Winter Touch..."

tommydaniel says:

There are pictures of it on XDA, have been for days.

I'm sure the bad pics are done on purpose to make it seem like James Bond took them.

exMachina says:

I enjoy and appreciate these first look posts and stuff but why the hell can't they take better pictures??? The phones they try to show always comes out grainy, blurry, and down right ugly. Even my SGS Captivate can take better pictures.

eao1991 says:

Here's the link to the images posted on the E4GT forum on XDA yesterday

emaddox84 says:

I commend Samsung for understanding that making a white version of a phone doesn't mean only changing the color of the battery cover.

li2327 says:

That white looks nice. I have the black on and love it.

sea1206 says:

i would like to know why did they get rid of the led indicator ??? looks to be that way from pic????

jeversion1 says:

They didnt get rid of the indicator. Mine is blinking right now from a text in red. It looks awesome in white but the back is not textured and it seems to have a slightly updated gingerbread on it because my black one didnt do that thing where when you reach the end of a page while scrolling and it gives you that color visual marker so that you know nothing is left. So I dont know what other software things may have been updated with it.

Oh for ***** sake, just call it Sprint's Galaxy S2!