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If you possess both a Nexus 10 and a predisposition for hacking your gadgets, you'll be pleased to hear that the first few nightly builds of CyanogenMod 10.1 for the Samsung-made Nexus tablet have started to appear.

Two early builds of the popular custom ROM are available on the official CyanogenMod download site at at the time of writing, weighing in at around 163MB.

It's still early days for CM10.1, which is based on the recently open-sourced Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. As such, you can probably expect a few bugs and incomplete or missing features in these initial nightly builds until things become a bit more stable.

Regardless, those with an OEM unlocked Nexus 10 and a healthy contempt for playing it safe can find download details at the source link below.



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First CM10.1 nightlies available for Nexus 10


That only depends on how you want to use your 10-inch tablet. If you need the Wacom stylus features, the GN 10.1 is your friend. If you want a nice keyboard dock with an extra battery, you want one off the Asus Transformer series. Otherwise, the Nexus 10 is THE Android tablet to get. That's what Jerry has said, and I think I agree with him.

I was really excited about Galaxy Note 10.1 when I first heard of it, but its equally laggy to my first Transformer TF101 with a Tegra 2 in it. Dont know it its software or hardware but its far from smooth.