You'll never be lonely when all your friends are just a tap away, but Facebook thinks you'll have more fun when they are right up front

A long plane ride is a pretty boring thing. Sure, you could get out your laptop and work, or keep handing over your plastic for those tiny bottles of entertainment, but Facebook has another idea -- with Facebook Home and the HTC First you can bring along all your friends. And cats.

While we imagine the average Facebook user's feed will be slightly different (and a lot less safe for work), this is a good ad that gets the idea across. I have a feeling we're going to see a lot more like it.

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Facebook shows us what life can be like with Facebook Home front and center


Now, if we could only get HTC to make Sense have this type of integration that could be turned off with a click?

This commercial clarified to me why this product doesn't appeal to me. I didn't realize until now that they were targeting the homosexual market. Nothing wrong with that, just not my demographic.

I leave an hour earlier in the morning just to get away from my family to get a little peace and quiet on the job site, I sure as hell don't want to open my phone and the very first thing I see is my family all over my phone. Call me miserable but I can wait till I get home.
That is the worst set of specs that I have seen in a new phone that has made more front page stories on this website. The only thing that is worth talking about is the pure Android experience if you shut that ridiculous app off. It still isn't Nexus, won't get the fast updates so I would much rather buy a top of the line phone with the best hardware and flash CyanogenMod on it. If you are looking for a pure Nexus experience with great hardware that is the only way to go, as far as I'm concerned none of the latest Nexus phones are worth buying either, the hardware is 2nd rate at best and I know everyone says it's all in the software, I disagree completely, Nexus to me shouls mean cutting edge, I would love to buy a new Nexus phone that I was proud to carry, the Nexus 4 was almost there but how can you call it cutting edge with a lousy camera and shit for storage. Forget about it, I'll stick with the manufacturers that are listening to it's customers. I am still hoping the new Nexus phone will be all it should be, I wish these websites would call Google out on this issue instead of blowing smoke up their asses and making bogus excuses for piss poor hardware saying it is all in the software. I buy a phone I am also buying hardware.
Sorry for my venting, I have been drinking watching the fights.

i couldnt help but agree with you, i mean when we take it back to the Nexus
One, that was a beast of a phone, hardware & Software wise

How much is Facebook paying you guys for all this coverage?? I've never seen so much coverage for a mid range phone/custom launcher

It's one of those comments again (sort of like the whole "you guys post too much about the ________ how about you post about another phone!" comments on the bigger releases). Facebook has a Billion users, at least half of them are active. Thats why it gets so much coverage.

Some of the things or people that I follow is / are probably not safe to follow while at work. So it might make the application not safe to use while at work!

This week it's about Facebook it's getting old find a another new topic. Unless you'll getting promo for this and nothing else. They got to be something new about phones and etc. For the past few days I'm been looking and nothing new comes up.

I am sick of the whole creepy Facebook thing. Guess if I was a needy celeb or a tween that needs constant attention, I would care more. IMO...Facebook has seen its top.

Jerry, Thanks for posting this.

It is a great reminder as to why I still do not want to use my Facebook Account very much.

BTW, I have not read all of AC's coverage of FB Home but did you guys even mention that FB will be pushing Advertisements to FB Home at some point? From what I did read somewhere this was mentioned in passing and downplayed at the intro. Have to wonder if users will be able to TURN OFF that "feature". Just one more reason why there is a snow-balls-chance-in- you-know-where that I will be using this app.

The really sad part is that you'll see this commercial on TV before you ever see a commercial for the One.

Still no sign of any legitimate HTC One advertising. Facebook Home has already popped up multiple times. Shame on you HTC. Promote your frickin "flagship" phone if you want it to have any chance.

I can only hope FACEBOOK bet the house on this product. The audacity and utter ignorance combined that FACEBOOK shows here... will only prove them to be the bottom-feeders they truly are.

Cant believe this hasn't been said, so I had to join up (at long last) to say it, if this was for the iPhone then I think it would be a big thing, the fact its for Android, which can have a widget on your main home screen when you unlock your phone, or even notifications on your lock screen using other 3rd party widgets, this is a complete waste of time, not to mention a potential issue with privacy.

Basically someone can pick up my phone, press the power button and see posts to my account from people who have selected to post privately to friends only, now its open to whoever picks up my phone or finds a lost phone.

In the event you have to unlock the screen to see the messages, you may as well just unlock your phone and see a widget.

This (should) crash and burn, with any luck.

My thoughts exactly, what's the point, we already have lock screen widgets that allow us to see facebook.

Video makes no sense lady says put your phone away so you turn it off, then turn it back on to see lock screen? what's the point? You could of just left it on......

Point #2 who cares when you are on a plane anyway, as soon as it takes off and you have no internet signal all this crap is meaningless. Actually seems stupid to like things from you lock screen when you are 1 touch away from the full app..

"Video makes no sense lady says put your phone away so you turn it off, then turn it back on to see lock screen? what's the point? You could of just left it on......"

but that's typical for the demographic they're targeting