EVO Shift 4G

Sprint's just let us know that the EVO Shift 4G can now grab its update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. All you have to do to get it is go to Menu>Settings>System updates>HTC software Update and start the process. In addition to the Gingerbread update, you'll get improved download management, and fixes media streaming.

If for some reason you want to wait for the update to be pushed to you, Sprint will start force-feeding it on Monday.

Source: Sprint; More EVO Shift 4G forums; Thanks, Eric!


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EVO Shift 4G's Gingerbread update now available for manual download


I'll make sure to tell my friend. I doubt she would even care x_x. I'm ready for the Thunderbolt to get some gbread love!

It says my phone is up to date and that no updates are available. I have a non-rooted phone.

Is there a backup I should run before the update runs? (Assuming the update runs for me later on today or tomorrow)

give it a while....they roll in batches......so jealous where's mine for my dinc???....o thats right i'm rooted running cyanogenmod7

Not getting the update either. Last I had read the manual update would be available tomorrow, was kinda surprised to see it was ready today.

Now it's working for me. Important tip, don't try to download while tethered to your computer. The update needs access to your SD card to download. Everything was normal once I unplugged. Downloading about 1% every 5 seconds from my work wifi.

Okay, i've got it now. However i can't seem to do anything as far the internet is concerned. Keeps giving me grief.

Is this Sense 3.0 by chance? There's definitely a visual difference.

no, it's sense 2.1. has some of the same features as sense 3.0 though, like the power control options in the notification bar

Okay, I restarted my Shift and can now use the internet again. So, of course i went straight to the Market to check for any updates to bring my apps up to par with GB. The only one available was for Twitter. This is like fricken Christmas morning.


I'm curious how my car's going to handle it when i link them together later today. They've had a troubled relationship in the past.

Has anybody updated yet that had a custom kernal? (I'm running stock Froyo with custom kernal) and wanted to know if this will break my root access. Also if I update with a custom kernal will the update not install properly? Thanks!

random question, and too lazy to research :)

I'm dl'ng now, anyone know if that stupid issue with texting using the keyboard is fixed? where the screen slides down as you type, and eventually goes off the screen, and you have to scroll it back up to actually type ??

I have go sms, and wouldnt mind not having to use it if I dont need to.

I guess I can just wait and find out...

I have downloaded and installed Gingerbread! At first there were a couple issues with Text Messages (I'm not sure why, it may have something to do with Google Voice, or not).

Twitter doesn't want to work when I install the update.

Overall, I like the new features a lot (skins, etc.). The phone seems about as responsive as before, but I feel like the battery life is much better, even in the hour that i've had Gingerbread running.

The best part so far is the near-immediate startup! With that enabled it's incredible!

I hope you guys don't have the same stability problems with Sense that I did on my EVO. After the GB update, it kept crashing. I got Launcher Pro and not only did stability return with Sense disabled, battery life significantly improved (and that is on an extended battery). I strongly advise Launcher Pro. More stable than Sense.

Anyone else having an issue with changing the sound of notifications. I have gone through and changed it through settings but it still makes the same notification sound when receiving texts and emails.

After downloading GB, restarting, and making sure all was good and updated, I shut it down. After a few minutes, I turned it back on. WOW!!!!! It took about 8 seconds to boot! Again...WOW!!!!!

Loaded Gingerbread and I really like it so far. Only one problem. Before, all my facebook birthdays would sync with my Shifts calander. Now for the life of me I can't get them to sync. Any thoughts?

If you can't get it to sync, import the Facebook birthday calendar to your Google calendar & the birthdays will show up on your calendar. That's what I did when I got my 1st Android last year.

Loving the Gingerbread update. Don't like that they changed the menu where its slides up, now it has like pages. What's up with the swype?? Says we have it nd it doesn't work. Other than that, 2.3 is the shiiii.

I did the update and my phone is doing well except for one thing. I live in New York but my phone is telling me I'm in Ano Liosia. Any idea whats causing the location error?

I updated my EVO Shift yesterday, things seemed to be fine, however when I open a doc on "Quick Office" app, the "FN" key is not fucntioning, ohh its working well on the touch screen side of things and excel works with the "FN" key but word docs do not. My be a bug..any suggestions??

I updated earlier this morning. Haven't had a lot of time to try everything out. But I noticed when I take a picture it no longer dates/time stamps the pic in the lower right corner like it used to. I can't seem to find anything in the camera settings for it. I liked that feature because when you go back to look at a photo it shows the date it was taken. Also it's helpful in certain situations if the picture is dated.
Anyone else notice this or know if there is something I'm missing so the pics will be dated again. Thanks.

anyone else having this lame issue im having? ive dl the update and when i choose update my phone shutsdown, boots up then gets stuck on the HTC logo. ive tried doing factory restore and the same thing happens. any ideas on what to do?

this update sucks to me. I noticed that every time I go to gallery, messages, and others apps, when I go back... it crashes to the HTC loading screen. Takes up too much time with this! Other than that, its pretty good. But this is a major issue!!

im not sure if this is the site to report something wrong, but i recentely updated my sprint evo shift with android update 2.3, and ever since i did it has been not working correctly. like when i go into my camera ill take a picture when i push my home home button, or even go into my apps, the theme will re-apply everytime, but before the update got installed onto my phone, the phone had just worked fine, so please do fix this, or look into it thank you!

LMAOOO usually I don't poke fun out of people but, none of these guys has pointed out the real update hardware issues. Its a lot, I wish I didn't upgrade this honestly. Only reason I won't downgrade back is, I don't want to lose all my info again.(I know I should do a back-up) Anyways when you take a picture, it makes your brightness jump right back to 100%. We need the fix or the link to find where can we fix this issue!! Gosh Dammit!!

Oh wait, did I mention that you can't take pictures by touching the screen no more? Pure BS, I guess we're suppose to mentally know where the button is when your doing a self picture.