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Heads up, EVO Shift 4G owners. A small update that will bump you up to v2.76.651.5 should be arriving on Monday, Aug. 8. Once updated, anyone experiencing intermittent MMS/SMS sending issues will no longer be seeing error messages and MMS/SMS messages will go through as expected. Let us know when you get the update -- it should pop up as a notification on your device.

Update:  We just heard from AC reader Zachary that he has this update available now.  Go into "HTC Software Update" in your settings menu, and have a look.  Pic after the break.  Thanks Zachary!

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EVO Shift 4G in line for an update [Update - available now?]


This update seems to have solved that problem too. I haven't had the Sense restarting issue since I downloaded this morning, even with Fast Boot enabled. I suggest you download ASAP.

^ no idea.. lol I work for Sprint. sorry but that sucks still no 2.3 ... If i was you I would have just rooted the damn thing.. I love samsung but the software .......

I was having sms issues and errors on my evo after 2.3... sprint gave me a new evo and all was good for a week... then sms issues again. I was told the evo was getting an update to fix the update on 7/28 but it never came. I then sold the evo and went back to my epic which has recently begun to have multiple texts but only with my one friend (also on sprint) which leads me to believe this is more a sprint network issue than a phone issue (could also be an airave issue). They really need to fix all of this nonsense... customers shouldn't have to be worried that an update might make their phone worse... don't they test this stuff?

Just did a manual check for the update and sure enough it was there! Small size and only took a total of about 5 to 8 minutes. As far as I know I never had the SMS/MMS problems with Gingerbread that others have had. So, can't confirm that it fixed anything. Only Gingerbread bug I have had is the random white screen with HTC logo as Sense reboots itself and it is still doing this:-(

Anyone else getting the White HTC and Loading screen...stated happening after the 2.3 update...Its driving me crazy..They need to fix that quick..

its not just HTC. two of my three DX's are almost unbarable with texting and now its starting to affect all typing on the phone. all started after gingerbread.

The update was waiting for me. Took only a few mins to d/l, install, reboot etc. The only sms issues I ever had were if I received a text during the same minute I sent one it would get them out of order. Also, while typing it was randomly jump all the way to the top (so effin annoying). So far, it hasn't given me the white HTC screen or the 'Loading' message since the update. Though, I'm sure I just jinxed myself and it'll be back to it's old ways as soon as I send this message and hit Home. (Fingers crossed)

Edit: Nevermind. My dumb smartphone is just as effed up as before this little update. Thanks for the adrenaline rush folks.. better luck next time.

I was having typing and jumping to the top problem before the first gingerbread upgrade. I just went with a different texting app, Go SMS Pro. Took care of that and the time stamp problem. Not sure what the texting problem this upgrade is to fix. I haven't had any since changing.

Definitely annoying with the sense reboots. Seems like it is happening 2-3 times a day a the very least. That would be a far better fix IMO.

Since the download, I haven't had the white HTC screen/Loading screen show up, even with Fast Boot turned on. However, I had to re-install my screen widgets, as they were all gone. Not a big problem. So I strongly suggest everyone download the update. Seems to have solved two problems at the same time.

I've been deceived, bamboozled, naive, etc.! After downloading several updates this morning, the Sense rebooting problem still exists, with and without Fast Boot enabled. My dreams are dashed. So get on it HTC! Either fix it or lie to us and tell us this is what's supposed to happen. This problem has existed far too long to not have a fix.

Stupid update doesn't fix Messaging issue where it automatically scrolls to the top of all your messages after typing 160 characters. DAMN YOU. And no, I can't use SMS pro-after a day or 2 of use some bug mutes all the sounds coming out of my phone.
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Way to suck!