Android 2.2 on the Evo 4G

Judging by the carpet bombing our inbox is currently undergoing, it looks like the official Android 2.2 update for the Evo 4G is under way. That's a tad earlier than we'd been told (though nobody here's complaining), and hopefully it bodes well for getting those of us on the earlier unofficial builds "back on track."

In the meantime, be sure to check out our walkthough of Android 2.2 on the Evo 4G, and discuss the update in our forums. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: We double-checked (can you blame us?) and this one's for real, folks. Have at it!


Reader comments

Evo 4G's official Froyo update pushing out now! (Update: It's really real)


My wife's evo on 2.1 found the OTA 2.2 update just now, but my leaked 2.2 evo says no update. Maybe I have to manual download, she's downloading it now and after the install I'm going to see if the version number has changed of it its the same one. Anybody else?

There's a story that says that you won't get it right away if you did the leaked version a couple days ago, but Sprint has a plan in place to get the official release to you soon.

The leak's number is 3.26.651.3-1; official number is 3.26.651.6

'Been installed about two hours now. ' Still checking things out.

Swype definitely still works, but you probably have to uninstall and re-install. Shootme no longer works, unfortunately. Entering comments here in AC is weird because whatever you type scrolls offscreen as soon as you type it, so something is definitely wrong. (Using Opera Mini.)

Back to looking around...

WOO-HOO... Downloading it now. I've been checking all day and nothing until just now. Thx, Phil!

Well, guess I'll hold off til someone with the early leaked build (.3) has downloaded and installed it.... Damn, I was gonna wait, but the froyo anticipation got me last friday night. LOL

Wonder if we should factory reset and then install update?

Never mind that won't work :) going to check out htc

thanks for the tip! i was beginning to think it was being rolled out from the east coast first. i'll keep checking!

Well almost all her apps are no longer in the markets download section but my leak 2.2 apps are. Lol, but there still on her phone under the apps section. I wounded if I can find the OTA on her SD card and upload it?

HTC said that in terms of functionality, there is NO difference whatsoever. The differences between the two builds, according to HTC, is that the leaked version might cause issues with WiMax. That's about it.

wonder if there's any difference between .3 and .6. Not showing an update for me with .3 installed.

I just downloaded it, changed it to so I'm going to attempt the install and I will be back ASAP with results.

I think there's a check system that can tell if the image (firmware) version is older then the one being installed. But I'm not sure really,

I just tried flashing back to 2.1. No worky. I guess I'll have to wait until either someone much smarter than I am figures it out, or HTC ships another update that will work for those of us that installed the update early.

Factory reset maybe... But hard reset gets you back to 2.2 I wish there was a way I could do this without losing my call history, settings and texts and photos.

Download Call Log Backup and Restore and SMS Backup and Restore from the market, or Root + Titanium Backup

If I download that zip wit .3 already installed and flash that. What do u think will happen... any thoughts.

My Evo's frozen up during the reboot. It installed, but now it's been frozen on the 4g screen for the past 10 mins. I can't power down?!

(In Chicago) After you download tour phone will restart a few times and seem to hang on the 4G loading screen. After that, you will be prompted that you have 2.2x.. It will continue to setup again.

Downloading update now, but install won't happen until I charge the battery up! Make sure your battery is charged asap. BTW, I'm in Maryland.

Wow. A week ago it was us VZW folks who were gonna get this update so soon. Gots me some Froyo envy... lol. Enjoy it folks. Me and my DI are just gonna sit here and patiently wait...... or maybe not so patiently.... ;-)

If you're the adventurous type, there was indeed another leak of a Froyo build for the DI on Sunday.
Even if you're waiting for the OTA, at least take comfort in the fact that the official DI Froyo builds are getting better all the time. Also the leaks themselves represent the progress as of a week or more in the past...

My phone will not complete the check, it just shows the circle spinning saying "checking". I dont know what to do. HELP!!!!

Downloading now! 54% done!

My only hope is that the stock launcher is included again. No offense to HTC but I'm not feeling sense.

Other than that - thanks HTC and Sprint!

I found one thing that is not working is the Screen Lock. Sure, recording the PIN, Pattern or password works but when you lock the phone by letting it do it itself or pressing the power button to do so, when you swipe down to unlock it literally just unlocks it and doesn't prompt you for the unlock Patter, PIN or password. Anyone else encountering this?

I think I'm almost done rebooted several times and now its on the 4G screen.

Update: Congratulations! Your phone is Froyoized :-))))

All the findings I'm finding. The recent apps, when holding down the Home button has been bumped from 6 apps to 8 apps

A day early....YEAH. :) Just happened to stop by for my daily fix on AC and discovered that the update was available. Downloaded/updated via without any problems at all. :) So much simpler than my Bold updates and no freaking cables or desktop software to get going before beginning the process. Still loving my EVO. Settling on the couch with a cold drink and watching AC's clip on the new features. THX AC!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man I jumped for joy in my kitchen mom was like "what's wrong, whats wrong?!?" Me: "My freaking update! FROOOYOOOO...." lol the nerd in me came out :) I hope we all enjoy this cause we've all been waiting a long time.

Ok after hanging for 45 mins on the 4g screen while rebooting. I just pulled the battery out, and re-powered the phone. Got the installation complete message once the phone rebooted, and the phone seems to be working fine. Seems to be running more snappier than before.

Had the leaked version, but also had the clockwork mod and a back up. I restored it to eclair took download and about to install

I was going to say that Flash wasn't working, but I figured it out. You have to enable plugins first. Anyway...even with Flash enabled the browser is crazy fast!

A couple of things that I have noticed so far:

* Pandora Widget is gone after move to SD
* Album Art is gone in 3(Cubed) Player.

I'll try a reboot in a while to see if those issues self correct.

Edit: Reboot did not fix either issue. Unistall/reinstall Pandora and widget is back...until I move to SD, then gone again. Hopefully Pandora sees my comment and the one other that was in the Market regarding this.

I just re-ran the Get Album Artwork on 3 (Cubed) and it worked.

Widgets don't work at all when an app is moved to the SD card. Since they can cause so many issues, Google disabled their use if you move the app.

I got Froyo. I ran the popular brenchmark apps. All performed at least 5 times better.

Too bad no fps improvement. Oh well, can't have everything.

It does seem to have taken care of my speaker phone and Bluetooth issues that were broken with the last update

Update complete, very seamless and relatively quick. Here are a few benchmarks off my Evo 4G:

2.1 = 3.623 mflops/1.49 seconds
2.2 = 33.008 mflops/0.16 seconds
911% performance increase

2.1 = 18.7 fps
2.2 = 26.0 fps
139% performance increase

So far everything seems to be working well, only exception is Swype beta reports its for a different version and doesn't seem to work. Checking their website for an update.

Ok, new to the forum but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a weird issue with Google Talk. When I press someone's picture a phone icon shows up twice even if I have only one number for them. When I select the second phone icon a option comes up asking me to select an application to complete the action...problem?? I hope not! Help!

i have the "leaked" version but mine is later than what our droid central folks and matched the build of the the current push so is another update really necessary? hmm.....

Wow, it takes like 2 seconds to get the full application list under Manage Applications. Used to take minutes on my Evo.

Same here .3 version, won't update. Tried the Manuel way and shuts down half ways also. That's what we get for not waiting..

I just updated my EVO, and when I go to the marketplace and select downloads, it only shows four apps, although I have downloaded about 40 apps.

All the apps I have on my phone work fine, but they just don't show up on the Marketplace list of apps that I have.

So basically all us early adopters are screwed. Any rumor on a fix for this? I know it may not make a difference to some but it does matter to me.

Hey Congrads to all the Evo owners out there! This is great. Also can someone verify if you see a significant difference in the battery usage? I guess this will take a lil time. I just purchased the Captivate and luv it but the battery wears down fast through out the day. Was hoping Froyo would assist with that amoung others things, like speed. :-)

Hmm, looks like the mass delete option in Gallery is gone, but if you do the long press on a picture you now have a crop option, nice.

Thanks, didn't notice it before and was using Mobile to do basic editing. I wasn't use to the "long press" when I got the Evo so I probably overlooked it (now I long press everything :) )

And never mind on the delete thing, the trashcan is there, guess I was blind last night!

installed went smooth only weird thing is when i go to android market it only shows the apps i paid for not the free ones, they still work just doesnt show them in market...

theyre showing up now, everything is freakin awesome



Just got Froyo installed and it really rocks. OMG, the biggest thing I've seen so far, is the 4g radio is way faster. I'm hitting 8mbps on the phone now, where I was seeing 3-5 before. Everything is much faster. Still need to send some more time with it, will report back soon.

Friends stream has some can see number of comments now. Also says updating instead of loading..wish I could get swype and blockbuster

What exactly is it us early adopters are missing out on? My girl got her Update so far I haven't seen a difference other then her swipe not working....

Hey heads up, if your phone is saying you're already up to date but you still have 2.1, try turning off your wifi first and then check back. For whatever reason my Evo wouldn't find the update until after I turned off my wifi and re-enabled it to download once it found the new software.

I just got my update here in South Jersey at 11:15pm. And it just finished downloading and installed at 11:30pm. I ran the "Linpack" app right before and it was hitting at 6.7-6.9 on average and now I am getting results of 37-41. Wow. This is going to be great.

Well the video recorder now records and plays back movies very smooth, also video settings now has h.264 codec settings but not 720p, screen rotation on 3 sides instead of 2, speed performance on both phone and browser. Install and move apps to SD card (if the app dev allows it). Better signal for both WiFi and Sprint, Full flash, loading pages with full flash is faster then 2.1 with flash lite. Messenger settings are diff, now you can select an upload with out hitting the menu key. A few others I can't think of right now but that's all I can remember. Also, this is from a Froyo 2.2 leak, so the official 2.2 1.6 version is more stable.

After three attempts to initiate the HTC Update, I was successful. I powered down the EVO completely and then powered back up. After clicking on check for update again, the update was found. I had wifi turned on and was given the option to download via wifi only or 3G/4G/Wifi. I am not in 3G coverage so I downloaded via wifi only which I understand can be faster depending on hardware. The download and install went fast without errors.

I had installed 10.1 flash on 2.1. The froyo bricked flash completely! I had to wipe the phone by powering up holding the volume down, then selecting clear user data wiping the phone. My EVO is like a virgin!

Pull out the battery then put it back in. Next hold down the Volume Down button and then the power on the phone. You should now get the Boot screen, using the up/down volume buttons scroll down to "clear storage" then hit the power button and the phone will reset to factory settings, but with 2.2.already running. I had to do this in order to get my Flash working as well. now it's awesome!!

so i downloaded the updated, then went to install it, i got the triangle with the exclamation point and the little android guy... can anyone help?

Just finished downloading and installing. It is finishing up. Glad I checked before I went to bed! I am in the Atlanta Georgia area.

YAYYYYYYYY PLAINFIELD NEW JERSEY I GOT MY 2.2 ITS DL NOW FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bakersfield, Ca.
Checked and started the update at 08:50 pm
09:10 pm the update was downloaded, installed and running.
Perfect update - no issues - easy peasy!

Now off to play !

bt dialing works...but not that great with my plantronics backbeat 903, very inaccurate, will have ti tweak probably

Ok, new to the forum but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a weird issue since getting 2.2 When I press someone's picture in both the People app and Google Talk a phone icon shows up twice even if I have only one number for them. When I select the second phone icon a option comes up asking me to select an application to complete the action...problem?? I hope not! Help!

Wow, why am I the only unlucky guy out here. Update sits in the RECOVERY, REBOOT, etc. screen. I could not get anything to work so I finally just hard reset the phone and it is still doing the same thing. Any ideas?

just installed several updates just became available....from the market. 3banana, mypaper plane, couple of others. had to reinstall the weather channel and engadget. weren't working properly and i couldn't kill the weather channel. the weather channel and engadget both work fine now...had to re-sync accounts also. also had to re-load htc bookmark widget to get my bookmark pics to reload. still haven't re-booted to solve anything though..haven't had to.

My widgets are all messed up now!!!!!! I'm going to try to uninstall and reinstall.. I guess its better than having a brick right?

Came home from work to find out the great news of Froyo being available for the Evo

Download took about 10-15 mins.

Overall, the upgrade is pretty decent
Much a drastic update as some might expect

Swype is still working for me
All my apps are still showing in the market (at first it didn't appear)

Phone seems snappier
Like the options of the phone lock screen

Downloaded adobe flash and Live TV app and Oh.My.God....its amazing

One of the biggest problems that i'm having would be the live wallpapers are not working!!

Besides that, everything else is fine.

And once again another Verizon User. ilovetacos, your just unlucky or something. Why do you suppose thousands of Froyo users are lovin it and your not....could it be your just not getting it, or have a bad download?

Fix it and you shoud be good to go!

Just finished download and install, apps do seem to be speedier and flashlight is a welcome, Yeah! Froyo!

BTW, I live in North Carolina on the coast, no 4G but I travel a lot where 4G is.... Whoopie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone else having problems with their browser crashing? Skyfire and the htc internet brower keep crashing when i try to open normal sites like

Another Verizon User.... LOL!

Hey g4ove, it works fantastic for everyone else, your just unlucky and have a bad download....sorry! :(

Don't Install Froyo It's A Piece Of Crap The Web Browser It's Realy Slow I Hate Froyo Piece of Sh.$&#*

So I am poking around the settings to see how the EVO has improved with Froyo, when I start to wonder about the differences between Sense UI and pure Froyo.

One thing that kinda unnerves me is all of the default applications running and the broad permission they carry.

After a restore to factory defaults erase and reboot, there are dozens of apps running. See Settings/Applications/Manage applications/Running. Why?

And there does appear to be anyway to permanently disable many of the apps that automatically run at startup.

Also, the permissions on most of the HTC branded apps (Google apps even more so) are very broad. For example, look at Weather Provider. Why would it need so many permissions? Things like record audio/take pictures/read SMS/authenticate an account/etc. seem superfluous.

What do you all think?

Finally, I have not seen the raw 2.2 running. Is there much difference between the two?

Hulu actively blocks requests from mobile browsers. They's been doing so for a while (it's not fun, I know).

I haven't tried it but you may be able to mess with the browser settings so that it reports itself as a desktop browser and that should trick Hulu into working (until they block that, too).

Try a google search for "android browser useragent"

Just installed on my wife phone and my phone and is great. The internet is amazing fast, and the flash works great. I feel the phone even more fast and smooth. I just love it.


Can anyone confirm the backup feature or that there is "Privacy" in the settings menu? Man I wish I had waited the pre-release dl has been very buggy for me.

i did my update about 2 hours ago and everything installed smoothly and it didnt hard reset my evo which i thought was supper great!!! moved a couple of apps to the sd card (4) i dont know why the others didnt move over...but everything else works just fine...just wanting to test the 10.1 flash anyone with suggestions let me know!! but over all clean and simple update!!!!!!!

nothing got erased all and i do mean all my apps and market etc is 110% i wonder why others are having issues that seems strange?!?!?

Now that I have my 2.2 and flash.. Now I want my 4G !!! All the cities that matter lol around Fresno have it, I picked it up a lil bit in LA why cant I have to so my EVO can be the speed demon its meant to be? !!!!

After I installed the update, whenever I try to load a webpage right before it finishes loading, the browser just closes an it goes to the main menu on it's own.

Hulu doesn't work because they block mobile browsers from viewing their content ex. skyfire, xbox, ps3. They have their own app for the low low price of 9.99/mo uggggh btw, not available for android yet.

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Froyo is great so far!

I replaced Sense with LauncherPro and things seem even better (at least for me).

Task Killer consistently shows over 200MB of memory free on every kill (unlike 2.1 where I never seemed to get above 170MB).

JIT really does speed things up. Applications open faster. The device seems smoother.

Flash 10.1. What can I say? Finally! At long last! I can view (non-Hulu) sites that serve up Flash content. A big one is the new YouTube mobile site - works like a charm! Goodbye dedicated YouTube app!

There's more goodness but all in due time!

I'm definitely liking 2.2 so far as well. I'm anxious to see any battery life differences after a day or two of usage.

I also think I'll eventually try LauncherPro soon.

A note on freed up RAM though. On Android too much freed up RAM is a bad thing. It means that programs aren't being held in RAM ready for when they are needed.

I wondered the same thing and then did some research. It seemed I always had 50MB or RAM free which bugged me. Turns out that's not necessarily a bad thing.

So bottom line is I wouldn't stress it. I only manually kill a process if I think it's out of line, (E.g. Slacker was keeping my phone awake 100% of the time). Rarely have I noticed a process getting out of line though.

Here's a good article breaking it down.

You can download the update from and manual install it. Also only apps that the dev has made the install or move to SD card available will be highlighted, if its shaded out then you will have to wait for the dev to update and give us that option.

well, the downloand and install took less than 25 minutes in a non 4G area. Since the install, I have noticed that many more apps need to be "killed" after making a phone call or using the internet. Also, it seems to be draining my battery a little faster...

For those who are having issues with no browsing on flash player sites, do a hard reset by holding volume down button + power button and choosing "clear storage" by using the volume buttons and power button for the enter button. Please be advised that it will return you to default settings. I had flash player 10.1 for 2.1, and believe this conflicts with the new flash player. Hard reset worked for me and have no issues going to any flash player site now. Good luck!

Is it me or did the internet and the start-up get much slower after froyo? Not sure if the internet is dragging by mass people downloading froyo and testing or what? On Wifi my EVO is super fast but 3g a little disappointed. Also speedtest result also seems to be less then before.

Ok... I have a rooted EVO! Will I be able to get the OTA from HTC or sprint still. Or will I not get this because my phone is rooted?? Please anyone who knows please let me know, very anxious on getting 2.2

Sprint engineers pulled the update because of customer issues with Froyo....hence i never recieved the update and i tried .3 and the .6 downloads and all i get are aborts =[