Evo 4G OTA update

So the maintenance release for the Evo 4G -- you know, the one that tackles the 30fps thing, among other fixes -- is finally starting to hit phones. But if your Evo's wearing a sad face, you can update it manually. Don't worry, it's the same update you'd get if you did it over the air. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download the update from this link.
  2. Rename it to update.zip (but be sure not to rename it update.zip.zip). Save it to your Evo's microSD card.
  3. Time to reboot into recovery mode. Turn the phone off. Then hold the volume down button, and press the power button. You should boot to a white screen with three Android guys on skateboards.
  4. Use the volume button to select RECOVERY, and press the power button again. The Evo will now reboot into recovery. You should see a render of a phone, with a red triangle and exclamation point.
  5. Hold the volume up button and press the power button. Choose applysdcard:update.zip. Let it do its thing.

Reboot, and that's it. You've manually updated your Evo 4G. No muss, no fuss, and no waiting. Now head on into our Evo 4G forums and share what you find.

Update: You want graphics benchmarks? After the break, folks.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

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Evo 4G update is pushing out now, here's how to manually update


All updated. Took about 4 minutes.
After reboot it takes about another 3 minutes to get past the 4G icon. Just be patient.

So it was a strange experience...this update was. Didn't take very long to download (WiFi) and then when it asked me if I wanted to install I chose to do it (couldn't push that button any faster!). It restarted then went to the screen with the green arrows above the phone looking icon, and stayed like that for about 7-8 mins. Afterwards it restarted again, went to the HTC EVO white screen and did the 4G animation, taking a little longer than usual. Then it just stopped. I thought hmm...but after a few minutes it kept on and went to the home screen...sort of. It stopped short, and went to a white with HTC green writing screen, and counted off 1% through 100% for something (it was unknown) and then went to the final home screen after a couple of flickers. At that point all was well. I "flicked" here and there through out the 7 screens, and then decided to restart...just in case. Afterwards, when it finally came back up after MY manual restart, it was perfectly fine, no issues.

As far as performance, everything certainly moves faster and cleaner, from the different screens, to pictures and even video (I have a movie on there). I did a couple of tests (Linpack, Quadrant, Neocore) and scores seemed to be better than before with smoother rendering. I tried the GPS briefly, but until I can use it and get a phone call during (which is what would either lock it up or restart it previously) I won't know if that is really fixed. Don't know about the Gmail multiple account or the Calendar issue as I only have 1 Gmail address and never had issues with the Calendar before.

Hope that helps. EVO, non rooted. Regular OTA. FPS2D Avg: 54

This worked for me after the OTA update failed on my rooted Evo.
Edit: WOW! Everything is super snappy now. Just opening the app drawer made my eyebrows perk up.

Everything is a bit smoother. I'm not really sure just how much a difference it makes though. Neocore was 25.5 fps before the update and it is now 28.4 fps.

I'm not complaining because I will gladly accept any improvement but just wondering if an 11% increase sounds right.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised that everything made it through the update. None of my screens were disturbed. All apps and widgets seem to be functioning and displaying properly.

With Quadrant mine is showing numbers just behind Nexus 2.2+ and higher than Moto Droid X. (2nd place)

I had to do the manual update from the zip file because my unrevoked evo didn't take the OTA. Everything was going fine till it got stuck on the 4G screen on update complete reboot. Im going to wait a little longer before I do a battery pull. Anyone had this happend on unrevoked? (the test build before the current version)

UPDATE: Rebooted successfully. Now to unrevoke again! :) It took a while to come up I as freeking out!

Just a question,

But i'm Flashed to Baked Snack 1.7, I don't need to worry about this OTA or Manual Update do i?

After directing it to use the update it worked for a couple of minutes then returned to the recovery menu. Selected "Reboot" and it did just that. The screen did stick on the "4G" graphic for a couple of minutes following the reboot. The 4G hang appears to occur every time I reboot now.

I did one additional manual reboot after the phone had finished reloading. It seems to run smoother and faster now that it did following the initial reload.

Evo non-rooted.

help guys..!i keep getting errors when im trying to intall the update. i have tried the downloading this and do in it manually but same thing happens... i evo non rooted
the error says: E:No signature (206 files)
E:Verification fail

installation aborted.

have any one had this problem...?

can some one please help thanks. (im new to android)

I rooted from unrevoked and used this update with no problems....My Evo is running smooth as silk...not sure why other unrevoked users are having trouble with this...any questions lemme know.....

i keep getting error when im trying to intall the update.
i get this....
E:No signature (206 files)
E:Verification failed
installation aborted.

can you help with this problem...
is there another way to get the update...
im not rooted

Are you running newest version of unrevoked3? If so, make sure when you download fhe zip file and rename it to "update.zip" u might not have to put the ".zip" at the end bc windows already does that...install that "update file into the sdcard and continue to follow the directions
it should go through the process and you might come across a point where it has the yellow triangle...thats ok....just leave it alone and itll reboot...after that youll be updated to the new version but will be unrooted...go back n run unrevoked again and youll be back in root with update working smooth. Hope this helps!

I have a white Triangle with a yellow exclamation point. I hope I didn't brick it. I'm rooted, but running stock 2.2

I keep getting pushed into fastboot and when I select recovery I get the red triangle of death. Any help??? I was rooted with unrEVOked. Am I bricked?

This guy over at xda is helping me. Try this:

Download this ROM: http://www.multiupload.com/2J60VQYJ25

Follow these instructions:
ok.... first u need to have android sdk.
second... u need the rom.zip that is in the ruu... if u dont know how to get it ill upload it for u.

plug up the phone to the pc.
type in
1. fastboot oem rebootRUU
2. fastboot erase cache
3. fastboot flash zip filelocation\rom.zip
4. if #3 fails... just type it in again and wait till its done.
5. fastboot reboot.

u done....
u back at a stock rom with s-off.

dont change your recovery until u apply the OTA update.

If adb doesn't recognize do a PC36IMG.

im doing it manually, seems to be working. ill let you know how it goes.

Edit: looks like it worked. just follow the instructions AC posted and you should be good. Good Luck, and thanks for the help =D

Omg it's so fast holy crap. Everytime the Evo gets an update I feel like I have a new phone but this time its beyond noticeable. Main improvement for me is no lag while typing on the keyboard and smoother flight animation on angry birds. My phone is so much smoother than my GF's vibrant now it ridiculous. And I have way more on my phone than she does. Wow simply amazing Man you gotta give it to Sprint they've really been delivering for this phone. Thats why it continues to reign supreme Evo FTW.

Thanks....after reading some posts Im going to hold off for a few to see how exactly unrevoked users are doing it....the majority

Can't get the manual update to run. Keep getting the same installation aborted as the other guy. Any help would be appreciated. :-)

Update: redownloaded the update several times and it still doesn't work. Most recent one said E: system verification failed. Never rooted my evo or anything so not too sure what's going on.

just did the update through OTA, went smoothly, no hiccups. stayed on 4g screen a little bit longer than usual but it was nothing drastic like staying on there for minutes.

Yes te video recorded works 100% now. All of my videos plays back with no skips or lags. Also i recorded a few videos and they looked great and had no skips or lags. I think the release of the 30fps made the recorder better with recording. Guys check it out. Thank you HTC and sprint. You Guys are the best.

Can't get the manual update to run. Keep getting the same installation aborted as the other guy. Any help would be appreciated. :-) I've tried redownloading the update several times and it still doesn't work. Most recent one said

E: failed to read footer from sdcard/update.zip

E: signature verification failed

installion aborted

Another problem I also have is when I go to the recovery page (the page with the phone and the red triangle and exclamation point) I get a

E: Can't open cache/recovery/command

Using a launch week evo that's never been rooted or anything so not too sure what's going on. Again all help is greatly appreciated.

I was rooted before this update.
When I tried to do the ota update I got the exclamation.
I pulled my battery and did a reset.
I then did the official update manually and it worked.
I ran unrevoked 3 to get my phone rooted again and it worked.
Now I'm a happy camper.
Thanks everyone!

Holy smokes! So fast!
- web browser much smoother in scrolling
- keyboard faster to respond
- fps now awesome
- calendar defect fixed
- yet to test if phone still shows lag w/4G on
- tied Ballons to It and rode to Paradise Falls
- used Google translate on talking dogs

Stupid question.Im also getting the installation aborted.Am i putting the zip file in the wrong place.Im just throwing the file on my e: which is the sdcard or is there a specific file to drop it in.

My personal benchmarks wad the App Fruit Pirate (its free). It is a kin to Fruit Ninja from the IPhone (and now on Android). Fruit Pirate before the update was somewhat laggy and at times would stutter and cause me to loose the game. Since the update I have had NO problems and it is flawless in its graphics. Also tried Asphalt 5 and it has improved as well.

Downloaded file from phone, used astro to move to sd root folder and renamed it. Followed instructions to a T. Updated in less than 5 minutes.. painless!

i just rooted my evo with unrevoked 3 and update it, but i am having sms problems, is anybody having the same issue?

Don't bother going to the forum link. There's absolutely no information there that wasn't posted in the article here. The bulk of it is rooters having problems applying the update to their rooted phones. The rest of it is users reporting the Frame Cap has been removed. :)

Apparently, deleting the car panel app was keeping my rooted EVO from installing the update. I just finally decided to start from scratch. I reinstalled the Froyo RUU, that I knew I saved for a good reason. Then, I did the OTA. Then, reinstalled unrEVOked 3.21. Now, I'm all set, til Gingerbread hits!

Installing now!!!!!! Yay no more 30FPS bullshit!!!

NeoCore: 28.6
Quaddrant: 1216 (2nd Place)
Linapack: 33.45 (In 3.45 sec)

1) I think the baby wants their EVO back
2) Noticeable improvements in smoothness, IMO. Update also fixed my Gmail issue. After the reboot, the first message to pop up was from a secondary account. First to come up on its own since the last update. My primary account never lost its notifications.

Hey guys is anyone else still have problems adding alarms to calander events, I use to be able to add alarms to facebook birthdays on my calander and after froyo I cant do that. I thought this update would fix this

Wow everything is so quick now.. I didn't think it would be much of a difference but its verrry noticeable.. awesome

it feels faster, but the thing that really caught my eye was how much richer the colors look. did they add something for that ? played a movie on it and looked much better......

Manual update? Oh no.. I ain't falling for that again. Fool me once!

The frame rate uncap is great. It feels so smooth now. Definitely a huge improvement.

Way smoother and more zippy now. I use a lot of widgets and thought that was the reason for the occasional skips and stutters moving between screens, but that's completely gone now. Yay!

The update also fixed an issue I was having - when I would enable the 4G radio, it would turn on and off, over and over and never connect or stay lit. Now the 4G radio will stay on and scan for network.

I still suffer from a few "phantom" emails that no longer exist, yet still show on my phone and can't be deleted (crashes the mail app).

I have the AC- Rom with sense. Wondering if anyone knows if I can still do this update? Also when I was watching the video, my roommate thought I was watching porn haha!

Crackle.com doesn't seem to slow at all with this update. Smooth movie playing....woot. Dungeon Hunter runs much better too.

What are you all talking about? I think 3.29 is a sugar pill. The benchmarks are the same (under 30fps), but everyone is saying how much better it is? I noticed typing is laggy. And now I cant stream radio on kfiam640.com. Audio is in slow speed. Pandora and last.fm still are messed up.


I'm running netarchy's stock rooted froyo and 4.1.7 kernel

29.1 neocore
1290 quadrant
53/5.6 FPS2d

scored mine while watching the video.

Good for the non-rooted user, but I'd call it a 'catch-up' not an 'update' since it just allows you performance the dev's gave us weeks ago.


Finally got the update after few tries and a trip to the sprint store without look...!
Sprint are full of bs...! I had problem with the update and the store i went told me that i was runnign a different version and i had to give it a week to do it... and they dint help to get the update he said that he has the same problem too but that bull crap because i just got my Evo to update...! Had to do it manually by downloading it from another site i tried with this link but the but never got to the five verificati and alway fet the intalation aborted...
But google it and it worked...!

I did the 3 benchmarks from the video both before and after the update.

On my phone


Current Sprint software version 3.26,651.6

Ran each benchmark test 3 times

FPS2d: ~28 FPS, avg 28: Std Dev 3.77, avg 28: std dev 3.25, avg 28: std dev 2.26 avg 28

Quadrant Standard: 1188, 1277, 1311 (2nd fastest to Nexus 1 each time) avg 1258

Neocore 25.0, 25.7, 25.5 FPS, avg: 25.4

Download took 1-2 mins. Update install took 5-10+ mins. Long pause for a few minutes on 4G screen. Then a long boot and long update.


25 Sep updated system software to 3.29.651.5

FPS2d: FPS 52, std dev 5.99, FPS 53: std dev 5.55, FPS 53: Std dev 5.19 avg ~53

each measure much faster than before
change = +90%

Quadrant Standard: 1239, 1285, 1167 (same rank as above, but FPS went into 40s during tests) avg 1230,

measures vary and about the same as Beffore
change = -2%

Neocore 28.1, 28.4, 28.6 FPS .average 28.4

each measure faster than Before
change= +18%

The video here

FPS2d = 51 FPS, std dev 10.29
Quadrant = 1187
Neocore = 28.2 FPS

- so my benchmarks are at least as good as on the video in this androidcentral story.
- biggest change vs before is FPS2d increased from 28 to 53
- the update is a big boost to 2D graphics (=89%), and a possible boost to 3D (Neocore: +18%, Quadrant: no impact)

I also have a cracked version of the latest Swype and it works fine after the Sprint software update.

ok ive tried this. im getting an error that no one else seems to have.
when i apply the update i get

Installing update..
finding pckg
opening pckg
installing pckg
assert failed file_getprop(@system/build.prop@, @ro.build.fingerprint@)
and it keeps going on and on..
INMSTALL borted.

plz help[....

i have unrevoked 3, clockword mod, and unmrevoked forever.

Im having trouble.

My evo is rooted with unrevoked forever and i grabbed the rooted version of the update from xda devs website.

each time i run it it does something for like 3 seconds then goes back to the recovery menu and my phone still says 2.2