HTC Evo 4G on Sprint

Here's a look at the HTC Evo 4G, straight from Sprint's official playbook. Nothing earth-shattering there, though our tipster tells us that Best Buy is currently being briefed on the Evo 4G and that we should see presales start in May, in the form of a gift card that will later be redeemed for the phone itself. If that all pans out, it means don't look for the phone for another month and a half or so.

Of course, this is all highly unofficial and subject to change, so ... [Thanks, anon!]


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Evo 4G straight from Sprint's playbook; Best Buy reportedly preselling in May


Well, if it releases in May, I guess that gives me time to play with it a bit before I make any sort of commitment once I am up for a new phone. Gotta love the yearly update that Sprint gives you!

hmmm should i preorder from b-buy if they really do wind up doing that or just march into a sprint when it releases and buy it like i did with my pre

sprints releasing the evo in june which will be a year since the palm pre was released. falls in line with sprint's one year upgrade plan for premier customers and is perfect for first round pre owners like myself.

Kinda sad I'll be giving up my Pre...

Unless Palm announces a 4G phone with WebOS to rival this one. Sigh. Who am I kidding?

i dont care how much that phone will be, i WANT it, a 8mp camera and a front one is amazing, currently running a htc hero hopefully get my hands on the EVO!! i cant wait for it to come out!!!

Would not be very surprising. Best Buy gets the presale deals all the time.
This phone has got to be the best new smartphone for 2010