Seidio Innotraveler car mount

We all love using Google Maps' turn-by-turn navigation on our Android phones, but it's so much better with the right car dock.  Enter the Seidio Innotraveler car kit for the Evo 4G. The dock is easy to use, infinitely adjustable, and is designed to work with two of Seidio's other very popular accessories -- the Seidio Innocase II, and the 3500 mAh extended battery.

The dock comes with a mini USB DC car adapter, and has a separate DC out for charging other accessories while driving.  It's very well built, has a huge suction cup, and will keep your Evo 4G safe and at your fingertips.  You can get the Seidio Innotraveler car kit in the Android Central store for $49.95.  Check out the features, and the pictures after the break. 

The Innotraveler kit comes with a window mount, a sticky disk for those who would rather use a dash mount, a DC lighter socket power supply, an adapter used for caseless Evo's, the holder, a mounting plate, and a fully adjustable mounting arm.

How it arrives  contents

DC adapter  mounting arm

The Innotraveler mount is designed to also work with the Innocase II surface case.  To use with a naked Evo, there's an adapter included.  With or without the adapter, there's room for the 3500 mAh extended battery door in the holder assembly, and a separate mounting plate means you can also use any mounting bracket that works with a standard four pin/socket mounting plate.

with the Innocase II Surface  adapter assembly

adapter in use  room for an extended battery

Mounting plate  4 pin plate

Once you have your Evo inserted into the holder (it's very sturdy -- your Evo won't be falling out), the arm adjust to just about any position you'll need.

window mounted -- horizontal  vertical mount

vertical  horizontal

Plain and simple -- this thing rocks.  Having my Evo handy while tooling around, playing music or using Google Navigation sure beats having it laying in the ashtray on on the passenger seat.  It's built tough, works with my existing case (huge plus and a darn good idea Seidio) and even can power a bluetooth speaker.  I'd recommend this (and have) to anyone, and it's available now in the Android Central Store for $49.95.


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Evo 4G accessory review: Seidio Innotraveler car kit


Exactly my first thought as well. I still want a good horizontal desktop charger as well. I'm eligible to upgrade in April and may get something different just so I can get some decent accessories!

I got this a month ago and the only problem is that you need should use bluetooth device/connection. The microphone is hidden when you put your evo into the holster. Other than that, it is a quality holder.

I found it. It's the google car home app which has been taken off the market for one reason or another.

You can get it here:

Once installed, You just have to open the Car Panel app and then check Car Home as the default app, since you can't open Car Home directly on Sense devices.

Working great, now I just need to get my dock!!

What car dock app is that? The HTC one sucks. It doesn't work in landscape, and has no music option. Plus, who uses footprints?

Am I the only person that thinks the Google turn by turn is just ok, the audio sucks and Sprint navigation is considerably better?

I prefer google, but only because it's quicker to start up (it links right to google maps). I used to have a blackberry with the sprint nav app, it wasn't terrible but on the blackberry it used literally every resource to run the thing. If a phone call or text came in it pretty much froze for a minute.

I second that earlier comment, what car dock app is that? I also agree the stock car dock app sucks.

Looks like an awesome accessory... but what keeps the screen bright while using Google Maps, or any other app for that matter? I foung the Stay Awake setting in the Development menu, but it only keeps the screen awake at a very low level.

@DavidJ -- He forgot to mention in the review, the phone automatically turns on in car mode when you put it in the cradle. I think it's done with a magnetic sensor.

In his lead photo you can see the Evo in car mode, which acts as the home screen, plus the phone stays awake in that mode.

Note: His Evo has the Google "Car Home" for Droid/Nexus One to replace the HTC "Car Panel". The Google app is a lot better than the HTC app. You have to find it online and side load it onto the Evo, and then change the HTC Car Panel launcher to default to this one.

i use the proclip system. it's the best for me. they offer mounts for a ton of cars and after that it is replacing the holder if you change phones. the have an option to hardwire your charger behind the dash and then you can use bluetooth or plug your audio to the radio through the headphone jack. i like it because it keeps it of the windshield. plus when i answer calls it's hands free with the audio coming out my car speakers.

the mount has been on for about 5 years and i just switched the holder this month. i am more than happy. this seidio mount reminds me of all the other ones i hated until i got proclips. i have had several mounts, cases, batteries, etc.. from seidio, but proclips sealed the deal for me with their mounting system.

Hate to sound dumb, but how do I get my unrooted Sprint EVO 4G to display the Car Application in landscape mode? (Like it is in the picture associated with this article.)

I have used the control panel and set the screen orientation to automatic, I use the phone hard mounted to my dash in the landscape position, but my car application still thinks that I am in portrait mode.

Some of my apps display in landscape just fine, like my beloved DoggCatcher, but not the Car Application.

Also is there anyway to get my home screen to display in landscape. (My Droid X does that, but only when it is in the mounting cradle where it can see the magnet built into the cradle.)

Just answered part of my own question. I turned on Google Navigation while driving home and I see that it DOES stay on while driving, cool :-) There's a LOT for me to learn with Android...

*** For those looking for that car dock app, it's called "Car Home".

Just do a google search for "google car home app" and find the result that takes you to You should be able to download the .apk there.

How well does the window mount work? Is it glue or suction?
I am always a bit nervous using those. I worry it will just pop off on me. How does the dash mount work? BTW I already ordered mine. :)

Sprint nav already does this as well. Works in landscape mode no problem. I do like the look of the car home app tho may try it to see how it works.

Not sure if this is really helpful, though as I read the review it sure looks amazing and comfortable to work with. But is this a need or more of a want. For a a guy whose technological desires are similar to mine, I still think this is not in included in my top 5 must have gadgets.

Not sure if this is really helpful, though as I read the review it sure looks amazing and comfortable to work with. But is this a need or more of a want. For a a guy whose technological desires are similar to mine, I still think this is not in included in my top 5 must have gadgets.