Powermat for the Evo 4G

Powermat's wireless charging system has been around for quite some time, but it's relatively new for the Evo 4G. The premise is simple: You replace the stock battery cover on the phone with Powermat's cover, which also plugs into the phone's microUSB port. The phone then rests on a charging mat, which in turn is plugged into an outlet. So all you have to do is pick up the phone and go, no messing about with plugging in cables.

Sounds simple. And it should be. But it's kind of not. The charging mats are pretty finicky about where you place the phone. And the little dongle that plugs into the phone's microUSB port popped off of our battery door, which means it'll get lost any minute now.

It's not a bad idea, really -- a semi-universal wireless charging system. But unless you really have to have wireless charging, the kinks might be a bit much for you. You'll see what we mean in the video after the break. More Powermat for the Evo 4G in the Android Central Store

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Powermat for the Evo 4G

Powermat for the Evo 4GPowermat for the Evo 4G

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Mike77 says:

Wow that sounds terrible. I don't have an evo, but is that thing sticking out of the bottom part of the charger cover? I am guessing that notch isn't on the stock phone. That is going to pretty much prevent you from using a case. If you want to charge at work or car you need to take cover off?

PGiovanni says:

No doubt the convince would be nice, but then your stuck without some kind of protective case.

biggbrother2 says:

Is it really that difficult to plug a cable into a phone?

Mike77 says:

I had the touchstone for the Palm Pre, and it was great. With the pre, you had to keep the very flimsy battery door closed when not plugged ( the epic's i leave open all the time ) and you had to pry it open every time. If they sold a real touchstone type device for the Epic I would buy it in a second. It also kept the device at a nice desktop viewing angle. But a half arsed inductive charging system like above, no thanks.

Mikey47 says:

I wonder why no one is licensing the TouchStone stuff from HPalm. This is by far the best inductive charging solution around.

NeoteriX says:

Because the magnets needed to keep the phone on the charger prevent the use of digital compasses that are now ubiquitous in Android and other smartphones.

Yeah....... no thanks.

Nice... i would for my evo...

drinkwd40 says:

Why not just make your EVO work with the Touchstone? Mine does and it was easy. Magnets in the touchstone make it line up perfectly every time. Theres a tutorial to make it easy: http://www.goodandevo.net/2010/06/how-to-mod-htc-evo-4g-to-work-with-pal... . In addition to charging at your desk, your bedside table etc, It's the best car mount imaginable.

mmcnamara43 says:

Yeah I had this and your right the dongle broke off then it stopped charging altogether. So I took it back to Best Buy and that was that. I did have high hopes for this coming from the Palm Pre's Touchstone.

bkrodgers says:

I've never understood the appeal of this as an aftermarket option. I'm sure it's cool when built in, as it was on the Pre. But I don't see any reason to lose the use of my choice of case and easy access to the microusb port in exchange for this functionality.

Cool modern inovation accesories and charger. Hope win this one for my evo 4G. Thanks android central

msgnyc says:

Never could get why people would want a wireless charger where u had to buy an additional charging unit to plug into your phone........
kinda takes away the whole "wireless" point doesnt it?

ARich91 says:

Can't wait for when something like this exists where you just replace the battery, and plop your phone on the pad, and it charges wirelessly through the back cover.

msgnyc says:

Ditto. Seems to be a palm is the only one doing this atm.

darkfox says:

I wonder if the inductive back plate will work with my touchstone... humm gonna have to check that out.

Also side question for Phil: Is your notification light white or a pale blue? If so how did you do that?

drinkwd40 says:


darkfox says:

bummer, turns out it's just a really bright orange dot: http://twitpic.com/39n6iv

breitmike says:

Bahhhhhhh..........Humbug !! What a hassle to have that breakable little 'nipple' on the bottom of the battery door.....making my nice leather case unusable unless I keep switching covers....easier to keep on using a regular charger. I wish someone would come out with a cradle like the one for the Motorola....laying the EVO in it sideways.