Evo 4G overclocked

If modding the Evo 4G to work with the Palm Touchstone isn't warranty-voiding enough for you, take a look at this. XDA member coolbho3000 has cranked his Evo's Snapdragon processor up to 1.267GHz, up from the stock 998MHz or so. Meltdown risks certainly grow as you get that Snapdragon processor to work harder than was initially intended, and this isn't a DIY project for the noobs, so handle with care. But for everybody else, happy overclocking! Check out video of it in action after the break. [XDA Developers] Thanks, Mike!

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Evo 4G overclocked to 1.2GHz



Regular 1ghz Evo - around 7 on that benchmark test
OC 1.2ghz Evo - around 8.8 on that benchmark test
Froyo N1 - around 38-40 on that benchmark test

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a lot of difference.

My only question is what makes this Snapdragon part different that the ones in the Nexus One? The Nexus One was never able go beyond 1.186 Ghz before becoming completely unbootable/unstable.

They are both running Snapdragon Processors but the Evo and Inc. have a Snapdragon 8650 and The Nexus 1 has a Snapdragon 8250.

Er, it shouldn't make a difference how the Snapdragon overclocks. The difference in model numbers only designates the difference in the CDMA/GSM radios.

I'm getting tempted, I had tweaked the hell out of my pre n I said I wasn't gonna do it to my EVO but I'm starting to miss the tweaks....I think ama do it lol

Wow, even overclocked you can see the difference in switching speeds between the Evo and Incredible.

It must be the 30fps screen limit of the Evo or something because the Incredible swipes between homescreen windows noticeably faster.

Worse of course. Running the processor faster uses more power and generates more heat. This is why I won't be doing this on my Evo. I'm all for software optimization but I will leave the OC'ing to my desktops where I can improve cooling.

That's not necessarily true. Running the processor faster does use more power and heat while it's running. But if you get to idle quicker, then you often use less power. It's called "race to idle" and you can read a summary of it here

Sweet. Just got done rooting my Evo. Held off as I was somewhat intimidated even though I had done similar work with winmo. I must say though that i found it incredibly easy and most definitely worth it. Can't wait to max out the potential of this truly amazing device.

I've played with a coworkers evo and it was already fast. So I ask why overclock? Once it gets froyo with jit it will be even faster and not void the warranty. I just don't see the point. But I'm sure a lot of it is doing it just because you can. So have fun guys and don't fry your evo.

Yes froyo will definitely be faster, Im getting long bench scores of 470 on my droid at 1.1Ghz with it.

If you don't overclock, the processor is actually undervolted in this kernel too (thanks to pershoot), so it should actually actually save battery on standby.

Sub par? Compared to what? I get easily as much life as my friends with iPhone 3GSes and it's better than my last phone. Seems pretty much par for the course for a phone with multiple radios, giant screen, etc. Just treat it like a phone and not a laptop where you leave everything on all the time. My battery hasn't died on me yet.

This is cool and I did overclock my Pre, but my EVO is fast enough for me stock so I think I'll pass for now.

Uh, the Nexus One and Desire can both run at 1.267GHz but it's not very stable.
My Nexus One normally runs with Pershoot's 1.113GHz OC/UV kernel, but I can flash a 1.267GHz kernel if I wish. With the 1.267GHz kernel my Linpack results are in the high 40s or low 50s (which is just a little less than what an x86 EeePC runs!)

This is news for the Evo, but it's hardly new for a Snapdragon.

I did the 1.14 oc on mine, made the camera show only a black screen and phone to freeze/reboot.

edit: I just read through the oc'd kernel notes and the non-working cameras are a known issue.

I just got my phone rooted, and i'm thinking of over clocking it. But not sure if it's worth it. I don't want to fry my Evo. But i also want it to be faster than it already is. Any suggestions?