Evo 4G out of stock

If you're looking to snag an Evo 4G, you're going to have to hoof it, as it's currently out of stock on Sprint's website. Sprint's said the Evo set a one-day launch record, and it must not have been kidding. We haven't heard hard numbers, but whispers have it at several hundred thousand sold over last weekend. Thanks, djjk2004!


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Evo 4G out of stock on Sprint's website


Not good. I think Sprint needs to sell a phone to every customer who wants one before the big you know what gets released in a few weeks.

There are other retail channels selling also. I have overheard a best buy rep saying that June 9 brings another huge shipment.

Kansas City local news reported last night that Sprint sold just under 400,000 HTC Evo's over the weekend. Not sure where they got their numbers but I was like... WOW. Glad I was in line getting mine that morning. I love it!!!

i got mine at radio shack at 6am on the forth non pre order. android market pretty much sucks not many good 3d games and im coming from the palm pre only a couple thousand apps but way better games. were the hell is need for speed shift that i read about being out on the 4th still not there and the game-loft games not in the market place and only running on the droid i just don't get it

Now that the iPhone 4 is announced and the specs revealed, I predict a renewed interest in the EVO, as the market realizes that Apple at best delivered a close second, and no longer the leader.

iPhone4 will still outsell the EVO, simply because the installed base of users are virtually ALL eligible for an upgrade.

But the AT&T Data caps and the Apple lock-in work to the EVO's favor, and even in cities without 4G, the phone does well on 3G.

The questions remain:
Will Sprint's network handle the strain?
Can HTC deliver enough handsets?
Can Froyo pour more rain on Apple's parade?

Even Wall Street can see EVO as a game changer:

Got mine on the 4th....why were there people trying to get an EVO without pre ordering? Then had the balls to get mad because they were sent home empty handed...

SPRINT is really dumb for posting CNET's downranked reviews on their SALES PAGES!!! CNET has a hard-on for the iPhone and in fact ranks the iPhone 3G higher than the EVO. Sprint, you'd be smart to dump their poor ratings of all of your phones.

The website said Sold Out but when I spoke with our business account rep at noon EST today he said that they have some in the warehouse and mine will be delivered to me in North Carolina Friday.

Got e-mail notification this morning that my EVO has shipped via UPS. Will have it either tomorrow or Friday. Hoping tomorrow since it left Louisville, KY and and is just coming to NC. Not bad for being "Sold Out" online

Sounds like the same pain the Inc folks (including me) went through waiting on ours. I predict lots of backorders for this one before the next big thing comes along. I think both phones are awesome and it will definitely be worth the wait.

I got two on opening day: one for me and one for my wife. Mine has a defect!!!! The headphone jack does not work and now I have to wait for an exchange! I checked three stores today (including partner stores) and none left! Sounds like a winner!