Evo 4G update

Remember the over-the-air fix for the Evo 4G's storage card problem that we told you about yesterday? Looks like it's already being pushed out, as our old pal Ed (you know, the guy who won my Nexus One and then *cough* got rid of it to get his Evo) points out in the forums. Word is that this also breaks the root method we showed you yesterday. But that's a fair trade, we think. [Android Central forums]


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Evo 4G OTA update already pushed out


Yea that was fast...I think its a fair trade off I'm typing from my who now and its awesome...I see no reason to root as of yet hehehe

I guarantee you some enterprising individual will take the patch and make it so it can be installed without breaking root.

The real question is how many people will apply this patch, break root, then be mad about it until someone figures out a new way to root the phone?

EDIT - Annnnnnnd queue music. looks like the folks over at unrevoked dot com are instructing users not to patch. They are testing a new rooting method that may be broken by this patch but if it is will release a patch of their own which will fix SD and not break root. They have a twitter feed for anyone interested.

This Update is going to be so quick IDK if anyone will realize that it's going to break root. Damn.

An over-the-air update for the Hero just showed up. Just 3MB. This is for a 2.1Sprint CDMA Hero. I wonder if it's related to the same issue.

This phone is awesome, I can actually sync music and use the phone at the same time:), I don't think I could go back to a smaller screen ever. Already have a buyer for my Pre. It was good while it lasted.

Sold my pre today...100 bucks off my EVO! Never goin back to a smaller screen again! And I've also learned that I don't need a hardware keyboard either...not with this baby!

Just updated my EVO as well as my Hero. Appears to be the same thing, roughly same file size and install time.

The people are the Best Buy I was at were being told to run that update before giving the phone out.

yeah the one guy told the guy to do the update and i told him i didnt want it and it would F up my Froyo fun today

just finally got my evo in my hands and hit ok to download this, then searched real quick to make sure it wouldnt break the option to root that I read of yesterday. and then I quickly cancelled the download.

I hit update without realizing....but since that happened i plan on downgrading my sprint hero and practicing rooting n adding custom rom so when the evo upgrade is rooted i can doo so with a big one!

The evo is all i expected n more...

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