Evo 4G online

Just a reminder that while we realize there are caravans being formed to head over to Sprint stores to pick up the Evo 4G (and if there aren't, there should be), you can also order it online for the same $199 price after contract, rebate and whatnot. Sure, it's not as much fun as tailgating (again, we're the only ones?), but it'll get the job done. [Sprint]


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Evo 4G now available online, too


So...I've been trying to research plans and such on Sprint for a month before switching for the Evo...Problem: website was ALWAYS SLOW.

I go to pick up my PRE-BUY Evo today, and the R.Shack can't process anything quickly for anyone (like waiting 15 min for one screen to go to the next) because they ALL apparently do their setups through the MAIN SITE ALSO.

I wonder how many comments will come along regarding this seeming lack of preparedness for website traffic and transaction processing. This is 4 hours into the first East coast sales time of 6am.

I'm patient, but it's crazy that their setup isn't prepared for so much traffic on such a day!

Anything I need to learn here? Correct me if so...

I ordered it online today, to save on activation fee. I am not cheap all the time, it's only most of the time. Seems like tax is charged on 449.99 as opposed to the 300. I think this is wrong. online service assistant said tax is charged on retail price and not discounted price. Google had a similar issue with nexus one, where retail price was charged. You can bet that after I get my phone I will be calling Sprint again.

Below is taken from an android central article about the nexus one sales tax issue and what google had to say.


We’re writing in regards to your recent Nexus One purchase. There was an issue with the way the sales tax was applied to your order. When your order was placed, you paid taxes on the full retail price of the phone. However, you should have only been charged taxes on the sales price of the phone. We apologize for this issue and wanted to let you know that Google will issue a partial refund for the difference in the amount of taxes you were charged."

449.99? .......the mileston from Telus costs me 599.99 no contract. canada needs to have much better deals on mobile phones.