As if anybody needed any more evidence of Android's rising popularity, we find ourselves with another screen grab to add to the pile. This time it's the HTC Evo 4G taking center stage during the latest episode of Fringe. According to our tipster, this Evo 4G belongs longtime iPhone user Peter Bishop. Who knows why he switched, but we're not going to question this 190 IQ toting genius.

Anybody else willing to bet that a long press on the home key would reveal Angry Birds running in the background?


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Evo 4G makes guest appearance on Fringe


Nah. That SMS UI is HTC Sense. Plus Epic has Sprint logo in middle/top. BTW I saw the Hero on "The Event" the last two weeks.

I loves me some "Fringe". Yeah, Peter Bishop is smart enough to resist the Apple's distortion field, and get a smart Android phone. The iPhone might be more appropriate for Walter Bishop, a pot-head, that is distracted by shiny objects.

Plus, since he frequently travels to parallel dimensions, Peter is familiar with simultaneous multi-tasking.

Oh, and yeah, I really wish Olivia would return my calls.

Or, heck, even Faux-livia, they are equally hawt, although the latter would probably shoot me while I slept.

We all know Peter Bishop is from the Other Side, which is why he used to use an iPhone. But with that world becoming unstable and full of Quarantine zones, Peter has opted for freedom.

After passing through different universes, Peter doesn't want to be locked down with an iPhone anymore.

is anyone else's logo have yellow? or is that just what they do for product placement so it is more noticeable?

Mine doesn't have yellow, also (though its cut off in this picture), the top left didn't say HTC like my phone does, so looks like not an actual unit, just a paid Sprint ad.

I was glad to see the Evo on fringe i rewinded it 5x to make sure.
Plus sprint is a sponsor of fringe.

After the latest update uncapping the FPS, I'm think the Evo will get even more of a better Rep. I hope stores with working demos get updated so people who want to play with it can see how much better it is only after a few tweaks and updates. More Evos on episodes and less iPhones, I have always seen a iPhone but still have yet to see anyone on a episode with a iphone4. And we all know why lmao.

Unfortunately I have seen the iPhone 4 (yuck) on a show - Hawaii Five-0. Love the show, hate that they use iPhones. Come on and get with the program. Get an android in their hands.

BTW, I have also seen the EVO in an episode of The Closer.

Oh yea I forgot About Hawaii Five-0, well the iphone4 sits great with him. There's like no fun with that dude, maybe its part of he scripted but most iPhone users act like him,an ass. I think they would have a better show if It had more funny stuff. My opinion though.

I figured it was an android phone but wasn't sure which model at first as we don't have that model in Canada. And your tipster is wrong about Peter being a long time iPhone user, he has been using Nokia s60 phones since the first season for the majority of time. Good to see android devices in use

On Five-0, Danno uses a Boost Clutch (I480)!

I know i've seen an android on 5-0 but can't remember who had it.

Danno had a Hero on a previous episode where he ran a fingerprint scan, so did most of the team, they seem to switch cell phones about as often as they get in a shootout. :p