It's so blurry, it's nearly a smartphone snuff film. But here's the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE broken down to its various smartphones parts in a little more than two minutes. And while you're at it, make sure you read our long overdue (but gets better with age) EVO 4G LTE review

Source: EVO 4G LTE forums

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kullkid92x says:

Omg, YES. this gives me so much hope that it will be very cheap to replace that battery after a year or so. it looks very easy :) wooootwooooot :)

crxssi says:

Exactly my thought. This really makes battery replacement look MUCH easier than I had expected! Whew!!

BigDinCA says:

That kicks an enormous amount of ass.

Just needed to see the first 115 seconds. Yea!

jfitts75 says:

Would have been better if it showed where the embedded SIM is. I would hope a video would come out showing that as well.

thewall279 says:

Anything you guys want to know about this phone let me know and i'll try to take another video in better quality... what would u need the embedded sim for? it's just part of the chipset on the motherboard?

BruhMan says:

Warranty void.... in 38 seconds.

glazedfaith says:

Warranty was void before they started recording. He said most of the screws had been removed already to speed the process along.

thewall279 says:

Yeh we voided the warranty before the video... But it voids HTC warranty not sprint.

luisdile02 says:

I found this easy to fap to...

kinster02 says:

Hope the reduces some of the replaceable battery whining.

thewall279 says:

Agreed... but its still internal!!! i think HTC did this so they can have less plastic protecting the battery allowing the battery it self to be bigger while taking up less space