Sprint EVO 4G LTE

Finally. Sprint's given us word that the HTC EVO 4G LTE will make its debut in retail stores nationwide this Saturday, June 2, in "most retail channels." Regular store hours apply, and the price is still $199. Until then, be sure to check out our EVO 4G LTE review, and swing by the forums if you have any questions.

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Sweet! I don't know how but Sprint put me on full upgrade status. I just picked up the Evo 3D last year.

fastamx79 says:

Most excellent!! My final yearly upgrade kicks in tomorrow (June 1st) and I'll be going Saturday morning to pick this bad boy up!

xubean says:

Same here and same here! :-D...
i.e. upgrade kicks in tomorrow and I'll be going Saturday to pick this up! :-)

poopie35 says:

Do u think this will be better than the SG3??

21plays says:

uh...NO! Silly question

eric.atx says:

I considerd getting the SGS3 but the fact that it has touchwiz totally turned me off. I actually like sense and think this is a better phone. I didn't even like the look of the phone until I got my hands on it. Plus the AC review of it changed my mind. No bloatware installed? That got me!

Robbzilla says:

Yes I do. Proof that I believe? I pre-ordered it the day of the SGIII announcement.

edward0348 says:

Just in time!. That's exactly The day I'll be elegible for an upgrade to a new phone!. lol. Can't be a better time for me.

VDub2174 says:

I'm not due for an upgrade for another year :(

triangle8 says:

It's a great phone. The best if you are on Sprint.

PittsPgh says:

Well looks like I won't be sleeping in this Sat morning.

BigDinCA says:

Ridiculous news item. This phone was released on 5/18. Silly Android Central.

Dre007 says:

Silly rabbit. Name someone that was actually able to buy their phone on May 18th

BigDinCA says:


that was sarcasm. Sorry you didn't catch it. Maybe next time.

jandroshick says:

I was able to preorder mine on May 24th AM and pick it up May 24th PM :D

Yes but that was just the preorders. It's now for everybody.

kharv says:

Possibly may be the phone that causes me to switch to Sprint. Thankfully Sprint shows 4G LTE service in St. Louis.

tazman69 says:

Uh....Sprint has NO LTE service yet anywhere (officially) and St. Louis is not in the first two rounds of markets to go live this year. If you are looking at their coverage map the 4G shown is for WiMax NOT LTE.


sdesocio says:

I wonder how some folks will be effected by the termination of the early upgrade program (ending June 1). I guess it will be an inconvenience of at least two weeks?

fastamx79 says:

According to a forum on sprintusers that shouldn't be a problem. Sprint is dumping the ability to push up your eligibility date.. meaning starting June 1st you can't push your upgrade up by 2 weeks like you could in the past.

People who still have an early upgrade available (the old yearly upgrade part of gold Premiere) can still do so until Dec 31st of this year. After that the program is dead, and if you don't use your last available upgrade by Dec. 31st you lose it.

gator_rick says:

That's great and all, but any idea when GSII is getting ICS update??? Are they waiting to be the last ones? Come on Sprint!!! If anyone knows, please tell me.

Come get your 4G phone on a garbage 3G network.

BigDinCA says:

Come get your troll post on an Android site!

leerage says:

Sounds like Sprint pissed in your cheerios.

Linkzo says:

Am I the only person who thinks this phone is ugly? I don't find anything about it attractive. IMHO the One X is much better looking, and Sprint messed up by changing it. Or maybe I just need to see it in person.

Before anyone starts hating, I am a proud OG Evo 4G owner and I am looking to upgrade in September, but I don't think this will be my next phone.

BigDinCA says:

No, you're not the only one. I think one or two people have talked about it in the forums before your post here. Maybe three people. Or 5,000.

Sh3ngLong says:

Pictures don't do the phone justice. I thought the same too, along with many others. But when the phone got into my hands, I gave it a little twirl, and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Man this thing is sexy!!"

r1fo says:

I agree with Sh3ngLong, I thought the phone was not attractive when I first saw it on pictures... but when you get it in your hands it looks and feels fantastic. I've even gone so far as to forgo a case for it because I like the aesthetics so much.

BigKenW says:

I thought the same thing...until I bought my phone. The thing is beautiful. Also probably the best phone I have ever owned. It's that good. If you bought this, you wouldn't be disappointed. However at that time the GSIII might be on Sprint, although the inners are almost identical to the Evo 4G LTE.

Robbzilla says:

Buy a case

dtreo says:

(throws 3,980 nickels at the screen)

Linkzo says:

LOL - I actually grabbed my calculator and counted :)

Himdaddy says:

Why did you calculate AND count; confirmation or poor choice of words? (troll moment)

Curious if Amazon Wireless will be carrying this in the future.

Sh3ngLong says:

I'll be camping out in front of the Sprint store Friday night!! WHO'S WITH ME??

Just kidding, I already got my EVOLTE and lovin' it. :P

vulcZ says:


uncool21 says:

Already had mine for a week. Best Buy is always clutch

leerage says:


hmmm says:

I'll pick it up maybe this weekend or maybe Monday during my lunch hour. The wait and lack of communication has killed the initial excitement I had. I am half tempted to wait for the inevitable hardware revision that will iron out any defects that start showing up.

I am really sick of my Nexus S 4G though. The pentile screen is really getting to me.

dbhart5 says:

Those that want it but don't have it may be extremely disappointed in Sprint's 3G speeds particularly if you have become accustomed to 4G speeds. It's seems slower than I remember. So much so it was unbearable and I returned my pre-ordered unit.

I'm keep Wi-Max until LTE becomes available in the DC metropolitan area.

HeavyTRAFFIK says:

I'm starting to really feel like a dumb dumb by ordering mine from Amazon. The ship date on my order still says July 5th. I thought this date might be updated with the news of these phones clearing customs, arriving at some stores, etc...

O well, keeping my eyes on my Amazon order status page....

I just spoke on the phone with managers from two Sprint Stores and they still have no clue when they are getting them. I swear this is the last time I buy so much as a holster from a Sprint Store. I hate I decided to preorder through them. CLUELESS!

stephanie85 says:

People still use Sprint ? I thought it went out of businesses with Prime Co .....yes I did say Prime Co .....I feel for all that are about to be fooled into the new vision network

You thought Sprint was out of business, and you "feel" for us?! I feel for our planet, with ignorant people and the way they proudly proclaim their ignorance.

BigKenW says:

PookiePrancer, don't feel for the planet. Be happy you aren't ignorant like some trolls not to be named.

Nextelian says:

Sprint now has more customers than any time in their history.

55,000,000 x $50.00/month = $2,750,000,000.00/month

How's the company you work for doing?

BigKenW says:

Best phone I have ever owned. Get it and you will be pleased.

tdesai4 says:

question about last yearly upgrade.... I also have my last one
on June 1st....what happens if I don't use it by end of year?
Do I have to then wait til June of 2013 (the end of my 2 year

tdesai4 says:

question about last yearly upgrade.... I also have my last one
on June 1st....what happens if I don't use it by end of year?
Do I have to then wait til June of 2013 (the end of my 2 year

tdesai4 says:

question about last yearly upgrade.... I also have my last one
on June 1st....what happens if I don't use it by end of year?
Do I have to then wait til June of 2013 (the end of my 2 year

tdesai4 says:

question about last yearly upgrade.... I also have my last one
on June 1st....what happens if I don't use it by end of year?
Do I have to then wait til June of 2013 (the end of my 2 year

NateBoii says:

Stephanie85, what rock did you crawl out from under? Sprint is on and popping, been having some of the best phones for the past few yrs. Og evo, og epic 4G, sgs2, now evo lte and poszibly sgs3. What company are you with? Even the old hero had its run.

ktown081 says:

Yeah boy!

slayerpsp says:

I went into my local Sprint store just before 11 am today asked about the EVO LTE girl said sat they already had them in back so I asked to res so she took my name and number 2hrs later I get a call back from the Sprint store the girl said since I res I could pick up today after 3 if I wait in till sat she said first come first served so I get my phone in less then 2hrs just by going in earlier today and asking about it cant wait for 3pm west coast time