EVO 4G LTE update

OMG, it's finally here. As a reminder, here's the full changelog for Android 4.1, software version 3.15.651.16:

  • Upgrade to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • HTC Sense 4+
  • Improved camera capabilities and gallery
  • HTC Get Started Support - the HTC Get Started website lets customers set up their new smartphone from their home computer
  • Wi-Fi Authentication improvement
  • Personalized ringtone issue fixed
  • Hyperlinks routing to phone app from calendar description issue fixed
  • Calendar improvement

Get your download on, folks! Got to Settings>System updates>HTC Software Update>Check now to pull it.

And you can find more in our EVO 4G LTE forums.

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Thanks to Jonathan for the pic, and everyone else who sent this in!


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EVO 4G LTE - Jelly Bean update - NOW!!!


I think this is because it was blown out of proportion mostly by people who don't have the phone. In every day use it was never really an issue except to a very minority of people who used a ton of apps at the same time. The thing is the minority on the internet can sometimes be the loudest, most outspoken group.

Quit posting false SPAM.

The "borken" multi-tasking (as you put it) was fixed with the PREVIOUS update. Get a clue and have fun with your plastic, non-Jellybean, poorer screen GS3...

Hopefully this will solve the contact issues as well. Oh maybe just maybe LTE will come to St. Louis. *Looks for shooting starts*

I have seen reports that the problems that some people were having with contacts is fixed now. Never had the issues, myself.

If you are rooted and you take this update you lose root, and there is ZERO gurantee that you can get it back. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

It works on the stock music app. The new notification is much nicer but can be pinched to go back to the old view with only a pause button. Haven't tested it on anything else yet.

Edit: Okay, I've tested it now with sms and gmail as well. It works for all of them, but sms is definitely bugged. You have to try several times before it expands/shrinks and when it changes the background draws over the notification tray.

Well, at least I get to try it before I switch to the Note 2 next week but the EVO LTE will still be in the family.

I always hear people hating on Sprint, but they seem to be doing a much beter job with Android updates than any of the other carriers.

ok found a bug, on my home screen i have folders in which i categorize all of my apps. The top of my screen doesnt register a touch, rather than opening my folder it thinks I am touching the bottom part of the screen.

anyone else experiencing this?

+1, I noticed that from jump... Before I rebooted, it started working. After rebooting, I'm getting the same thing. Hope this passes... I'll try to create another folder to see if it happens with that. FYI - my folders that are not on my home screen (and in my tray) work just fine.

Hopefully this fixes the recent lag of the stock HTC messaging app. Excited to have google now (it will have it, right?) since I've had it on my nexus 7 for an eternity now.

I have seen reports that the problems that some people were having with contacts is fixed now. Never had the issues, myself.

I hit the button to get more details on the connection optimizer, and when I hit back, it cancelled the process. I don't see anything for it in settings or under All Apps. Anyway to get back to it?

Edit: Finally found it. Settings > Mobile data > Automatic Connections. It was checked by default.

Just got the update in Dallas about 30 Minutes ago.. So now to see what all it fixes and how it performs now. Hope the rest of y'all get it soon. Good Luck!

If you have appointments in your HTC calendar / agenda, write them down before updating because mine disappeared or were deleted as a result of the update.

Perhaps, hopefully, due to integration with Google calendar.

Update :
After about 20 minutes my previously set calendar appointments Synchronized.
False alarm.

anyone else having wi-fi issues?? specifically the phone not recognizing home wi-fi network, says that it is out of range while standing in front of it...any help greatly appreciated...thanks in advance!!

The fix is to turn off the "DLNA" setting. Seems to not work on some people's home networks (probably due to other devices on that network?)

Most people have no such problems, so it might take a while to figure out exactly what is going on.

Exact same issue. Always connected flawlessly and automatically before. First time after install i finally had to reboot router and phone saw it. today came home from work and again said not in range, deleted and re-added the network connection on the phone and it found it again... hope this doesn't continue

installed about 2 hours ago. My phone seems to be working as good as it was before the update. I don't see much new on this update. I just wish they had eliminated any "green" thought sense. Most menus and buttons are blue now, but still there are some green ones, and the battery indicator is still green. Good job HTC, still sprint sucks as there are no signs of LTE in Phoenix.
Non-rooted EVO LTE.

Finally! The only downside to having an Nexus 7 and a non-Nexus phone is knowing what you are missing on your phone. Hopefully Sprint will finish rolling out LTE here soon...

??? Multitasking has always worked. It didn't work WELL on the first release of the device, though. But that was fixed in the PREVIOUS update quite a while ago. Where have you been?

Yeah, as an Evo LTE phone owner, your N4 makes me laugh.

Oh, you have no storage and no SD card... LOL!
Oh, you can't use the device on Sprint or Verizon... LOL!
Oh, no kickstand or metal case.... LOL!
Oh, you have no LTE radio.... LOL!

Point: No device meets everyone's needs.

I like it a lot but where are the cursor arrows on the keyboard. Now you gotta precisely touch between the letters to place the cursor.

aww how cute! enjoy yall!

Sent from my Galaxy Note II running JB since oct 27, when my previous S3 got the update as well! :p

the note shipped with jb. the s3 didnt and stayed on ics almost as long as the evo.

sense>touchwiz imo

Just realized, if you don't have Lte in your area, be sure to set network mode to CDMA only as this update defaults to search for an Lte network killing your battery.

Seriously?!!! My phone has sucked rectum ever since I updated! Nothing works as it should! I can no longer connect my phone to my computer and access files on both my memory card and my phone, I keep getting an error that something has unexpectedly stopped, my phone shuts itself off, ALL of my apps force close and this is getting on that last nerve that I reserved for my son's high school years! I absolutely cannot take it and am ready to throw this phone out of my window while driving on I-10! Time to move on and go back to the Galaxy III because this crap SUCKS!!!! Oh and did I mention HTC told me they really cannot fix the problems I'm having because that was the purpose of the update...well if the update is causing my problems...yeah, it's time for me to move around!