EVO 4G LTE bootloader

If  you were wondering about the EVO 4G LTE bootloader, or were a bit worried after learning that AT&T's decided to go back to its not-so-friendly ways, we're happy to tell you that, yes, you can easily unlock the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE bootloader. All you need is the Android SDK, the instructions from HTCDev, and a few minutes to spare.

For you folks new to Android, why would you want to unlock the bootloader? It's the gatekeeper to some serious modding of Android phones. Some of us like unlocked bootloaders so we can do full backups of our devices. Others like to run custom ROMs. And others do it just for the openy nature of things.

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Jimmy_Jo#AC says:

But with S-On can you install custom ROMs and kernels?

svinyard says:

Not without getting your hands dirty with ADB and a fastboot exploit via command prompt. Also your custom recovery doesn't always stick

Jimmy_Jo#AC says:

Booooo... that sucks!!!

web0rama says:

It's nothing to worry about. I've been dealing with it on the 3VO & haven't even bothered downgrading to HBOOT 1.4 because it's not bothersome enough to intentionally brick your device IMO...

dskwerl says:

Excellent to hear. I'm pretty excited to see what this thing is capable of when my pre-order lands (hopefully) next week. I've always liked playing around with ROMs just for giggles.

bkj216 says:

Major news. Hopefully this becomes a new Dev favorite

So does this mean I could use this phone on AT&T? ?

DougB541#CB says:


Spork1673 says:


at&t = GSM

sprint =cdma

leerage says:

Yes, call up AT&T and tell them you would like to activate your new Sprint EVO 4G LTE.

JManekia says:

This will be my first Android device. My question is, can the device receive OTA updates and other upgrades pushed out by sprint if the bootloader is unlocked?

TallyHo says:

The point of unlocking the bootloader is so that you can install custom ROMs and Kernels. If you decide to go the custom route, then you are essentially going off the official upgrade path and there would be no need to worry about OTA updates. If you pick a popular ROM (CM9, AOKP, Gummy, etc) then those Devs will maintain the ROM and keep it up to date for you. They will pull drivers updates and things of that nature from the official and put them into the ROM. No need to worry about OTAs.

If you are concerned about an OTA messing up your custom ROM, don't be. If you are rooted and bootloader unlocked and on a custom ROM, you won't even get the notifications.

If you don't want to install custom ROMS, you should really just leave your bootloader locked IMO. YOu can still root and get the benefits of backups and full admin rights.

hoosiercub says:

Presuming this device gets said support for those ROMs. I'm pretty sure with S-OFF a lot of things are still left untouchable in these HTC devices that are just HTCDev unlocked.

TallyHo says:

Very true, but I would be willing to bet it gets Dev support. Yeah I'm not an expert on S-OFF with these HTC phones, but if the phones gets S-OFF (has it yet?) then that "should" allow you permanent root, right? Permanent root should equal full control, I thought.

Anyway, if the guy wants OTAs, then just stick with the phone as is. If he wants custom ROMs then follow the dev community on this one. Most likely at XDA, Rootz, or CM9.

xberserker says:

So it's best to root the phone when you get it I assume? This is my first android as well. Coming from a Palm Pre. I'd be ok with official OTA update for a while I'd think.

If I want to unlock the bootloader down the road, would that cause an issue? Would it wipe all my data?

Robbzilla says:

It depends. I suggest seeing if there's actually anything you can't do before you root. You'll be surprised at how much you CAN do with an Android that's unrooted. Especially an ICS Android. Also, check out some of the custom home screen replacements (Such as Nova). They add a TON of functionality without needing to root.

If you want to get really into custom ROMS, you'll need to root, and likely Unlock the bootloader. I'm coming from a Samsung background, so I'm a little more shaky on the process with the HTC phones. But from what I read, yeah, if you want custom ROMS and kernels, you'll need to unlock the bootloader. I'm sure there are 1,000 people reading this right now that can answer this part better than I can.

xorg says:

While the ROM maintainer will do OTA updates for whatever ROM you install, you CAN backup your stock ROM (before applying a new ROM) if you ever want to go back to it and Sprint OTA will likely work OK on stock ROM.

pitaman64 says:

sounds great but I still need 4g in chicago, but it will be cool to see what custom "SENSE. ROMS" they come up with

KoukiFC3S says:

Great news. We're gonna get some sweet roms on this phone!

Mikey47 says:

So maybe now all those AT&T One X fans can finally admit that EVO4GLTE > AT&T One X.


Good luck with that. :P

neoenigma says:

Hmmm... I'll argue the base features of the Evo are better (SD card anybody)? However, the fact that the phone can be unlocked doesn't make the phone better. That's a point in Sprint's favor over AT&T for sure, but not a factor in the phone itself being better.

Having just come from Sprint, I really don't think the network is worth it. I had horrid data speeds and now that Wimax is gone and LTE coverage won't be decent for a long time, I'm perfectly content with my One X. Having only HSPA+, I'm still getting speeds faster than what I did on wimax. It's only a matter of time before AT&T gets LTE into Philadelphia (surprised it hasn't already). Also, that EVO is ugly as sin and the white One X has to be the most beautiful phone I've ever laid eyes on.

So to each their own. Point is that we're all happy, right?

Papichulo06 says:

Where can I vote you down?

crxssi says:

WiMax is not "gone"

MthII says:

The One X got perm root S-Off already, since the LTEvo is like a fraternal twin of the One X, I'm holding out in hopes that the same method works for both.


r1fo says:

Huge +1 for this device. I'm spending my last days with my OG Evo 4G right now (poor thing, it's so scared!) and I was thinking how much I'll miss having custom roms on it. Now it looks like I won't have to worry about that!

Raadius says:

Welp, for us AT&T users, lol.

Saneless says:

Looks like bootloader is the new "Unknown sources" checkbox for AT&T.

svinyard says:

S-OFF on the HTC One X doesn't mean it'll be on the EVO. S-OFF or ON depends on your HBOOT. Many times an OTA update with screw this up and give you a new HBOOT that is NOT exploitable (see HBOOT 1.5 on EVO3d...users have to brick their phones and use a linux toolkit to revert back to HBOOT 1.4 which has a supported exploit). The moral of the story is if you want S-OFF, don't take OTA's and wait till an S-OFF fix is in place after the DEVs have man handled it. An S-ON phone and rooting/roming is a pain in the ass and requires much more complex methods than an S-OFF phone. Here is hoping the EVO4g gets CM support...

svinyard says:

Hey Phil, boot into recovery and send us a screenshot.

mrich70 says:

It seems as if the planets are once again aligning for me to get the EVO. I had resigned myself to wait to see what the GSIII was going to be like in person, but the more I read about the new EVO, the more I don't want to wait. This phone is awesome, just like the OG EVO circa 2010. Can't wait to run MIUI 4 on this beauty.

FilthyfnJ24 says:

Dear AT&T, I hate you so much.

zhecht says:

Be warned that HTC has been denying warranty claims for hardware problems for people that flash custom ROMs or root their phones. Merely unlocking the phone is fine, but once its rooted or a custom ROM is installed, the hboot shows a permanent ***TAMPERED*** flag, and HTC will void the warranty on tampered phones. Even if you use an RUU to return the phone to stock.

See http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1631466

if you use htcs method. A true unlock with s-off won't have that happen

nerdtaco says:

Will this give actual S-Off?

crazace says:

I cant wait to see what themikmik team comes up with for this baby!!

bullzeye20 says:

So my old old old Samsung moment is rooted with a custom rom which I have the wifi hot spot enabled which I would want on the new Evo, but I also don't want to loose access to Google music which doesn't work on rooted phones. Is there a walk around for this? Any one?

google music works fine on ALL my rooted devices.

wi11ie#AC says:

I just got the phone this morning.. did yours say "tampered" and "locked" when you got it?
Apr 26 2012,19:54:01

Didn't have to root it or nothing just came from the Sprint store like that

RaynLiz2009 says:

I bought a Sprint HTC evo 4g off Craigslist so excited! I'm not a sprint customer but was told I could go with boost mobile to unlock it and it be a lot cheaper on my budget. Can someone please give me some feedback? I'm a truck driver and cattle hauling is slowing down and my pocket money is too. But I sure need to let go of tmobile cause the service is not able to reach out West

dubbzilla says:

i heard that too. can you switch from sprint to boost to save money on phone bill. still have unlimited data and free hot spot?

dubbzilla says:

i heard that too. can you switch from sprint to boost to save money on phone bill. still have unlimited data and free hot spot?