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We love it when you send in your tips and hints, especially when they're this cool.  Notice that the dual LED flash on the HTC Evo doesn't work while filming video? Turns out that's pretty easy to fix, using an app called LED light right from the Android Market.  No root, no muss, no fuss.  Hit the jump to get the links, and to see side by side examples with and without the camera flash. Thanks Jpeary!

Without using any light: 

Same silly man, same living room, but first I opened and ran the LED light app to fire up my LED flash: 


Ooooh yeah!

Download LED light here:

LED light QR code

[Market Link | App Brain]

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JamieWard says:

Sucks that this doesn't work for Incredible also. No light options for video for us. Why would something so important just be ignored? If I wanted obvious things like this ignored, I would have just gotten an iphone.

the one thats better than this is the one called torch from BEamWidgets
you get it from a torrent cause its not available from the app store this one is better because u dont have to open it like an app. its a widget. so it turns on from the home screen.

d2globalinc says:

This one ( LED Light ) comes with a widget too! It works great, been using it for a few days now.. VERY GOOD STUFF!

JDMR777 says:

definitely nice little add on.

Raf says:

This phone won't cease to amaze me!

willquil1 says:

Evo all day, crushing the iphone and any android phone out there right now, even the Incredible

Qbfinest83 says:

:( Man its like its all EVO all day. I have been waiting for something like this on my Incredible and I guess I will still wait.

jfultz14976 says:

Does this work with the camera off? I have not gotten an EVO yet, but wanting to know if this will work like a flashlight.


kb9ocl says:

Yes, that is the original purpose of this app. This is just another way of utilizing it.

jfultz14976 says:

Awesome! I have a similar app on my Pre (not from the App Catalog). Glad to see this available I would really miss it!

Ohhhhh yes it does, thank goodness!

rem_kujawa says:

Sweet thanks for the heads up.

drsprite says:

When will a light for the Incredible be available?

Verizon's best smartphone to date, and it isn't getting quite the attention it should. There's not even a desktop charging dock for it yet. *sigh* /rant

threepio says:

How come no incredible love? We need this for us incredible owners!

Frankenstein says:

Downloaded this on my Evo the other day. Great app but another important thing to note is that it comes with a widget that you can use without opening the app.

Doesn't work on my Nexus One.

yhperalt says:

if you have froyo there's an app that does the same thing for your nexus one, it's called led flashlight for froyo

ohseedee says:

Is there any harm in running the light like this? I mean could it burn out if you use it too much?

rufioxiii says:

estimated life time of an LED light is still unknown, most rate it well over 100,000 hours. only thing you have to worry about is the battery running out.

jedisrus says:

Nice find! So I download the app and show it to my daughter. Her reaction, "Cool! You can walk around in the dark like Harry Potter. LUMOS!" I am afraid my child stands no chance in the real world. Good thing we don't live in it. ;)

Saepak says:

Sweet, thanks for this awesome find. I was needing something like this, it being a widget is even better.

boriqua2000 says:

it a nice widget but its not bright enough.try downloading LED Disire,you can do the same thing but you can also adjust the brightness of the LED lights.works much better and it's also free in the marketplace.

xorbe says:

How do I use the square barcode above?

jerseygirl says:

I used barcode scanner and voila...a screen popped asking if I wanted to open up this app. I opened it and then downloaded within seconds

Nexus One with Froyo:
This app works but disables my camera.
So I uninstalled.
Then, curious, I turned on my video camera (1st time since Froyo install) and noticed an icon for "flash". Clicked that on and yay! Looks like full control of the LED flash is available on the Nexus One with Froyo!

Davest says:

Confirmed - I have 2.2 installed on my Droid, and I have a flash button in the video camera.

sdmeier says:

Totally Sweet!!! A Button on the video app would be nice, but I'll take this :)

alextrox69 says:

wow...this app needs a upgrade...download led desire light app....and when u put it on max settings youll realize this app is a joke....the leds on the evo pack some power and there not even using it in this app...with led desire light the leds go SOOOOO much brighter... please check it out....but id rather have a widget light this app but it makes the light so low