EVO 4G Gingerbread update officially arriving June 3

It was only yesterday that we had reported the Sprint HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread update might be rolling out June 3 and now, we have that news coming to us in official form from Sprint. After we posted the June 3 date, we got a lot of tips saying it was instead going to be June 6. As it turns out, it's both.

HTC EVO™ 4G from Sprint will receive the Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread, update through an over-the-air maintenance release beginning on Monday, June 6.

Sprint will send update notifications to users in waves. The notification will let users know the update is available and provide the simple two-step, over-the-air download instructions.

Users will receive a notification that Android 2.3 is available for download.

Once the user has downloaded the update, they will be prompted to install the update. The user will be notified that their device will be disabled during the installation process. The phone will be ready to use once the process completes.

Can't Wait Until June 6?

For those who just can’t wait to get Android 2.3, there will be an easy user initiated option to download the upgrade starting on Friday, June 3. To access the update – from the home screen/Menu/Settings/System updates/HTC software Update. This will initiate the upgrade process.

The software release upgrades HTC EVO 4G to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. This version of Android improves download management through the Downloads application, offering the user easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email or another application. It also fixes the devices ability to stream media through certain applications for the device.

Gingerbread restores HTC EVO 4G’s ability to sync multiple Gmail™ accounts, display email attachments in the email client and fixes battery discharge issues.

We've previously gone hands-on with the leaked build of Gingerbread for the EVO 4G and according to the documentation from yesterday, that will be the same build released on June 3 for those who are eager to get up their devices update.

Source: Sprint


Reader comments

EVO 4G Gingerbread update officially arriving June 3


I wonder what time frame it will be ready to manual download, I get up at 5am for work so maybe I will try then.

the updated sense takes up like 300mb more space, that will never happen on the EVO without it being stripped down or something.

I think hes talking about sense 2.1, not sense 3.0. Sense 2.1 was in the leaked build for the evo shift but not in the leaked build for the evo.

yea im talking about Sense 2.x. i know Sense 3.0 takes up sooo much room. i wish they could shrink it for the evo tho :( ...at least give us that lockscreen!!!

I don't think it's the same build. The screenshot of the leaked build says 4.12.651.1

The post yesterday said the build being released on the 3rd is 4.22.651.2

look at the pitcure again, it's just a picture of a gingersense rom, not the leaked version, that one in the picture is for another phone, not our's, but ported to the evo.

Yeah, I was curious if it was 2.3.4 or not. The one in the photo isn't the actual release so I was hoping. Wonder if any of the XDA ports of GTalk for 2.3.3 will work on the stock ROM?

I have an Epic 4G, rooted of course, and have a leaked build of Gingerbread on it. It is 2.3.3 and Gtalk with video chat. Its a possibility that the Evo's Gingerbread will have it too

I really hope it is Gingerbread 2.3.4 for that reason alone. I am really hoping. I just recently bought my sister the Nexus S and I am a bit jealous.

the rom is built so its actually sprints fault or not. no other galaxy s phone has been updated in this part of the world only in asia and europe right? man i wanna get the latest gear on my Epic.

itll probably months till we get it they only teased us with that rom you cant have the gb update unless you root your phone but even then it still has bugs sucks. sammy should get its sh*t together

?.... Will this build have the latest version og Flash Player, im still on 10.2 due to the horror stories of 10.3... Size of the file isnt the issue... I just want a flash player that works... Evo Stock

I heard this update also comes with updated radios for cdma and Wimax, I hope so, every update so far has gave me better signal in bad areas where it was really bad.

No reason to yell. They are different devices. Just because the Droid X got gingerbread doesn't mean the rest of the Droid family will.

OK, im sure i will be flamed for asking this but this is the first system update to come out since i have had the evo. Im rooted and running the kingdom rom. Do i get this update or not? If i do will it take my phone back to stock? Will anything break?

I'm not sure if rooting alone will prevent getting the update, but I'm certain that you won't get this update because you're no longer running the stock ROM. Why would a non-HTC Sense ROM get an official update? That's like asking, "I've got stock Sense, but will I get the latest CyanogenMod update for it?"

If you want to go legit Gingerbread, you're going to have to revert. Whether you have to unroot is a question I'd like to know myself.

Being rooted alone doesn't stop OTA updates on any phone, it's when people make system modifications (like freezing/deleting system apps, flashing ROMs, etc.) that come AFTER being rooted that does.

If someone is rooted but still stock & no changes...they will still get the update, but it WILL break root. It's anyone's guess if/when this GB build gets rooted though, so usually anyone who wants to stay rooted, waits to get the update anyway.

Since your rooted you will not want to download this rom even if it lets you and update it. It will unroot your phone. Then you will have to wait until someone figures out how to root this build which they usually do pretty quickly but still, it's not worth it. If you just wait a couple of days, someone will post a rooted version of the official update and you can just flash that and you will not lose root. The sprintlovers rom usually will update and will keep the new radios and wimax so you can do a full update. You will want to back up with a program like Titanium so you can restore your apps afterward really quickly. I wouldn't restore any data or settings as it will probably cause FC's due to it being a different version. By the way, after being on Kingdoms, you will probably hate the official update. Enjoy.

So, is this going to wipe my customized Scenes? Will I have to reinstall all my programs? Sorry if that's a stupid question.

Will my coffee be stronger after the update? Sorry. I couldn't help it. I guess we will all know the answer to every question after the update. I'm going to stay up past midnight and see if it drops then, otherwise at 6am, I will check.

I will be up (at work) until 8am US Eastern. Keep pressing this "Check now" button until I get the update. Will notify you guys exactly when it comes in. It would be cool if it came in at 2:33 am (2.3.3) lol

Well, maybe someone forgot to tell someone that that someone should put that something online for all the other someones to get that update?

Or is it too early?

Bah! I checked to see if it was available - it was! Then I hit "Cancel" so that I could uninstall some stuff before the update and now it says that my phone is up to date! Arghhh!!! Gimme GB!

Update installed and running. 2.3.3 If this is Sense 2.1, it looks exactly the same. In fact, GB looks exactly the same as Froyo. Phone seems snappier. So far so good. How bout the rest of you?

The EVO shuts down and starts up much faster. Something interesting is that now with GB, the display is using much more of the battery than it use to. Display is currently using 80% of battery. Will see how long extended battery holds up today.

obviously its using that much battery because its being used more with you playing with it no? for example if you went back to normal use over a day the screen would obviously not be that much of the battery life unless ur playing games or watching media ect.

I've noticed the same. My display is at 72%. It doesn't seem to be draining the battery any faster so maybe it needs time to normalize after the install of the software. I'll keep monitoring it.

NO. My usage pattern is exactly same as before the update. While doing nothing but looking at battery usage, it is using 80%. Besides that, I shut down and turned the phone back on. Same result. Doing nothing but looking at battery usage and it measures 80% so your explanation doesn't cover it.

the fact that it is using 80% of the battery drain doesnt mean that the battery is getting drained faster. all it means is that of the battery amount that has been drained, 80% of that amount is from the screen on and not other tasks. which is a GOOD thing because that means those background tasks are using less battery which is going to mean that the overall life is longer and that is the point of GB battery improvements.

I'm getting upset. First, is this under HTC update or firmware. Because I have tried both and they both say I am up to date.

It's under HTC software update. Not sure if this was a coincidence, but I was getting the sofware up-to-date message as well, then I unchecked "scheduled check" and and hit "Check now" again and then it told me the update was ready for download.