If you took the last OTA for the HTC EVO 4G, and have been wanting and waiting for a root method, you're now in luck.  The fellas at Revolutionary have worked out the kinks and the EVO 4G with version 2.16.0001 Hboot is now included on their list of supported devices.  You'll want to read everything carefully and make sure you understand it before you dive in, but it's a fairly easy procedure.  And if you hit a snag, there's always help in the EVO 4G forums.  Happy flashing!

Source: RevolutionaryThanks everyone who sent this in!

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commonplace says:

SO excited!!!!!!! Definitely made a crappy weekend better! I know what I'm doing tonight!!!


RonD says:

Thank you Revotutionary!! I've been practicing the custom ROM thing on my Nook Color, so I'm ready to take the Root plunge.

Bestphonever says:

Sweet Jesus. Who's paypal account do I donate to?

patfactorx says:

Root the Droid3! I will give you a hug!

Mac58 says:

Whooooo! Finally! It seems like I have been waitung forever for this

wolverinex says:

keeps telling me invalid registration code and aborts install!!!!!!

slayerpsp says:

copy paste code to text document to get the right code

jcprunty says:

It didnt work for me when i used the S/N from inside the back of my phone, so i tried this... after you download revolutionary, unzip it and run the program use the serial number that is given there to get your beta key...doing it that way worked great for me.

Go Android! says:

Not gonna lie but I screamed like a girl when I read this title.

And people thought that the dev community forgot about the EVO 4G in the wake of the EVO 3D release.

pDoG says:

Have you seen xda lately?! People have definitely not forgotten about it. And I have a 3D saying this...

odin0814 says:

Woohoo best damn birthday present ever. Happy birthday to me. Thanks Revolutionary!!!

pDoG says:

Hey! My birthday is today too!

This is great. But I am already rooted and can't find a stable "sense" G-bread rom. Trusty Evio stays in a boot loop, Sprint Lover's has random reboots (may be linked to bluetooth).
Does anyone have any suggestions?

batt105 says:

Try Synergy or Fresh. Both great sense roms.

mech1164 says:

Have Synergy running on my Evo. Great but a lil slow. What release are we at now on it?

batt105 says:

I don't do the nightly's, I have the RLS1 running. I believe it was released earlier this month. I defiantly recommend doing a full wipe, data factory reset. That makes all the difference in the world.

rub2008 says:

MikG. Best one out there IMO. Stable quick and runs sense 2.1 with 3.o apps. I've had since the first version came out. NO problems.

leerage says:


datamike says:

I never felt the need to root my EVO until I got the update and found that I couldn't. Now that I can, I don't want to. Is that screwed up or what?

Please correct me if I'm wrong but when I download I am presented with options to choose my phone type but the Supersonic is not listed. How is a key generated without this.
Tried to just run the program and was asked for the Serial #. Tried the one provided several times and it came back invalid. Has anyone gotten this to work?

jcprunty says:

the best way to go is after you download revolutionary, unzip it and run the program use the serial number that is given there to get your beta key...doing it that way worked great for me.

lornaevo says:

Where is the Guide?

mattchew86 says:

Here ya go. Follow this step-by-step, and you'll be good.


Drider#AC says:

is this more simple then unrevoked, seems like theres more steps in unrevoked with this one you just plug it is after getting key and let it do its thing or what? a little help please.

guruffl says:

This is very simple, I used unrevoked a year ago and this was very fast and easy. If your having trouble read the directions again.....

Drider#AC says:

The HTC driver windows installs do you install it on phone or just in stall it on computer and do you need yyour phone plugged into computer during the installing

ev.delarosa says:

can't get to the hboot screen while holding power+vol down. i have s-off. the only way i can go into it is through revolutionary

Jamin13 says:

Any chance you guys could take up the Echo next? No way to get through GB 2.3.4

Twizel says:

Great timing!

skyboxer says:

Current version of Revolutionary also works for the Incredible2 GB and the MyTouch slide.

mikearoni says:

Im new to rooting, is there a step by step tutorial to rooting my evo?

dswatson83 says:

I have a rooted Evo on 2.2 with no custom roms (first time rooting so inexperienced). How do I change that to 2.3 without loosing root or would it be easier to unroot, upgrade, and then reroot. Thanks

mattchew86 says:

How do you mean rooted? Like can you be more specific?

mattchew86 says:

For all the people who are asking for help on how to do this, evilecho on the xda boards posted a little how-to guide.

Check it out here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1218386

It's a simple process that literally takes all of 5 minutes. Rooted my Evo, and my buddy's, in no time at all.

pmtsu00 says:

OKKKKKKK! Someone please PLEASE HELP!!!! Theres an update available on my HTC EVO 4.53.651.1 but i recently rooted my device via Revolutionary, can i still update my phone with the OTA update pushed through from the Sprint Network? cause ive made several attempts but it just stops in the middle of the update. If anyone is reading this with some info that could help, it would be great to hear what info you have thanks...