Evo 4G Lego dock

We often say that Android Central forum members are the best around, and here's yet another example. Skippyrulz crafted a dock for his Sprint Evo 4G out of Legos (mostly from an Indiana Jones fighter plane set, he says), and the result is what you see above. OK, so a more consistent paint job wouldn't hurt, but that's still pretty darn cool. Check out his post for more pics. [Android Central Forums]

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meyerweb says:

Dang, and I gave all my kid's Legos away!

Thablackguy says:

Awesome !! can they give instructions for a Droid X dock ? lol

joshuawulf says:

It's not fair. The EVO already has a kickstand and now this? The Droid needs a Lego dock.

This just in!!! Droid X has limited and crappy hdmi out..Evo still reigning champ

NeoteriX says:

Uh... clearly you don't have too much experience with the Evo HDMI out.

rippley05 says:

What case is that? It loosk like it goes over the glass screen a little, kinda like my body glove. If so, then it would help my light leakage a little bit better ...

Anyone know what case it is?

fastamx79 says:

It almost looks like the Seidio Innocase Limited Edition from Amazon - except the tabs from the 'outer shell' look different, maybe painted..


I have the Innocase Limited Edition and I love it!

guruffl says:

I would also like to know what case that is. If anyone knows please share the info with us. Thanks!

skippyrulzzz says:

the case is the seidio active limited edition from amazon. they have multiple colors (where mine is burgundy), but last i checked were all out of stock. it's a great case!

jonnyl says:

Psssh, my Evo dock made out of part of a Blue Moon six pack crushes this Lego dock.

ro1224 says:


MissMe says:

So...if a certain person wanted to recreate this for the Droid, how would I ...I mean THEY go about doing it?

awperk says:

as much as i love lego, i still prefer the stand that i made out of 1/2" thick clear acrylic

NeoteriX says:

Speaking of which... when is the *official* dock coming out? It's been way too long already!

dcreed says:

I did the same thing for my Droid. Wish I'd thought of posting a pic'.

likwidsoul says:

That's kind of cool but I think I will stick with my multimedia dock for my Droid.

H13 says:

Slow news day?