Evo 4G Lego dock

We often say that Android Central forum members are the best around, and here's yet another example. Skippyrulz crafted a dock for his Sprint Evo 4G out of Legos (mostly from an Indiana Jones fighter plane set, he says), and the result is what you see above. OK, so a more consistent paint job wouldn't hurt, but that's still pretty darn cool. Check out his post for more pics. [Android Central Forums]


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Evo 4G gets a Lego dock to perch upon


What case is that? It loosk like it goes over the glass screen a little, kinda like my body glove. If so, then it would help my light leakage a little bit better ...

Anyone know what case it is?

the case is the seidio active limited edition from amazon. they have multiple colors (where mine is burgundy), but last i checked were all out of stock. it's a great case!

So...if a certain person wanted to recreate this for the Droid, how would I ...I mean THEY go about doing it?