Seidio Innocase II Surface

If you're looking for an Evo 4G case that offers big protection with little fuss, the Seidio Innocase II Surface fits the bill. It'll keep your Evo's case as fresh as the day you brought it home, while still allowing access to all the buttons and ports, plus keeping the 4.3-inch screen at the ready. Check it out, after the break.

An easy Evo 4G case

The Seidio Innocase II Surface is an easy install. The shell comes in two parts, one for the lower end of the Evo, the other for the upper. Slide the phone into the lower part, match up the upper, and click them together. It's a snug fit, and you don't have to worry about them coming loose. The case itself feels nearly identical to the soft-touch coating on the Evo, so it'll still feel familiar in your hand.

The case adds just a minimum of thickness to the Evo, which is good because while the phone is fairly thin, it's still pretty large. Cutouts give you easy access to the 3.5mm headphone jack, power button, volume rocker, microUSB and HDMI ports, and the multimedia kickstand. There's nothing covering the screen with this case, so you may want to consider a screen protector for your Evo. The Seidio Innocase II Surface is available now in the Android Central Store for $29.95 in six colors.

Seidio Innocase II SurfaceSeidio Innocase II Surface

Seidio Innocase II SurfaceSeidio Innocase II Surface

Seidio Innocase II SurfaceSeidio Innocase II Surface


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Evo 4G case review: The Seidio Innocase II Surface


So much bEtter lookinng than that crap cover my sprint rep was offering on launch day, i went wth a the htc branded slide my evo into case with belt clip which rotates, i usually dont like covers/shells for fones..especially when had palm pre..all cases for a slider dont look right..

Htc evo its gonna take one huge leap to get me to change phones

all my seidio cases have broken too. I have the body glove one for the evo and it feels so much more sturdy. have taken on and off 10 -20 times and still very strong and sturdy tabs.

i will never buy another seidio case ever again, because the tabs always broke within 6 months of owning the snap-on case. Waste of money. Though this snap-on design looks better, i still wouldn't buy it.

are you serious ?!?! lol you had the case for 6 months !!! some phones don't even last that long !! you're ridiculous if you think a case will automatically last the 2 years you have the phone, i mean its still plastic ! not some titanium case ! you need a reality check seriously...

i agree with bighoward305...i currently have the innocase for my Touch Pro 2 and this is currently my third case, the tabs consitently break on them and seidio just keeps sending me one becuase theyre supposed to be the best....but a cheap one that i got for my original Touch Pro lasted twice as long and cost 4 times my next phone WILL NOT be a seidio due to the fact that they are not worth the price

I don't get it... so it covers all the non-functional parts of the phone but leaves everything that make the phone WORK exposed?

What's the point? Just to keep the phone pretty?

I have always felt that way about cases. With most cases, if you drop the phone, there's still a good chance the screen will break, and if you are covering it up to "keep the phone pretty," you never get to see the "pretty" phone. I say save the money on a case (or multiple cases that you will probably have to buy over the life of the phone), pay for the protection plan, and enjoy the phone how it was meant to be.

I beg to differ. I inadvertently drop my smartphones probably once every month or two over the last two years, and I have never ever broken a screen, nor any part of the phone either. And sometimes I have dropped them on concrete.

And why haven't my smartphones sustained any damage? Because I keep a case on my smartphones. That is the only reason I have a case on my smartphone at all times, but it is worth it to me to keep from damaging the phone.

Got one for my wife and I so we can now tell our EVOs apart :)

Love my case it is a very tight fit, looks good and feels very nice in my hand. Although I kinda like my wifes red case better. LOL

To be honest it looks identical to the Platinum case I bought @ Best Buy when I got the phone. Are they manufactured by the same company?

I got one within the first couple days of having my Evo and at first I liked it but now I'm souring on it a bit. I haven't had it break the tabs like others have (not yet at least). But it makes the phone just that much bigger in my hand (normal guy sized hands) and I certainly don't need a BIGGER phone. The other issue is that it seems to over the past week gotten squeaky. I've only take it off once to pop the battery and now the fit just doesn't seem as snug as it was the first time (there's got to be a double entendre in there somewhere). But again, I'll keep using it for now because I like that it protects the camera lens a bit. If it weren't for that I'd junk it.

Call them about the squeaking. I had the same issue and just received my replacement today. They are now coating the inside of the case with the soft touch as well, which adds a little thickness to the inside and stops the squeaking. I called them up and they sent me out a new one no problem. Great customer service!!

It's exactly because of the camera lens that I got this type of case instead of a silicone skin. I didn't want the lens resting directly on the desk.

I got it with the purchase of my EVO at Best Buy. Definitely feels more secure in your hands. What I mean by that is anyone who has used the EVO probably noticed that it feels like it's going to slip out of your hands at any moment. Well the case has a slightly more rubbery feel all the way around so it feels more secure in your hands.

Doesn't add much to the bulk at all, I carry the phone in my front pocket and hardly notice it.

I should also mention, I don't take the case off to access the battery or SD Card several times a day, so my tabs are just fine.

Highly recommend if anyone is looking for a case of this type.

I got the htc-branded gel skin with my EVO, and it works great. It also is further out from the camera lens, so that's fine when sitting on a desk. The only real problem with it is that it picks up dust/lint like MAD.

I cringe every time I see Phil's eVo sitting on those stone tiles. I can only imagine what the camera lens cover looks like :P

Personally, I have had nothing but excellent experience with these cases...

Had one for my BB Curve...

Had one for my BB Storm 1...

Now 2 for my Incredible Droid!

Now, I did have issues with tabs breaking with my Blackberry phones, but that's because I was constantly having to yank the batteries out of the things to reboot...

Now... As for my Droid??? I only remove to change the colors!

So... IMO, Seidio has always made excellent cases...

I had this on my Nexus One. After 4 months of use I had a ton of scratches on the top of the phone where the case covered it up because all kinds of dirt and grit would get stuck in there and then it grind against the phone. I made sure that I removed all of the grit and blew everything out every single time before I put the case on but somehow damage still occured.

Hope the cases are better than the clip holsters, which I went through 4 and after the 4th broke I was out of luck as i was out of my warranty. The warranty is only good from the original purchase date and not the date of the replacement.

That is a flat out UGLY case !!! And seidio cases are very cheaply made , not worth the $30 ++ dollars they charge for there garbage !!!I have more broken Seidio cases than any other , they are crap

Seidio is such a rip off, anything over $15-20 for a case is a ripoff, even $20 is a ripoff, unless there's no tax and free ship.

Its just plastic, rubber, and/or silicone, its really not that expensive to make..

I was thinking about buying this case, but Best Buy only had it in bright purple or something.

I usually don't like cases for my phones, but I decided getting one for the Evo because of the camera lens, The one I have is pretty good at not making the phone feel bigger, while also providing enough thickness so the camera lens doesn't stick out.

Can anybody have this testify if the lens still sticks out passed this case?

The case extends further than the camera lens. Not by much, but your lens won't be resting on the table.

I have owned the Verizon Storm 9530 for almost 2 years now. I owned the Verizon store custom gel case, the Seidio hard case, and the Innocase hard case.
The gel case was fitted for the Storm, even covered the physical keys so you could activate them on the outside of the gel case. That case was wonderful and absorbed many tumbles and work and drunken revelry. It wore out after about 7 months and I couldn't find a replacement copy.
The Seidio case fit well, and looked awesome, for about 2 weeks tops. It looked weathered soon and pieces began to break off of it. It did not endure average use well and I replaced it with the Innocase in less than 2 months. I might add, at 29.95 plus shipping it was rather overpriced relative to its quality.
I paid about $20 for my Innocase and it fit the Storm like a glove. It looked very nice and was still going strong when the phone grew legs and mysteriously walked off a desk during a business function.
Innocase or gel case is my suggestion for your Android. Amzer makes a good gel case for the Android. I think that's where I am leaning for my new Android X next month.

I would never buy Seidio products again after my last bad experience with their product and their sorry excuse for "customer service".
I bought a protective case and the thin band protecting the top of the phone broke shortly after. It is appalling that a company who charges almost $30 for a flimsy piece of composite material that costs almost nothing to make refused to replace or make *any* concessions whein their product breaks after normal wear and tear in a reasonable amount of time. ... It is almost comical (I say 'almost' because it is rather insulting) that instead I was advised to go to their website and purchase a new one from them.