Sprint Evo 4G

Since everybody got all excited yesterday when the Evo 4G was listed as being out of stock on Sprint's website, we feel we should at least give a half-hearted "Woo hoo!" now that's back. And so ... "Woo hoo!" [Sprint] Thanks, Derek!

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sethyC123 says:

why half hearted?

Spork1673 says:

also check your local walmart my local store just got 20 in

craig198#AC says:

was just at my local walmart supercenter and dont even see sprint phones at all. just verizon and tmobile

Spork1673 says:

yep some carry sprint some dont

djjk2004 says:

ordered my upgrade today! whoo hoo! see ya later iPhoney

craig198#AC says:

poor steve jobs.....NOT! lol

Perezan says:

Just ordered mine WOOOOT!!!!!!

GOOD BYE BlackBerry

djjk2004 says:

Poor RIM-jobbers, NOT!

meyerweb says:

I got an email Tuesday night (the 8th) saying mine has shipped from Sprint. It's scheduled to arrive Thursday, the 10th.

h-cubed says:

Sadly I am not able to get one for 3 weeks...
Unfortunately my wife and 4 yr old son decided to have a birthday next week!

I will be saying good bye to my Pre at that time!!

sethyC123 says:

Mine should arrive Friday!

Just ordered mine 5 min ago!! So frickin excited!

I'm a day late telling you but it should have arrived by Friday if you ordered yesterday (Wed). I ordered right before you commented and mine is arriving today. So put your order in now and you should have it tomorrow (Friday)

Damn... that reply was meant for the comment after me. lol.

Tommy815 says:

It's past 5pm here.. probably wouldn't ship today by this point. Really would like the phone by Friday so I don't know whether I should order from the website or hope for RS/Sprint Stores to get them in..

I'm a day late telling you but it should have arrived by Friday if you ordered yesterday (Wed). I ordered right before you commented and mine is arriving today. So put your order in now and you should have it tomorrow (Friday)

m109rider says:

Just ordered my second one!!

sjcea says:

My buddy returned his today , had the phone in his pocket , pulled it out and it slipped from his hand , entire screen shattered ?? What a piece of crap !! I will send pics of this to the tip us section , I have bounced my incredible and moto droid off the driveway a few times , no such issue !!! I cant wait for the new Motorola phones that will slaughter the Evo garbage they are pushing , no more HTC phones for me with there cheap build quality and crap batteries !!!

robotphood says:

Unless your buddy dropped his EVO the exact same way, height, distance, angle, etc... it's not a fair comparison. However, I do think the Droid phones have better glass (gorilla glass)? Either way, I think the EVO has better build quality than the Droid and comparable to the Incredible. I'm not going to expect my phones to survive many falls directly on the screen. That's what insurance and otterboxes are for.

Tommy815 says:

It's your 'friend's' fault for being a tard and dropping his phone. Seriously, come on.

evoinmypalm says:

sjcea... go back in your hole...

i logged in JUST to tell you that... if you/"your buddy" can't handle an expensive device... just don't buy it... or BUY INSURANCE...

look at what happened to an iPhone 4:

glass shattered from only 3.5 feet drop... with both sides as glass, how ARE you going to set it down on concrete (like the article says)... with my EVO, I'll just prop the kickstand...

evomyhero says:

Check out the ratings on the screen = 4.0 on CNET... That's gonna turn a lot of people going to the Sprint site off. Sprint's real stupid for including this inaccurate and biased rating.

slschmidt76 says:

Just tried to place an order with Sprint but was told they are indeed still out of stock and it will be at least 2 weeks before they get anymore EVO's in stock. Was told that there was an error on the website and should still say out of stock.

Kmart28 says:

They are available. Ordered mine online on the 9th, got email that it will be here today on the 10th.

Definitely available. I ordered mind and even checked the shipping tracking number this morning already. Mine arrives today, too. (10th)

Kmart28 says:

Ordered my phone through Sprint Rep on 6/9, just got an email that Evo will be here today, the 10th. Overnight! #excited

djjk2004 says:

same in chicago

damian.grant says:

Website is showing out of stock again.