Evo 4G Golla Grape Pouch

The Evo 4G is a big phone, with a big, bright screen. And it needs to be protected. The Golla Grape Pouch offers soft and stylish protection while adding a bit of storage. Let's take a look, after the break.

Golla Grape Pouch for the Evo 4G

Available in either red or black, the Golla Grape Pouch is a soft, vinyl-feeling bag that completely encases your Evo 4G. The phone fits in vertically, and the front flap is secured with Velcro. Lift the flap, and you'll find a pocket that can hold a couple of credit cards and ID. There's s a zippered pocket on the left-hand side that serves as a perfect change purse.

Evo 4G in the Golla Grape PouchGolla Grape Pouch side zipper pocket and lightweight carabiner

There's a non-detachable loop on the back of the pouch that can be used as a belt loop, or attached to a purse. And for quick attachment, there's even a lightweight aluminum carabiner with spring clip.

The bottom line is that this is a great pouch for a beach trip or a night out or to keep your Evo safe in a handbag, messenger bag or briefcase, with its extra pockets and complete protection of the phone. The Golla Grape Pouch is available in the Android Central Store for $16.95.

Golla Grape Pouch back belt loop and carabinerEvo 4G completely protected in the Golla Grape Pouch


Reader comments

Evo 4G case review: Golla Grape Pouch


yeaaaa no thanks. very creative product but id wait for something more practical like otterboxes case. im on the email list to be notified when the incredible case is released. This is good for maybe hanging somewhere in a vehicle or room not a belt loop lol.

currently eris w 2.1 waiting for incredible 07/12/10

Too bulky. I need something that is super thin but still absorbs a little shock and keeps the plastic from scratching. There are a ton of great iPhone cases like that but I haven't seen many for Evo yet. The phone is big enough that larger cases are just not an option.

The carabiner works great for clipping it on my pack when I'm on my bicycle (there is a ring just above the sternum strap).

Ok, so Phil picked one of the more girly fabrics for the photos, but I have one of these and it's terrific (I may be a "girl" but my Golla Pouch is grey cotton twill with a vaguely Eastern design in dark charcoal). I had it before the Evo and I'm very pleased that the phone fits so well in it. An id, a bank card, and a twenty fit well in the slot under the flap (it's deep) and a backup battery can go in the zippered pocket. The fabric is soft and the lining material allows me to easily slide the Evo into the pouch. It's great for any "active" situation where I don't want to keep track of a purse or wallet and it doesn't just scream nerd(I have a black leather pouch for *those* situations).

I have one similar to that one that I got off eBay (no way I'm paying almost $20 for a pouch) from likely last year's styles or whatever, and it works perfectly with my Cliq. Besides, mine's olive green with blaze orange inside so it's a bit more masculine than some of their other designs. I got my girlfriend a sky blue one for her Samsung Propel (sad phone) and she loves it, and ended up with a purple one as well based upon lousy listing photos and gave it to her sister for her Cliq. I don't feel like too big of a tool with the pouch clipped on to a belt loop and if I'm at risk of looking any more socially awkward I can just shove it in my pocket without fear of scuffing up my screen or phone exterior.

it looks nice (OK for a girl) if you're going to throw your phone in a purse or something, but for every day use, I'd rather have an otterbox or something like that so the phone is always protected and the case never separates from the phone.

These are great cases if you carry around a messenger bag or purse. I tuck my ID/credit cards and bus pass in the front slip pocket and my headphones in the back and it makes a great small package to move from one bag to another or if I'm running a quick errand.