OK, all you kids with your crazy rooted Samsung Epic 4Gs. If you're ready to get some semi-official leaked Gingerbread onto your phones, ACS has let loose the ED12 build that we've been talking about. It's deodexed and already rooted, if you're into that sort of thing.

This is is leaked, folks, and as such there are a few bugs to be mentioned from the stock package, including:

  • 4G non-functional
  • GPS non-functional
  • Wake lag present
  • Does not boot when plugged in and powered off, unplug to boot
  • Temperature sensor readings are incorrect. You may see interrupted charging due to bad battery temp readings.
  • Slide to unlock button sometimes 'sticks'
  • Has Carrier IQ (dieplz

Snag the downloads and the full instructions at the source link below, and get to flashing!

Source: Leaky Gingerbread ED12, ACSyndicate


Reader comments

Epic 4G's ED12 Gingerbread build leaked, rooted, ready for flashing


Haha, and everyone's nagging Samsung about the lack of updates. If there's already a leak of Gingerbread (for a US Galaxy S phone) that actually works, then that's hella impressive.

It doesn't work, it's basically just a proof of concept build, there's a lot broken and the modem sucks.

Judging from the progress in the GB build and what is working and not working its very close in relationship to Cyanogen Mod 7 for the Epic 4g which is in Alpha 4 stage.

As far as the modem your speaking of, heck the EC05 modem hasn't been that much better really. Some people have good results others were better off on EB13's modem.

"Get to flashing"?? Really? Did we not read the same article? Its completely unstable. No thanks. Glad to see its in the works though.

You guys should try it before you knock it. True, the modem is garbage but the Froyo EC05 modem works great with Gingerbread. It's very stable and unlike CM7, my camera and GPS both work. The only thing that doesn't work is 4G - other than that this build is great.