Sprint Epic 4G user manual

We've got a few more days to go before the Sprint Epic 4G is available to the masses. (In the meantime, be sure to check out our hands-on.) But while you're waiting, you can read up on all the dirty details in the user manual, if you're into that sort of thing. Let us know if you spot anything of note. [Samsung PDF, support page via Android Central Forums]



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Epic 4G user manual now available


Stupid Samsung, this is what ALL of the Galaxy S phones should have been. I like my Vibrant, but I hate the UI, the missing notification LED, the missing front facing camera, the RFS file system, the GPS issues, missing camera button, lack of silent mode with vibrate function and the position of the unlock/power button. Luckily, I could fix some of that, but, this is frustrating the Android users.

They shouldn't be fragmenting the market in a way where the same "class of phones" all have different features on different carriers. I am not switching to Sprint for the Epic, I am not switching to ATT for the iPhone - I dont want the iPhone, so DONT make the UI look like the iPhone.

Dude blame your carrier. They are the ones that decide on the features. Does Tmobile have a single phone with front camera? No.

I am pretty sure you can customize the UI. i even saw a video where you can switch to the standard Android Ui by holding down the home key but honestly that's just something dumb to cry about. Looking through the manual i see the device is DIVX HD certified. That is just awesome. I heard the Epic can play what the Evo cannot smoothly.

Lol... You knew what you were getting into the first day. Why complain now? New phones will always come out with features you wish you had. Your phone infidelity is striking. :)

IMHO if any of you treated you significant other the way you treat phones, you wouldn't be together long. :)

This is all in jest... well partly in jest.

Your comparison of a phone to a person is actually pretty stupid and way off the point.
Besides that, All I am expecting is some damn consistency with the android systems. I hate the custom UI, because the default android UI is just fine. It is supposed to be different from the iPhone. But it also hinders development because then Samsung needs to waste time updating the UI to be compliant with the update. Also, I said I could fix most of the issues, which I did fix them. But the problem is I had to fix them. I'm getting 4x performance off the I/O for something Samsung implemented wrong, and now I can use Google maps because the GPS actually connects now.
I didn't actually know all of the issues day one. This has been developing over a couple weeks, and despite my complaints I would recommend the phone. I can complain because it is my right and I didn't know the features missing in the Captivate and Vibrant would be put in the Epic. I don't mind too much about the front facing camera, but the lack of notification LED is pretty obnoxious and inconvenient.

:) You had 14 days to return. That would have worked with the GPS issue as that has been around and reported since day 1. You could then have waited for that issue to be resolved. Complaining about the handset you have because you didn't return a phone that didn't do what you wanted is a little odd.

The earlier poster was correct about T-mobile having more to do with features than Samsung. Either way, it is your phone now. For better or for worse. BTW, I thought my analogy was just fine. lol.

looks pretty sweet, i might hand off my evo to the lady friend and pick this up for myself. that price is a little steep though

Phil! Thats preposterous, actually using the phone and getting to know it BEFORE doing the review?! You've been poppin those crazy pills again haven't you... /sarcasm

Cant wait to to see the review, im sure it will be great as they always are. If you dont mind, can you please give us some input on how solid the slider is? I hate it when they're loose and jiggly in the closed position.

That's really good. Some of the reviews i read gave a feeling like the person barely used the phone. The Engadget review rings a bell.

Looking forward to the review.
There are already a bunch of reviews around the webs, and a few video reviews on Youtube.
I guess some people got the phone early, or are passing of initial impressions as reviews.
I do appreciate AC's policy of using the phone for a few days before reviewing, so we get a real in-depth review.