Epic 4G Touch Touchstone mod

Getting a Touchstone mod is a sort of smartphone rite of passage. If someone's going to take enough time and effort to hack Palm's inductive charger onto the phone, it's a sure sign it's a winner. We've previously seen it on the Epic 4G and EVO 4G, and such is the case with the Epic 4G Touch. Android Central Forums member darrenf has modded his E4GT to work with the Touchstone.

A couple of caveats, of course. This requires some fairly major surgey. And beacuse of the Epic 4G Touch's tight fit, the inductive coil is actually on the outside of the battery cover, so it'll need some cosmetic surgery as well. But, damn it, that looks pretty sweet.

Check out the excellent walkthrough and instructions at the link below.

Source: Epic 4G Touch Fourms

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dkotoric says:

now that takes some balls.

DaGODFather says:

hmmm...i dont know about the coils being outside of the case but that is freakin awesome. Man i miss WebOS.

Looks great but a little too much body work for my interests. As this is just an electromagnet slapped on the back of the handset I am concerneded how it would affect the internal compass....

bwolfe90 says:

The touchstone attached to my desk is now a Palm tombstone. Very sad.

droidify says:

Is that a notification light on a Samsung? No way!

DaGODFather says:

Yep, and if im not mistaken its only on the Sprint version.

janter says:

Yep. I picked up a Galaxy S2 on Friday. Notification light is important to me so I made sure it had one. Search the Android Market for "light flow" it's a great app to help customize the LED for notifications.

757boy says:

...and i was just wondering about customizing the notification light like i used to do on my BLACKBERRY a few years back. Thanks JANTER.

dullgeek says:

Arghh!! I want this for my Photon. Toushstone is one of the things that I really miss after the switch from webOS.

drinkwd40 says:

You can do it for ANY phone. See my tutorials on goodandevo.net and my youtube videos on the drinkwd40 channel. I've successfully modded an Evo 4g (hardwired), and modded via the USB port (which doesn't destroy the phone or from what I've seen any of its function, including the compass--but I understand why it should) for an Epic 4g, a LG Optimus C, and 2 EVO 3D's.