We all know we love Android so much because the development community rocks, and people are always finding new ways to make it even better. Our forums members are always finding great new tricks and fun things to do with their devices, and egg_head has discovered that Samsung devices seem to have quite a string of hidden menus. Now, these menus are apparently found on all Samsung devices, just not in the same location, but they can sure do some nifty things. Ranging from a full device shut down by holding the end key button to various different audio settings these additional menus can allow even more customization then we had even imagined. For more information be sure to jump in the forums and read up on the various menus! [Android Central Forums]


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Epic 4G hidden menus and more? [From the forums]


Interesting... I was surprised to find that there's some hidden settings on Sense as well, the stock Privacy menu that includes some Google/backup settings is hidden on most/all Sense builds for instance. I've no idea if it's because it doesn't play well w/Sense or what, I'm rooted and loading custom ROMs so I didn't bother experimenting anyway (restoring data in between ROMs is generally a good way to muck things up). I found out about this from another reader when AC reported on that DX conflict w/the backups when upgrading to Froyo.