Epic 4G EE03 Gingerbread build

We know full well that Sprint's testing Gingerbread builds for the Samsung Epic 4G, and the latest to leak out is build EE03. News of this Android 2.3.3 build has actually been floating around for a few days, but now the ROM's in hand, rooted and ready to be flashed, if you're brave enough. For what it's worth, the folks at ACS say it's much better than the ED12 build that leaked previously.

So, who's up for some late night Gingerbread?

Source: ACS; More: Android Central Forums


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Epic 4G gets a new Gingerbread leak -- Android 2.3.3 and EE03


MikMik has a Gingersense 2.1 ROM on his site.
It's really cool, but he's not had a chance to work out all the bugs and or tighten the code to his standards, yet. I tried to use it as a "Daily Driver" ROM but the battery life is really poor for my phone, and it didn't have 4G working yet.

I've played with Virus' Kingdom ROM with Sense 3.0 a little, but it is quite buggy and I wouldn't recommend as a daily use ROM. (It was CRAZY cool to play with, though!)

Sense 3.0 is what HTC said was too "robust" for our Evo's not 2.1 if I recall correctly.

Can't wait for Gingerbread for the Fascinate...actually yes I can, because Gingerbread isn't much of an improvement.

Froyo has been a disaster on my Fascinate. Everything from bipolar battery life to sound crackling to constant 3G signal loss. Tried out CM7 and most of those were addressed. Also Gingerbread is much smoother overall. I can't wait.

Actually, Gingerbread will be huge for the Fascinate because it will give the developers the missing pieces of the puzzle to finish CM7.

Except, we Fascinate owners will get it..oh, Q3 2013, when quad core phones will be saturating the market!

Awesome! Hope you guys get it soon. How 'epic' would that be if the SGS were the first phone on Sprint to get GB?! LMAO!!

That would be hilarious but I wouldn't feel some type of way since I've been running a GB ROM on my EVO for a while now :p

Testing on the Epic but not the EVO? Great. EVO probably won't get it until AFTER the EVO 3D arrives. GRUMBLE....

I wish Sprint would come out with 2.3.4 instead of 2.3.3 for the epic. I would love to actually be able to use my front facing video camera with Google Talk...

Sorry to rain on all of your parades, But the epic will not be getting gingerbread. Instead sometime this summer sprint and samsung will releasing an epic 2 which will more than likely have gingerbread on it. Source from a samsung rep

Lol right, so this official ROM just came out of thin air then? Sprint will get a variant of the sgs2, but I doubt that it will be an Epic 2, hence it shouldn't affect the Epic getting GB too much.

Weird then, that this ROM works on and specifically for the Epic, which has an entirely different chipset than the Galaxy S II. Your samsung rep is misinformed, lying, or you're making this up.

Its a test build, nothing official yet, just like the Evo had a while back. It works for a lot of people, its sucks for some others.

I currently have this running on my epic, i was just curious to see if anyone has been having issues with the battery life. My epic has been dying a lot faster than when i was running froyo.