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Prices range from £36 to £56 per month, but unlimited data is MIA​

The UK's first 4G LTE carrier, EE, has finally revealed exactly how much it'll cost to get on the British LTE bandwagon at launch. The network, which officially launches in Oct. 30, will offer five tiers, each of which will come with unlimited calls and texts, and data allowances of various sizes as part of a 24-month contract. The cheapest package starts at £36 per month for 500MB, moving up to 1GB for £41, 3GB for £46, 5GB for £51 and 8GB for £56. So unlimited data is missing in action, but fortunately there's no limit on how you can use your allowance, so you won't have to purchase a separate tethering add-on.

EE's 4G smartphones, including the Galaxy S3 LTE, Galaxy Note 2 LTE and HTC One XL, will be available at various subsidized rates depending on the price of your monthly bill. A selection of SIM-only deals will be launching from Nov. 9, priced at £15 less per month than the 24-month, smartphone-inclusive tariffs. So that works out at £21 per month for 500MB, £26 for 1GB, £31 for 3GB, £36 for 5GB and £41 for 8GB.

EE customers will be able to increase their data allowances in various increments using "add-ons" -- £3 for 50MB, £6 for 500MB, £15 for 2GB or £20 for 4GB.

EE is also offering added incentives, including one-off £99 upgrade offers for Orange and T-Mobile UK customers who joined the network in the past six months, and one free movie rental per week from the new EE film store. And as part of the Orange and T-Mobile UK re-branding, all 700 of those carrier stores will be rebranded as "EE" before the end of the month, effectively ending those networks' high-street presence.

Tempted EE's 4G offerings now that the pricing has become known? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Reader comments

EE announces UK 4G LTE pricing and data allowances


I think I'll wait or pass all together especially as I tend to be within range of a WiFi hotspot most of the time.
For me LTE? Not at these prices!

This is interesting to say the least. Am I wrong but does it look like EE is suffering the same Cost Creep we are seeing here in the US? I understand that it's new and all but will people in Europe be as willing to blow wads of cash just on this?

I think I'll wait or pass all together especially as I tend to be within range of a WiFi hotspot most of the time.

For me LTE? Not at these prices!

Whats the point in being able to download so quick if they don't have a high limit. 500mb is nothing, couldn't even stream one film a month. Absolutely pointless especially since most people have unlimited Internet at home.

I will most defiantly pass on LTE at those prices, I wonder how long it will be before they start to force these new packages on us.

£56 a month for 8GB that's more than you pay for BT Infinity, with unlimited fiber broadband, TV box and free land line calls, and they have hot spots all over the place and BTFon.

I was thinking that those prices are ridiculously expensive. Then I realised that they also don't include a phone.

Not to mention that the largest package doesn't even cover what I've used this month.

Wow. Seriously didn't think it was going to be that bad. £56 a month for a measly 8GB? The very point of this is that people can use more data in less time - limiting people in this way is only going to hurt them. My 80Mbps BT Infinity connection costs me half that and arguable has higher maintenance cost due to physical wiring point to point.

Just migrated my Tmobile 3g to EE 4g paying £1.00 more per month £32.99 for unlimited calls + texts to any network and 10gigs of data. This is the best thing they have done for me. Been with Tmobile 3g for 14 months with no signal in my house!!!! Wouldn't cancel my contract as it would cost around £250 For once I'm happy with them.