LTE roaming coming to more countries, including U.S., Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands by summer

UK mobile operator EE has announced that its customers can now use 4G LTE networks in Spain and France, with 4G roaming in these countries available "immediately" through the carrier's existing roaming data bundles for consumers and small business customers. EE says it plans to extend 4G roaming to "all major travel destinations during 2014," with the U.S., Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands on track to join the list by the summer.

The carrier offers a range of data add-ons for "4GEE Extra" customers in Europe, starting at £0.50 for 2MB for 24 hours, through to £25 for 1GB for 30 days. For those not on "4GEE Extra" deals, the plans aren't quite as tempting, starting at £1 for 20MB for 24 hours, through to £35 for 200MB for 30 days. Today's press release suggests the current pricing will apply to 4G roaming too — i.e. customers won't pay any premium to use LTE in countries where roaming agreements exist.

It's still early days for international LTE roaming, but today's news is a promising sign. The announcement follows news late last year of a partnership with AT&T to allow that carrier's customers to use the EE LTE network when roaming in the UK.

Source: EE


Reader comments

EE announces 4G LTE roaming in Spain and France, more countries to follow


25 quid for 1GB? Seems ridiculous when Three will give you 25GB for nothing if you're on one of their unlimited data plans (which is most of them).

Vodafone did announce 4G European roaming about 3 weeks ago. Its live now in Greece.

Their Euro Traveller is also potentially MUCH better value.

As my network, 3, is way faster than EE even on 3g= 26mbs and doesn't charge extra for going to USA and Europe and others I'll stay put. Can't wait for 4g at same price as well. Must be a lot of people stuck on 2 year EE contacts, who are angry with themselves :-P

Your downloads might be comparable to some 4G you have seen, but your uploads won't be. Also, with 4G its possible to get MUCH higher than 26Mb down. I get around 46Mb down and 20 Mb up with EE in Reading town centre.

4G is faster, no question. If its worth paying extra for YOUR needs ... thats up to you.

True but 3 is rolling out 4g and I will be paying the same now as I will then, unlike EE customers. Plus I'm off to the USA and will pay the same as I do here. No crazy prices.
Anyone on any other network is being ripped off.
PS you are in a big town centre. I'm not. As I don't use social media up speeds don't bother me. Like I said anyway I won't be paying more for my needs, the fact you do is up to you. As 3 have rolled it out 18miles away and we are scheduled for the next month I'm happy.