So say we all.

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Dilbert does 4G


Maybe Scott Adams reads Android Central :)

The funny thing is when I read that this morning I immediately thought of the blog post about 4g

Marketing doesn't know it's bellybutton from a hole in the ground. They just throw out terms they don't understand to grab consumer's attention and try to keep their overpaid jobs.

I just don't see everyones obsession with 4G. I own the Inspire 4G but didn't but it because of it being branded as 4G. I just loved the device. The Thunderbolt does load stuff fast but i compared my "HSPA+" loading in a browser test and while the thunderbolt loaded it slightly quicker my phone wasn't far behind. Personally I have the ability to wait the extra 1.2 seconds it takes for my AT&T data to load. I know some people have to have the fastest things possible but calm down and enjoy life lol.