White EVO 4G

Not too awful long ago Nkawal asked in the EVO 4G LTE forums when we would see the EVO 4G LTE in white. Well, Nkawal, we don't have a specific date but we think it won't be too long now, as Sprint has a white and silver E4GLTE in a site promotion ad for a $100 service credit.

Sprint has carried some of the previous EVO models in white, and they were pretty popular sellers. We expect to see this one in white as well, but we may be looking at a photoshop fail. We've asked Sprint, and we'll let you know if they have good news.

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Reader comments

Did Sprint just out the HTC EVO 4G LTE in white?


God I hate sprint. No time to get the damn LTE network up and running but they got time to find another way to promote a LTEless 4g LTE phone. If you never had a taste of Wimax and are strictly 3g in your area I understand. but what freaking retard euros get this phone otherwise. I'm a HTC only guy and I'm pissed we have nothing to compare with one s/x

So, Sprint should stop operating as a business, and transfer all of their marketing employees, salespeople, and customer service agents to work on deploying LTE towers?

Look, I am frustrated as well with Sprint. They are slow getting this up and running, and its because they have had some setbacks. There are only trying to redesign the structure of their entire network!! Just be patient. It will come.

ya than they dont sell lte phones, and when they get their lte network up, you will complain cause sprint dont have any lte phones

What don't you understand about Network Vision? I mean it just doesn't happen over night.... things of this magnitude take time bro.... calm down.

It seems like just yesterday people were pumped about sprint having the 1st "4g" network. they chose to back a new technology, and boy did they choose wrong. Now they are behind the game, however when those lte sites go live everyone who is with sprint will be ahead of the game (with unlimited data) and people will be singing the praises of the now network once again. The new HTC evo 4g lte is still sweet.

I wouldn't say that they chose "wrong". 2 years ago, WiMax was the only option for true 4G technology. Their only other option was to wait until another network deployed it. People who bought the OG EVo 2 years ago can still chose another carrier with LTE today. So, its not like they were wronged in any way. The only people who were "wronged" were the folks who were promised 4G in their city and either never got it, or got it in small parts of the city.

And people with any number of Sprint phones can and do still use the WiMax network. Some people are just too full of drama.

One other option Sprint had was to not use the frequency and lose it. Since Wimax was ready to go they went that way with it.


Heck yeah! I knew they would come out with a white one! I'm glad I waited... I wonder if its still gonna have red accents around the camera and a red kickstand.

Wait just a sec Jimmie, what makes you think this comment section has anything to do with the color of the phone???

I wonder if they had enough lead time to upgrade it to 2 gigs of RAM. Now THAT would make a lot of people mad. lol

A white evo would be awesome. I'm rocking my galaxy nexus on Sprint and I have to say, their network sucks!!! I can't wait until lte goes live but then again that could be 2 years from now and we will all be looking for new lte phones. They should have released these phones once the lte network was up and running. I for one am also disappointed in Sprint.

Don't tell me to calm down. Last I checked I'm a grown man and pay $200 a month to sprint. I'll complain about what I want.