Not the EO Design 4G

We know, because we have one. #kthxbai

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S_C_B says:

goodness!!! That raggedy Hero!!

doomstang says:

Walmart: "Trolololol"

jbsyst says:


DoubleA319 says:

Smh I still have a Hero. Can't wait for the Nexus Prime (because it sounds so much better than Galaxy Nexus) to hit sprint.

You still have the Hero? Lol i had to get rid of mine after about 6 months for the EVO. The horrible lagginess started at 4months

briankurtz79 says:

I still use my hero charge batteries for my evo so i can listen to iheartradio all day and never break for a charge. Thanx little buddy! You truly are my hero!

maddmatt02 says:

we just replaced the wifes hero with a epic touch a few days ago. rooted and overclocked running CM its actually still pretty decent. UNTIL you see it next to the ET4G of course...

PostalJim says:

I'm thinking you'll be getting the Galaxy Nexus. Hear the Nexus Prime will be VZW name only. But who knows until it happens, right? lol

SanGo says:

....not sure if Postal jim serious....

Had a hero until saturday.. Fiance was getting the iphone 4s and i was getting new phone jealousy so i got the ET4G. amazing phone, just hope i don't get the LOS bug that the forum are up in arms about. Couldn't wait for the galaxy nexus anymore since there's nothing that suggests it's coming to sprint except for a poster purchase order. You think we would have heard something by now right?

Mr.Froyo says:

no you might not hear until the week before it comes out

gray21t says:

Embarrassing lol


Big time fail.

Dramirez484 says:

LOL thats my phone! >:]

Walmart = FAIL.

chapaj says:

If that's Evo 4G Design, I've got one to sell you!

tompro53 says:

Saw that advertisement and was wondering how many people were going to ask for the phone and when I'd show them, they'd say that's wrong like I didn't know what I was talking about.

TDWP_6661 says:

this is not the first time it happens,

i got one saying Htc Evo with a picture of the Htc HD2 ... wallmart just fails

alexnaoumi says:

ahhhhhhhh, android 1.5 with sense....the memories....

aNYthing24 says:

Haha, I think that since the Evo Design 4G is called the Hero S on US Cellular, they got confused. What noobs.

BlackMeddle says:

I loved my Hero. Glad I switched up to Nexus S, but the Hero still rules especially after root.

That said, I wish my Hero had a 1.2 GHz processor, hahaha.

njd915 says:

Funny......hero stock photo.....

lornaevo says:

My first Android Device.

noszero says:

Its Walmart. They don't care, look at the floors when you walk in.

bdmridgback says:

Should one expect anything more from Walmart?

LamaFc says:

Will the new "Hero Design 4G" (a Walmart exclusive it would seem ;p) have sense 3.0 or will it run sense 1.0? Will it have 1.2ghz or 0.2ghz? Come on Wallyworld! Where is the specs?