Not the EO Design 4G

We know, because we have one. #kthxbai


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Dear Walmart: This is not the EVO Design 4G


Smh I still have a Hero. Can't wait for the Nexus Prime (because it sounds so much better than Galaxy Nexus) to hit sprint.

I still use my hero charge batteries for my evo so i can listen to iheartradio all day and never break for a charge. Thanx little buddy! You truly are my hero!

we just replaced the wifes hero with a epic touch a few days ago. rooted and overclocked running CM its actually still pretty decent. UNTIL you see it next to the ET4G of course...

I'm thinking you'll be getting the Galaxy Nexus. Hear the Nexus Prime will be VZW name only. But who knows until it happens, right? lol

Had a hero until saturday.. Fiance was getting the iphone 4s and i was getting new phone jealousy so i got the ET4G. amazing phone, just hope i don't get the LOS bug that the forum are up in arms about. Couldn't wait for the galaxy nexus anymore since there's nothing that suggests it's coming to sprint except for a poster purchase order. You think we would have heard something by now right?

Saw that advertisement and was wondering how many people were going to ask for the phone and when I'd show them, they'd say that's wrong like I didn't know what I was talking about.

this is not the first time it happens,

i got one saying Htc Evo with a picture of the Htc HD2 ... wallmart just fails

I loved my Hero. Glad I switched up to Nexus S, but the Hero still rules especially after root.

That said, I wish my Hero had a 1.2 GHz processor, hahaha.

Will the new "Hero Design 4G" (a Walmart exclusive it would seem ;p) have sense 3.0 or will it run sense 1.0? Will it have 1.2ghz or 0.2ghz? Come on Wallyworld! Where is the specs?