Samsung Epic 4G

Sprint's "coming soon" page for the Samsung Epic 4G (see our hands-on) has been live for nearly a week now (like us, you likely got an e-mail about it). But it's still worth checking out if you haven't done so already. Currently being featured is (just about) everybody's favorite keyboard, Swype. [Sprint]


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In case you missed it: Sprint's Epic 4G page


I just hope sprint stops hurting themselves by not having enough phones in inventory for demand. I want the evo but stores are still only getting 1-5 at a time and thats per week so either by time I get off of work they have been sold or before I go to work the shipment hasent come in yet. I would love the epic, if it had a front camera.

Check with best buy, that's how I got my EVO when no Sprint stores had them. And I was in and out in 20 minutes, no waiting. Best buy is the only way I'm going from now on! I messed with 2 Sprint stores prior to going to best buy and sat there for 20-30 minutes waiting to talk to someone, just to be told they're out of stock.

It was between the Epic 4G and the EVO for me. I got the EVO at my local Best Buy about a month ago and love it but the physical of the Epic 4G is still appealing to

Well because I ball as hard as I do...I am going to buy the Epic 4G and just probably switch back and forth between the two. If only Sprint had GSM...hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Is the GPS going to be fix on the epic i hope so because the GPS issues on the vibrant made me return mine over the weekend, i mean it was terrible using the navigation system, i got lost like 3 times an a day..

Utterly baffling: Only Galaxy S with a physical keyboard and their 1st promo shows only swype?

This was going to be *the* phone for me, but 5mp camera? Seriously? Deal Breaker.

Here's hoping a full featured Android visits by X-mas.

(But holy crap, the screen is stunning)

Honestly, the megapixels on a cameraphone are not as important as one may think. From experience I can say my Evo witch is 8mp is not noticeably better from my gf's 5mp camera on her t-mobile vibrant which is literally the exact same phone as the epic just without the slide out keyboard and 4ward facing cam. If this phone looks appealing to you a 5 mp cam should in NO WAY be a deal breaker for u. And that's coming from a guy with an 8mp. You could always goto a Sprint store on launch day and take a picture of the same thing with both phones and compare. One thing I've noticed about the Samsung on my girls phone is that that screen on that phone make almost any picture look amazing. Hope this helps a little bit it'd be a shame for u to wait all the way till Christmas for a "full featured android phone" when u coulda had this beast all along. Remember the grass is always greener on the other side. The Evo is the first smartphone I've ever owned without a physical keyboard and I don't regret it at all. The main reason I wouldn't switch my Evo for the Epic is HTC sense to me they're widgets and customizations though not perfect are the best right now for Android. If the Epic had Sense I'd be in utter turmoil right now LOL.

who cares about pixel count give me quality over higher pixels. and ive tested a galaxy s against by droid takes much better pictures

agreed. I want a great lens with great software over a great mp count and although 8 is great, 5 is plenty for me on a phone.

Very good point. I wonder if it's a better lens, or better software processing, or just a superior vibrant screen showing off the photos better.

Does the Epic have a front facing camera? concerned with GPS issue as well...why do phone companies take two steps forward and one huge step back with something like a gps lock..seriously? That's like putting bad brakes in a new car...........oh wait.....

Verizon did the same thing with the Omnia when it came out, locked the gps so you could only use their craptastic app.