Best Buy Correction

Can't say we're overly surprised to see this one, but it doesn't make it any less disappointing. Best Buy early today sent ​another​ e-mail to customers who preordered the HTC EVO 4G LTE, saying that, whoopsie, it doesn't actually know when the Customs hold will lift and the EVO will be allowed to ship. This comes less than a day after Best Buy got hopes up by saying May 23 was the new target date, which was quickly followed by HTC telling us it had nothing new to announce. So, yeah.

And yes, there are plenty of "insider" sources feeding possible dates, too. But this thing's going to get out of hand right quick. Hopefully we'll hear something official from Sprint of HTC soon.

More in the EVO 4G LTE forums; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Best Buy changes its tune, has no idea when the EVO 4G LTE is shipping


Your stupid purchase of "Apples", just spoiled your bunch.

The iPhone made you take our perks. And now it's making you take away our phones.

Our phones made Sprint stay relevant.

What I don't understand is what is the hold up then? I assume companies change code all the time but their products aren't held up like this, especially in the US. I think Apple has a lot of influence in the right places. I highly doubt Apple would ever have its products withheld even if it was in violation.

The OP has a slight point. Apple has interfered with a Sprint launch Window and their business plan! However, since Sprint sells iPhones (and sacrificed a lot for the "privilege") they aren't in a big position to say or do anything about it. So, in a way, They are caught between a rock and a hard place.

OP does NOT have a point. This has NOTHING to do with Sprint. This is out of Sprint hand. What is Sprint gonna say?

"Hey, Apple, please stop, we want to release our Evo 4G LTE".

Sprint has sold over 1.5 million iPhone 4 in the first quarter, I can guarantee Sprint will not sale that many Evo 4G LTE in the same time frame.

Apple Money > HTC Money

Sprint has your money... err pre-order, so either way Sprint wins.

As petty as this patent is, it is what it is. Stop complaining and just wait it out.

wow! really? glad im not in the market for either htc device, that sucks. Hope good ol sammy is taking notes and wont have this issue come time for their beautiful beasts to drop. You guys have been dooped in a major way.

Man I wanted to pick mine up today. I hate Apple more and more every day. I don't care if it's the US patent system that is at fault. Apple doesn't have to be such ass holes about everything. This doesn't get me to say, "gee, I think I want a piece of shit iPhone now that's been out since 2010 since I can't get the phone I really want."

The fault lies all on HTC. There is no way in hell they weren't aware that the patent claim wasn't resolved. They probably just decided to take the risk and failed miserably. If I were Apple, I would've done the same thing to competitors that were stealing my Intellectual Property.

By the way, I own an OG EVO 4G, and I feel for all the people looking forward to their new HTC One's, but blame HTC, not Apple.

And to the people blaming Sprint...WTF? is this their fault?

If HTC stole intellectual property, then Apple stole intellectual property for making a touch screen phone. They existed before Apple got in the game. My point is ideas SHOULD NOT BE PATENTED. However, I do agree that the implementation of the idea should be patented. Its not like HTC just copied and pasted code from iOS.

The point is that HTC and Apple went to court about the patent and the courts mandated that HTC make changes to their code, which they claim they did, but obviously this is still in question. HTC is betting big on the HTC One line, and they should've done their due diligence to make sure this was a closed case with the courts.

By the way, I do agree with you that all of these companies need to stop all the stupid patent lawsuits. Their customers are the ones paying the price.

It's now a confirmed fact that HTC removed the offending code before shipping their product. This is Apple cronyism simple as that. If you can't see this is a surprise attack by Apple, you're blind. But go ahead, blame HTC if you want.

I guess the argument now is whether the changes HTC made to it's code is sufficient enough to side step the patent. Obviously with this hold up, it's looking like it may not be.

I just hope this gets resolved for you guys waiting on the E4GLTE or One X. I have the AT&T One X and it's and exceptional device, it really blows my mind everyday.

I got two of these retractions. One for my wife and one for me. Double sad face. Still excited for when it does come though.

Apple just wants dominance, the only phone maker on the planet.
Imagine if everyone pulled these patent stunts throughout the years. We'd have only one automobile manufacturer to choose from, one television maker selling the same device worldwide.
Now think how "behind the times" we'd be right now without Ford trying to outdue Chevrolet, or Everyone still rocking 20 inch Zenith console television sets..

Nothing good comes from this, these companies need to be around to push each other so we can all benefit.

I wonder if those that bought their contract out early to get their hands on an upgrade will be able to get some type of reimbursement in whatever amount that may be. Something told me to just wait until June 1st and wahlah! Actually my hype for this phone may be dwindling as this news progresses.

Best Buy whom so quickly sent that email out yesterday announcing a pre-order ship date is now sticking their foot in their mouth today..some awesome PR work

I'm sorry but Apple is doing everyone a community service. HTC makes really shitty phones. Go buy a G3 or Proton 4g and save yourself a lot of heartache.