EVO Shift 4G with RFID

We're more than fond of seeing a little DIY smartphone hackery, and Android Central Forums member jhoove09 brings us a cool little project. Back when he used a Palm Pre (hi, PreCentral!), he'd grown tired of forgetting his security card at home, and so he hacked it into the phone's Touchstone cover. And now that he's moved onto, shall we say, greener pastures, it was time to do the same to his new HTC EVO Shift 4G.

It's a pretty cool little project. And with NFC slowly gaining in popularity, something like this -- minus acetone and super glue -- might well become more common with our phones. Check out the full story at the source link. [Android Central Forums]


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Battery cover mod turns mild-mannered EVO Shift 4G into security card


touchstone mods for the EVO have been published already.

as for the EVO Shift, I haven't bothered. I ported the magnets and the coil over, but I haven't opened up the device to solder the Touchstone pad to the internals.

Doh, wish I'd thought to send mine in. Did this to my Vibrant for awhile, but there's no spare room - made the cover bulge a bit and I got tired of it. My normal card is in the wallet so it was more a "because I can" than need.

Very nice indeed!! Don't think I have the space on my Fascinate Battery cover to do that. That would net me some looks at work pulling cell phone out and opening up the locks...

No wonder I get so many people at work forgetting their badges. I hate having to manually put their punches in sourcetime.

Cool idea except my security card is also an ID badge with my picture on it that is *supposed* to be displayed at all times.

While that is really cool, we aren't allowed to being our personal phones into my building. That, and I'm sure they expect me to turn my prox card back in at some point.

I did this today and it works like a charm. I'm using an Evo 4G and it was perfect with room to spare. I was thinking of hacking my secondary debit card apart and doing the same thing. NFC without the phone hardware.