Atrix 4G

Motorola has released a new CGI video featuring the accessory docks for the AT&T-bound Atrix 4G. Both the laptop and the multimedia dock (read our hands-on from CES here) are show off along side some features of the phone like the massive 1GB of RAM. While the video doesn't give us any new information, it does make waiting for the phone just that much harder especially as you might be able to snag one for just $150. Check the video out past the break. [YouTube via Android Central Forums]


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jonapga says:

wow! wish it was for Verizon

ak110707 says:

me too man. vzw droid bionic needs to step its game up or else im sticking with my DINC.

xyzlene says:

lame....... i hate cgi videos... rumor mill has it that one of the moto droids will be vanilla in the future. passing on this one.

willmark87 says:

The Atrix such a bad ass phone!!! "Thinking" about goin' back to ATT lol but only thinking!

that 2GB MAx will not be doing you any favors don't fall for it. I'm sure a similar phone will come to atleast one other carrier... seems like this would be a temporary exclusive to ATT

pDoG says:

Jesus, I'm blown away. Stupid G2...

reverepats says:

Considering I'm On sprint. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jelous. But I think motorola made prolly the best phone ever made. Simply gorgeous

kinster02 says:

Just hope Motorola devises make it to all 4 major carriers.

IceDree says:

I can see this in papers\streets :
"The New Atrix 4G , this changes everything ... again"

Just wow!

brightcell says:

Why don't they make it 5-band 3G (like the Nokia N8) and sell it unlocked??
I would get rid of my Vibrant in a heartbeat!

Drcz_92 says:

Wats up with fingerprint thing,, Thats awesome.. Idk any phone can do that ..

mndavo says:

AT&T dropped the call.

DrScience says:

So the guy searches for that BBQ restaurant phone number just to hang up on him, nice!
Awesome phone btw

bxrider117 says:

AT&T is going to take a big hit with VZW getting the iPhone and the lower price for this beast of a phone is the perfect way to keep customers and create at least a 20 month loyalty.

brucewayne says:

What a beast!

mndavo says:

Great device on a limited data plan. Pity.

onixblack says:

All I really want is the ability to text from my computer. Thats the coolest thing for me

onixblack says:

All I really want is the ability to text from my computer. Thats the coolest thing for me

cunderw says:

Google Voice works wonders for this :)

nttdemented says:

If that netbook dock had an ethernet port I'd sell my soul to the devil and switch to AT&T!

acuda27 says:

Amazing........hope sprint comes out with something close to this in February 7th!