Atrix 4G Lapdock Pricing

If you've been eyeing the Motoroala Atrix 4G and its slick little Lapdock but didn't exactly feel all warm and fuzzy at the $399 a la carte price tag, things are looking up. According to this screen shot we just received, the Lapdock will drop to $299 on May 1, and the total cost of the Atrix with Lapdock falls to a more palatable $399. Someone feeling a little Transformer heat, perhaps?

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Atrix 4G Lapdock accessory drops to $299 starting May 1


Apparently they aren't feeling enough heat. 299.00 is still way more than 150.00 for a keyboard dock.

Moto still thinks they are apple.

That's still on contract, with the tethering plan! That's an extra $480 over the term of the contract. That dock should just be free. That's the only way I'd consider it.

So you can get this laptop for $300 through Best INCLUDES a 320GB HD, 3GB RAM, a processor (albeit a crappy one), a bigger screen and a disc drive...
All this lapdock thing does is offer an interface to the phone, there's really no hardware required internally except a couple of interfacing logic units. All the work and storage takes place on the phone. I would LOVE to know what kind of profit margin they're making on these things if they're getting away with charging even $300 for them...

@albokay "Moto still thinks they are apple"? I don't even know if I can see APPLE price-gouging this much (and I HATE Apple)...

personally its easier to just use the gingerblur rom with the webtop hack and u don't even need the lapdock since its all right there with your phone! plus paying the same price for the dock that you pay for the phone not worth it!

So you must buy both upfront together for 499.98 to qualify for the rebate, 2 year commitment, mail in the rebate, wait 6-8 months (hehe). eh no thank you.

What really irks me is that they REQUIRE you to get a tethering plan in addition to the data plan needed for the phone just to get the doc at a reduced price.

What if you want to use that sucker wifi only?

The Atrix lapdock can't be offered as cheap as the Transformer lapdock. The Transformer re-uses the existing display, the Atrix lapdock has to include one.

I still think it's overpriced, but it will never be as low as the Transformer dock unless it's on a fire sale.

knock another $100 off and do it off contract and you might get more people to bite.....until then i'll wait.

I don't know how things are in the US, but here in Spain, 300€ will buy you either and 10 inch netbook (I have one of those, and with Windows 7 it peters out after 2-3 hours, so it sucks if you want to bring it to class) or 15-inch monster that will never be moved from your desk.

A laptop like the Atrix, 11.5 inches, there may be, but they're nowhere near as thin and light as the Atrix. And usually they're more than 300€, and you have to do tethering if you want internet on the go (it's a hassle and sucks battery life), and they don't charge your phone, and they're not instant-on.

For 300$ or €, the lapdock seems a bit pricey, but OK for people who do their work in the cloud and are always on the go. I'd love to carry around the college campus something so thin and light (the cheapest MacBook Air goes for 1000 euros), and I already do all my work in Gdocs and the like.

If when bundled the "incremental" price is only 200$, personally I think it's a good deal.

It was exciting to hear about the laptop dock accessory for the atrix.... until I heard that it was 400 bucks for an experience that is not even par with a comprably priced netbook. Even for 300, it's laughable.

Tethering is required to use the 3G connection (or HSUPA now that there's un update). You can use a plan without tethering, but then the Webtop or Firefox browser will only work over Wifi.