Motorola Xoom

And that's the question of the day, folks. Now that you can finally send in your original 3G Motorola Xoom for a 4G LTE upgrade -- are you going to bother to do so? Do you (and can you) give it up for six days for some fairly major surgey?

Let's hear it, folks. And for more instructions, hit up the Xoom upgrade instructions here.

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Are you sending in your Xoom for a 4G overhaul?


people are "fine with out it?" I hope that is because they are in a non 4g area... because there is a big difference between 3g and 4g on verizon.

Anyone who does not send their Xoom in for the up-grade, and has already paid for it at the time of purchase, is a Dumb-Ass! But you know Motorola is counting on you not wanting to do it, just so they can pocket the money you gave them.

If you have some more money you want to give away, let me know and I will give give you my mailing address to send the check to.


I have 1gb of data per month for $20- which is fine for me for occasional email checking on those rare occasions I'm not near a wireless network. If I had the faster speed I'd just burn through the 1gb faster. Sending it in for the 4g update would just inconvenience me for a week for no real gain.

That said, I'm never, ever going to buy a Motorola product again, or use Verizon after my contract's up - still pissed about the half assed SDCard.

Really? Calling people names? Feel better now? > L <

Do you even have a XOOM? If not, why are you even commenting?

Guess that gets you the Darwin award of the week huh?

I agree with above, I just filled out the request. I'll be sending my Xoom I bought from Craigslist and never activated under my account in for upgrade. I may add a plan, I may not. I tether when I need to off my Tbolt anyways, but if I ever decide to sell it will be valued more with upgrade. Or maybe give to one of my kids, but to have a 4G Xoom and not do upgrade is silly! FYI, looks like having it activated on VZW isn't needed. :)

Let's see. Send my device that I use every day off for a week (at least) and do without, to have hardware for a feature I can't use? (no 4G here)

Nope. I'll keep it. I knew it didn't have the 4G when I bought it, and I decided then that I didn't care. It's not like I'm going to use services that require that kind of speed anyhow. Why would I stream movies to a device when the account has a usage cap?

I sent mine in to eBay last week. I've since bought an iPad 2. Sorry, I'll back up Android where just, but I waited 5 months for Google to fix some of the issues with Honeycomb and gave Android that much to get some app love, but neither came. The fact that some Google Apps never came with Honeycomb support (e.g. Google+) was, sorry, f---ed up.

Not to mention I waited 5 months for this LTE upgrade. Suck it Moto.

Has anyone noticed that a smartphone without a cellular radio is basically a PMP? And a tablet without a cellular radio is a smart idea.!

I don't get why anybody would spend an extra $100 or whatever to buy a tablet with a 3G or 4G radio in it, and then spend an extra $20 or $30 a month for a data plan, when you can buy a WiFi only version for cheaper, get a 4G phone, and spend the extra money every month on the tethering upgrade for the phone.

I have Unlimited Data ($30/mo) and Unlimited Tethering (extra $30/mo) on my Thunderbolt. I can turn on my Hotspot and share 20 - 30 Mbps downloads with my TouchPad, my laptop, my g/f's iPad, and her laptop - all at the same time.

And why would anybody want/need 4G data speeds to a tablet? I don't know about you, but when somebody emails me an MP3, having it come down and play in a second is much nicer than waiting 20 - 30 seconds or a minute. Likewise, for downloading apps, streaming the HD versions of stuff from Youtube or wherever, etc.. 4G speeds are a huge improvement, even when I'm just using my phone or tablet - no need to even mention when I have my laptop tethered.

Ah the benefit of hindsight. For those of us XOOM early adopters, the choice was WIFI or 3G with the promise of 4G. I primarily used WIFI since purchasing the first week of availability, but also purchased the 4G dongle in anticipation of the XOOM upgrade where WIFI wasn't available.

We're all very happy you have "unlimited" access to your stuff - but it doesn't read you even have a tablet.

So that leaves you basically flaccid - wishing you had a tablet and attempting to dismiss those of us who do.

I love my XOOM. It's on Verizon (never registered). I can also tether my ass off with the 4G dongle. So eat it.

How did you get unlimited tethering? I would like to do the same, but VZW told me there were only limited plans. I do have unlimited data on my phone though. Thanks!

@grla: If you're talking to me, I guess you missed all the parts of my post where I mentioned things like "my TouchPad" (that's a tablet, btw), and "my phone or tablet".

Not surprising, considering you bought a Xoom on the basis that there were no 4G phones available at the time. Apparently, it didn't occur to you that just like the Xoom had 4G coming, there were also 4G phones coming out? And, as I recall, even when the Xoom came out, it seemed pretty obvious (to some of us, anyway) that 4G phones were on the way soon after. And obvious now that they were WAAY ahead of Xoom 4G.

I sold mine since it took forever. I passed the info on to the new owner. He'll do it because he wants the free dock. LOL

Me too. I sold it on craigslist and put the money toward a galaxy tab with LTE built in from the factory.even without the 4g, the galaxy tab is a better tablet anyway. No more motorola...

Man, some of you people here are out and out pricks. Calling someone a dumb ass because they made a choice about their device you don't agree with?


Don't agree with the name calling, will agree with what he says. So many damn post about people bitching about not having LTE on Xoom. More post appeared when Samsung 10.1 hit shelfs with LTE, and now people can't do without tablet for 5-7 days? Sad! With all the post I've seen in the last months, a shit load of people should be posting on here with a little bit of satisfaction?!

Man, some of you people here are out and out pricks. Calling someone a dumb ass because they made a choice about their device you don't agree with?


I am looking forward to my 4G update. I have a 4G phone (Bionic) I could use the wireless tether but it kiss the battery very quickly. I like the idea using the built in wireless tether on my Xoom wile in the car during trips so my wife can play with her wifi Ipad toy, in 4g speeds. also got the Xoom $200 cheaper and paying for the same data I would have been paying or the wireless tether so why not get it. Also better resale value.

I like having my 3gb data on my Xoom to share with tethering on 3g excited to try it with 4g once I get my Xoom back my 3gb plan cost 28$ with company discount barely use it at all Xoom is at home on WiFi 70% the time but the 30% will be nice with 4G