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Hello guys,

Today, April 12th around 1 p.m. CDT, I started getting this strange plus green symbol on my EVO 4G notifications bar (I will be attaching two pictures here) Has anyone perhaps mention anything about this? Notice the green + sign in the notification bar.

Here is when I open it: there is a spam about dating and girls site or something. Please help what should I do to get rid of this and protect from happening again, also this will help others to prevent get the same spam.

Thank you!

Ugh. It looks you ran into what's commonly called an "airpush" ad. They come from certain advertisement SDKs that put that notification bar spam there, hanging all out and trying to get you to click it. They are inherently evil, like Reagan in the Exorcist kind of evil. Good thing finding which app is doing it is fairly easy.

Grab Lookout Ad Network Detector from the Google Play store. It's free, and will scan all your apps to see what they can, and can't do. One of the apps that gets listed as able to place ads in the notification bar is the culprit. Uninstall it, and never look back.

It's worth noting that just because an app can put ads in the notification bar doesn't mean they are doing it. Different capabilities come from different ad SDKs, and some folks may have the ability and aren't using it. We call them the good guys.

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Awesome info, Jerry ! I don't have this issue now, but had it long back on my Incredible and didn't know what to do !

Of course, if you are rooted you can also install Adaway and get rids of most if not all ads :D

It's Regan from the Exorcist. Are you trying to get all political or is that some meme I don't know.

Yes and the character's name is Regan MacNeil. Jerry wrote "Reagan" as in Ronald Reagan the 40th president.

Airpush ads are apparently still a problem, but their existence is old news. This is blog-worthy because...?

Because obviously not every android user is aware. No harm no foul. There's plenty of new content on this site for those who are aware of air push :)

Why are people such dicks??? Were there so many dicks in the world before the Internet but they just didn't have a platform to push their dickness into the world?

its not a airpush , its just a spam caused by installing trash apps from the store , just look around and see what shaky apps have you installed recently!

Unless you asked the OP which app was the culprit, then verified said app is not an airpush client, then this may very well be airpush.

The commonly used term for these ads is airpush but that's a brand, not a description. Same concept as q tips (cotton swabs technically ) or Kleenex (facial tissue). Sometimes a brand becomes a commonly accepted description of a product many different companies offer.

In the case of airpush ads (status bar advertising ) there are other companies offering the same product but people don't know their names such as leadbolt or appenda.


Funny...I downloaded the program and the only program allowing ads in the notification bar was Android Central. :)


go launchers and their go apps/widget have them... I kind used to like Go launcher, too bad, i uninstall right away when found out

That's news to me. None of my Go Launcher widgets have ads. I don't use them all though. I use 6 widgets and the launcher and Go Locker and have never seen an ad.

I prefer this, much better interface than lookouts option with loads more information.

It even reports what SDK's are included inthe aps like Facebook, Twitter Google Analytics and more, so you know exactly what apps does what.

GET LOOKOUT AD DETECTOR. I use to have ads on my tablet and couldn't figure it out until I got the app it told me it was some tablet wallpaper app. It tells you right away which app is causing the ads. And its lookout so u know u can trust it.

I had this problem on my Epic 4G Touch. I found this app called "Airpush Permanent Opt out" in the play market. I used it once, then uninstalled the app. Never had a problem with that again. This app is useful for those who don't root their phones. Of course, you do have the experts on here who can give you better options if you do have a rooted phone.

Hope this helps. :-)

I had this problem last night around the same time also. Couldnt figure out what was causing it. good thing I know now. Going to download a.s.a.p.

I occasionally get ads in my notification bar (but instead of a plus sign, its a little green android). I installed the lookout ad network detector app but it shows zero apps are able to display ads in the notification bar. Anyone have any other suggestions?

I was getting this problem on my SGS2 with Android 2.3.3 and I couldn't find an answer. Wish I had found this forum. Anyway it went away when I upgraded to ICS thank god and it never came back again..