Evo 4G Hands-On

Here we go again. PanzyDog in our forums has managed to snag another Sprint HTC Evo 4G and is opening the floor (erm, forums) once for questions. Here's ours: Where are you getting these wonder toys, and can we play? [Android Central Forums]


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Android Central reader's Evo 4G redux


OMG! first Oprah now panzydog...can i get a hook up, lol. I've been playing with my friend's HD2 just to hold me over til the summer.

I must say that I really don't see what all the fuss is about. I have an Incredible and less the larger screen, I don't see many other advantages. And please don't bring up 4g. First of all, I left spring 3 months ago to come to Verizon after being with sprint for 3 years. Their coverage is the WORST. I think before we get excited about 4g, the company releasing it should have good 3g coverage. Besides, what good is the data speed when you can't make a phone call. I'd take the incredible or the droid any day over this thing.

Really you can’t say in general that Sprint has the worst coverage. It all depends on where you live. That goes the same with 4G. People who live near a major city can get good coverage and 4G making sprint a great service. If you live out in the middle of nowhere then yea it will be a little hard to get full bars. I have never had any problem with my sprint connection making my experience with Sprint very nice. So it’s hard to bash a provider (other than ATT) just for your signal.

The Incredible doesn't even belong in the same sentence as the EVO...seriously.

The EVO has EVERYTHING the Incredible has including
1. HDMI Output for HD viewing
2. 720P Video Camera..yes shoot HD quality video
3. Hotspot (tethering) for up to 8 devices HUGE!!!
4. More ROM
5. Larger Screen
6. Kickstand...yes it has a kickstand.
7. Its 4G...yes it is. And while you discount that, its still capable of getting 4G coverage in one of 30 markets right now and soon to be 50 by end of year. Does Verizon even have 1 market with 4G right now?

I'm sure there are more features that I missed but this gives you an idea of how these two phones are no where near alike. Verizon Fanboys are just trying to convince themselves that they are similar.

Lets do this MUDAKI

The EVO has EVERYTHING the Incredible has including
1. HDMI Output for HD viewing - are u such a looooser you need HDMI output??? if you really going to do this u are a loooooser
2. 720P Video Camera..yes shoot HD quality video - I had camera phones for so many years, and i never shot a single video, WHO CARES!!!
3. Hotspot (tethering) for up to 8 devices HUGE!!! - DO YOU REALLY NEED 8 PHONES!!!!
4. More ROM - BY WHAT 250???260???? WHO CARES
5. Larger Screen - I DONT WANT LAPTOP IN MY POCKET!!!!
6. Kickstand...yes it has a kickstand. - WHO CARES!!!!
7. Its 4G...yes it is. And while you discount that, its still capable of getting 4G coverage in one of 30 markets right now and soon to be 50 by end of year. Does Verizon even have 1 market with 4G right now? - I LIVE IN LA!!!! SPRINT SUCKS!!!! HAD THEM FOR 6 YEARS 3 YEARS NEXTEL - VERIOZN IS THE BEST

1. I don't see how using hdmi makes you a loser what's wrong with wanting high def media. hdmi hopefully one day soon hdmi well be a standard to make it easier to connect you phone to a tv to show a video on a huge screen.

2.just because you don't take video doesn't mean no one does because it's a whole flip camcorder market that does very well but if you had this you wouldn't have to buy the extra camera you would have an all in one.

3.no you don't need 8 things tether to wifi but it's nice to have the feature and you can't tether anything with the incredible through wifi.

4.who cares about the extra rom space is the people who are running out of space on there phone and they have to remove apps.

5.a 4.3 inch screen is no where near a laptop screen it's actually the same size as the psp so......

6. people who care about the kickstand is people who are watching a movie on there phone and they don't want to hold it because people do take plane rides and this way they can just put it on there tray and there ready to go.

7.yeah it might suck in your area but not in others and one thing sprints cheaper and he is just talking it has 4g that's a very big deal i can't see how you can't see that.

it just shows how broke u are, you cant afford good camera, u cant afford laptop internet, looser who need milion apps get a girl big screen to watch movie with kick stand...get a LCD TV they are pretty cheap now...by the way try to afford something else than sprint

1.720p is a damn good camera and it just makes it that much better that it's on your fun where you would only need to carry one thing.

2. Why would i want to pay extra to get internet on my laptop if i can get my phone to do it that's just a serious waste of money.

3.your not able to bring a lcd on a plane and watch it on your tray and their not portable.

4. apparently i have an lcd to if i want to use the hdmi cable.

5.Sprint is the only american network with 4g and why pay for verzion when i can get great sprint service where i live.

how the hell can you undersell 720p recording. you just eliminated the need to buy a whole new device(digital video camera). thats like saying having an mp3 player on a phone is pointless...no... imagine going snowboarding and all you have to do is carry around your phone to get HD recording. then once you get home you can hook it into your TV with ease and watch in HD. thats a big deal. actually one of the main reasons i dont have an incredible. if you dont support HD video recording, you must not get out much.

why do you even have to look at the comments?? It says EVO 4G not Verizon incredible, go enjoy your phone dude

You are a fool to think Verizon is better then Sprint. First of all, Sprint is less expensive per month, and secondly, Sprint will roam on Verizon with no extra cost for those very few times I don't have Sprint coverage. It's good that you are happy with Verizon and I hope you stick them for a very very long time since you obviously like throwing money out the window for the same/less services.

I like Sprint as well but its far from the same service , you do not share the Verizon 3g network on Sprint and nobody has better 3g coverage than Verizon , you may be able to make calls on the Verizon network but that's all

That Fake ASS Droid Incredable is NOTHING but a rip off of the Evo. Pure and Simple. Nobody ever heard of the droid incredable till the Evo came out in March. Cell componies wait about a year b4 they come out with a upgraded or newer version of a phone, but 5 months after the Moto droid came out they came out with a Evo look alike. Really?? Is that HOW DESPERATE verizon has become. Instead of coming out with something of there own they try to copy the handsets that other phone carriers have. At&T with Iphone, Sprint with Evo, and Verizon with the Moto Droid. But we all know that nothing from verizon can is original. So they NEEDED a look alike Evo to try and hold it down. Sorry but this Years cell phone war is now between Sprint and AT&T, Evo VS Iphone HD. Verizon aint in the same spot as them and never will be. All the phones have nothing special that can come close to what Sprint and AT&T have. And everyone I talk to on a verizon phone always have choppy calls or the singal fails on there end while my Gay Ass Samsung Instinct M800 Still has full bars. Try again. Verizon COPIED the EVo and every Verizon fanboy think its Better or not as good.

More like this years cell phone war is between Android & iPhone... Why are you so ignorant??? 1 phone can not take on the iphone by itself. It's going to take an arsenal of Android phones. The consumer's are the one's winning here.

If everybody got off of the Droid Incredables D**k then we wouldn't have a problem. I'm tire of ya'll verizon fanboy's acting like verizon's service is better. They have more 3g coverage? YES! But how Reliable is it? Heres a verizon commercial you won't see. Can you hear me now? Yes, But how manys calls do you have to make just to get the full conversation clear? Verizon makes me sick to my ASS, YES MY ASS. And to point out that the extra RAM MEMORY means alot. With that extra ram it can mean the Evo can run alot more without the android os shutting other programs down just to keep the os running fine. You need to take a look at the droid incredable forums and see all the people crying about the phone running slow with diff programs running at once. A Little extra ram can go a long way. Especially for a small os running on a phone. Everytime you hear something about Sprint, Verizon fanboys try anything to bash it. So please don't give me that its a Android vs Iphone crap cuz without the droid incredable, verizon has NOTHING to keep up with what Sprint and At&T have running around this year.

I like and own the Incredible, but the Evo is a far superior device. In the big spectrum its all better for the Android community in general.

First of all gentlemen, I'm speaking from reality and not just bashing a carrier because I'm a fanboy of Verizon. I could give two shits about a carrier and I don't plant flags for companies. I'm going off my experience only.

First, as for Sprints coverage. I have a job where I roam about through several states, not in the middle of nowhere, I'm in Maryland, D.C VA, PA and Delaware. All places where Sprint is supposed to have very strong coverage. And I will admit, as long as I didn't leave Baltimore, I was fine. The problem began when I start to travel from place to place around the states. Dropped calls, zero signal bars, poor reception. Basically, there were places were I knew my phone would be nothing more then a voice mail machine for the few hours I was in the area. I do not... I repeat... do not have this problem with Verizon. I am now able to make calls from just about everywhere I travel and little to no dropped calls. Since I have been with Verizon, I have experienced about 3 dropped calls in 3 months and those were times I was in Extremely remote areas. With sprint, I would routinely drop 5-10 calls a week. Regarding money; I don't give a funk and or wagnel about cost as long as the damn thing works.

Now for the guy who says the incredible and the evo are not even in the same league?? I will admit it has more features, but it's a large stretch to say they are not in the same league. If the evo had:

*more ram
*a better processor
*new screen tech - (not amoled)

then I might see your point, but the items you mentioned are hardly worth calling them "no where near alike". They are very much alike in most aspects.

If you have good coverage with sprint, then more power to you. However, my experience as well as many others I know have had poor experiences with that carrier.

You might say you're speaking from reality and not bashing a carrier, but what exactly did you original comment add? You jumped on just to say you don't understand what's the big deal about EVO. Consider simply the fact that just because YOU and whoever you know had a bad experience with Sprint doesn't mean that everyone else has the same issues. We know that Verizon has the best coverage in the U.S. But Sprint has the second best coverage and it is cheaper. Facts are facts.

No one compared the EVO to the Incredible. The Incredible is only on Verizon. Consider all the people who either have the HTC Hero, Samsung Moment or Palm Pre on Sprint right now. The EVO coming out is going to be the best phone on Sprint and a lot of people want it, simple as that.

Just enjoy your Incredible and let people on Sprint enjoy the Evo. Nothing more to it than that, no competition about which is better - especially considering the same company made both.

Im Sorry but I Live in Baltimore, MD and Every person I have had a call to or from that's on verizon networks is choopy and always breaking up. I have never had a problem with any of my Sprint phones and Ive been with them Since 2003. How about when I was at work and a Lady came in with the Treo 650 on verizon and had me talk to her husband about geeting some electric stuff he needed for his house and their verizon phones kept droping the calls UNTILL I pulled out my Treo 650 on Sprint and had to call his gay ass verizon treo 650 just to get what he was saying. that was a few years ago. Verizon is garbage and OVER-HYPED. The only reason Verizon has more coverage is because they overcharge for the little things like home phone and internet. I Pay over $100 a month for 3mbs internet, and the $50 unlimited home phone. Thats with all the fee's. Over $100 for that and I don't even use my home phone cuz I use my cell but can't get Dry Dsl witch is verizon dsl with no phone because verizon wants dry dsl customers to pay with a credit card they take out every month at a certin date. Verizon has Billions of $$$$ because they are the main phone company in the USA. So Lets add it up, over charging for home phone and internet, over charging for cell phone plans, all that adds up. Thats how they have all that money to spend on new towers cuz Sprint and AT&T dont have home phone and internet in almost everybodys home's.

??? Android! Why fight about who has or will have the better phone? We all have the greatest operating system on our phone. Let's hope that our androids keep getting better and better. The Evo is going to be awesome, but I want an even better android phone than that!
Also, different carriers work better in different geographic locations. So, everyone find the best in your area and shut up!

evo is the best...it rocks, oh wait it doesn't come out til next month and it won't be any cheaper with all the extra fees, $10 for this $30 for that plus the regular monthly plan and data package??? Doesn't sound cheaper.

WOW is this really necessary... Are we not all grown men and women. I'm probably a lot younger then all of you, but even i can tell how ignorant all you are for arguing over which phone is the best an carrier. Why can't we all just enjoy the Android OS experience and let the individual user select there phone an carrier. Man i haven't seen fan boys this extreme since sony & nintendo. It's sad and ignorant since all these phones have android OS. Oh and btw I have an Incredible, but the Evo is far superior spec wise. No need to argue though...


Honestly the truth about the EVO is that it will be one of the most hyped disappointments since the palm pre. It will be released way too early and will have all sorts of problems like every other sprint phone. Then you will be waiting for an update for six months before the EVO will be usable. This is a fact and anyone who tries to deny this does not know much about sprint and their phones.

haha yeah, I too am nervous about this somehow getting screwed up by Sprint. I have faith though. Sprint knows they cannot afford to F up, and I just find this impossible to screw up. HTC is credible and we all love android and Sprint seems like they have been banking on this for a while so we will see come this summer. On another note I don't see how anyone can be such a fanboy of a cellphone carrier. And definitely don't see how we can argue about android phones vs each other.