Getting your device on the latest version of Android is not always a quick process, but HTC has confirmed that Android 4.3 will be coming in mid February to the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint. Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC America, has replied on Twitter giving us some new information about the update. HTC will be pushing the code to Sprint for review in mid-January, and they expect to have it rolling out to consumers the following month. 

HTC was unable to meet its initial goal of having the update rolled out by the end of 2013, but the update shows that it is not far off. While we would all love for the device to have Android 4.3 already, and be receiving Android 4.4 soon that just isn't the case unfortunately. Here's to hoping that HTC can meet the new deadline.

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Android 4.3 update for EVO 4G LTE aims for mid-February, exec says


Why go through the hassle? Instead delay a bit and just go straight to 4.4. Makes no sense

I agree. But at least HTC is taking the time to update a phone older than two years old.

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According to the ever reliable Wikipedia it is 1.5 years old. They should be required to support a phone for as long as they contract them.

I think they should update until the hardware can't support it and with KitKat that will be longer.

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Then the user(s) won't bother upgrading to a newer device which = loss.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Carriers funny really care that you upgrade as much as the manufacturers. The plans account for a subsidy, so carriers make money add long as you continue service. They only want you to bit a new device so they can chain you down again into a contract and extort money out of you if you want to leave early

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What you're saying makes sense, but here is my thought on this and other updates. I have yet to use my phone and say "WOW, I'm so glad I updated to 4.whatever and got this new feature to use" This phone for all intent and purposes is still a GREAT phone running 4.1.1, If the update fine tuned the front camera, or improved the battery life by at least 20%, then I would LOVE to get that update faster, But most people just want the latest update to say "THEY HAVE THE LATEST UPDATE" Get a life people. Most of you are such IDIOTS for falling for what HTC, Samsung and other manufacturers want you to fall for....the "latest update bragging rights" Waiting until February or March is not going to make my phone or yours to operate any worse. My phone operates PERFECTLY RIGHT NOW. So I can wait. And guess what, so can you mindless drones.....

This is exactly the reasons why I'm done with companies like HTC and every other company that doesn't use stock android, they tell you one thing and then just tell you another. I can't wait to get my nexus and start getting updates timely

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Just because I want what's new faster makes me little kid? Name calling makes you seem more like a kid to me.

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Our HTC EVO 4G LTE's, a better derivative of the HTC One X with a better camera, function superbly and Sprint still sells them for $99 on a two year contract. Of course the EVO LTE will be updated at least to Kitkat with Sense 5.5 and likely beyond to Sense 6.0.

With its high resolution 1080 screen, 8 Mega pixel camera with low light sensor, shutter button, kickstand, ext SD storage and of course HTC's Sense UX, Sprint's HTC EVO LTE remains one of the most outstanding legacy smartphones Sprint still sells.

Google Android isn't the same as stock aosp which is what they are talking about. That's unless you dont run play store on your n7

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That isn't stock. Its Google android. Stock is pure aosp straight from the code.

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I think that we should make a clarification: I consider AOSP Android, without any Google modifications, i.e. the Google apps, "stock." Stock Android with Google's apps and other plain Google additions should be known as "vanilla." That is how I differentiate between stock Android and Google's Android

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What do you mean why? Because some people like myself are on a two year contract. Having said that do not care contract is up in March. Getting a new phone anyways.Update means nothing now for a lot of people. Wish update was pushed out six months ago

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Most people who bought this still have it. It was released late May 2012 and I would imagine a majority of people bought it on a two year contract.

Not to mention the fact that despite being on 4.2, it's still a perfectly good, serviceable phone. The difference between 4.2 and 4.3 isn't worth paying for a new phone off contract.

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The EVO LTE came out in the spring 2012. I had one but I swapped it for my S3.

Early adopters of the Evo LTE or S3 who had a 2 year agreement are going to eligible for an upgrade within a couple months.

So to me it's a still worthwile update if one decides to keep it beyond the contract agreement, or until they find something better in the new crop of phones arriving this Spring.

Sooooooooooooooo... Will other models be getting 4.3 and 4.4, like the Droid DNA, or the droid incredible 4G LTE???

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The DNA still has beastly specs and can match up with current phones. Really wondering why htc hasn't pushed to that phone?

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Poor sales? That was one thing HTC left out of their infographic, the fact that sales numbers determine whether a device gets an update.

Single carrier is a big factor too..

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Updates for carrier-branded phones are usually at the whim of the carriers themselves, as the updates have to pass their requirements, and they have to be willing to do support for them.

This is likely on Verizon's shoulders, not HTCs.

Wouldn't it be on sprints shoulders since the phone only came out on sprint?

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What about the HTC One X plus, that phone is only a year old and has 64Gb, but yet no update so far....anyone know if and when this will be updated, I saw somewhere where it will be updated, but if it doesn't happen soon, I may need to check into rooting it. Any information would be appreciated, thank you, Happy New Year

Root it, it is supposed to get it but the wait might make you die of old age

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I don't get it, the One X is very capable of running even KitKat! It seems no OEM heard that KitKat is compatible with older phones...

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It doesnt say with older says with lower powered devices

posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom

But those over models have lower specs, so ideally kitkat would run on these. Motorola had thankfully days that they would be updating older models to kitkat, like the droid RAZR m.

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Wait are we supposed to praise Samsung now? I get confused.

The sgs3 is about the same age and it had 4.3 earlier.

HTC should be more like Samsung when it comes to updates.


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The EVO unlike the S3 was a sprint exclusive. That should play a factor

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The reason is that the s3 sold 30+ million and if they didn't keep it updated they would have angered 30 million people lol.

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I wouldn't say they should be like Samsung in terms of updates, but more in trend of shipping new models with the latest version of Android. New versions may come out soon, but Samsung has shipped their flagships with the most recent version of android at that particular moment. The One was announced in February, but only had 4.1. The Galaxy S4 was unveiled a bit later and shipped with the then-most-recent 4.2.2

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The htc one got 4.3 before the gs4 though. And it runs perfectly smooth. While Samsungs ran like crap & they had to cancel the update & release a month later when it was already released a month after HTC ONE!

Didn't they already say no?

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Pushed back few more months is no bueno. As much as I do miss my LTE, I'm glad I jumped ship to the s3. Latest update destroyed the phone rendering it useless and replacement phone had way too many bugs. Sadden HTC isn't on point with software updates for once a great "flag ship" phone.

Wow. I forgot all about that phone. Why even bother. Just upgrade. Seriously.

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i am not sure where to start with rooting, and what is needed as well as what website to trust for information that wont make my phone inoperable or not able to be serviced. I would like some guidance on the bootloader and what rom and what kernel and such to switch too...thanks to all that reply and offer useful information

And it wasn't long ago when the tables were reversed and people were praising HTC for the fast updates and scolding Samsung for their horrible support.

How quickly people forget...

my wife has Samsung, but I am not a huge fan of changing phones unless I need to. I just want to know what others use to root and such their HTC or other Android phone

What is cm11 and how do I figure out a safe place to find information that is credible and wont trash my phone?

If you really want timely updates just go with a Nexus, Google Play Edition, or Motorola phone.

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Motorola has timely updates ONCE and people act like it's the norm. It's not and until they manage to keep it up for 2 years they're not getting my money.

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I'm waiting to see with Motorola. If they continue this then I may be a convert from HTC.

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Same thing was said about it pushing out to devices by December. If sprint doesn't have it yet that means its not done. With all the recent issues with HTC, it might not get done regardless.

Its good that its getting 4.3 it should because its not 2 yrs old yet

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I'm still one 4.1 with my TELUS One X. This is the last carrier/contract phone I will ever buy however. Nexus outright from Google will be my only phones going forward.

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I bought this phone on release day and this update is almost pointless because I can upgrade tomorrow! At least they didn't forget about it though.

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Too little, too late. Bye bye HTC Feb. 1st.

The development communty had it running on the phone a year ago. No excuse for it being this late to the party. The EVO LTE was supposed to be a flagship phone for them and they just dropped support for it within a few months of release because the One X took off.

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Wrong. The HTC EVO 4G LTE is a Sprint exclusive, like the HTC Droid DNA is a Verizon exclusive. Both superb smartphones to this day. And both are better in many ways than Samsung's high cost cheap plastic Samoled Wiz-bang S3 and it's copy, the S4 .

Sprint still sells the HTC EVO LTE for $99 on contract.

The lesser One X and One X+ GSMers were lapsed and retired with the release of the current HTC One.

Apparently some posters here are just rattle trappers. A lot of noise,.little substance. "shallow nonsense"

HTC pulled all mention of the phone from the main part of their website within 3 months of the phone's release, while the One X was still front and center and the Verizon branded HTC phone at the time was also displayed on the main part of site too. The EVO LTE, hardware wise, is essentially the same thing as the One X, yet you had to jump through hoops just to find the support page on their site for it.

It's clear HTC dropped support for the phone, regardless if Sprint still sells it for $100 on contract.

So very true. Sent from my Sprint htc one. My uncle has the s3 Verizon. Just got 4.3 last month ran like the crap it is. Samsung garbage. Had to go back down to 4.1 and wait a whole month to upgrade when they finally fixed it. And the reason the one x & one x+ aren't getting kitkat is because of the tegra3 processor.

So, here's my question: If you have since canceled your Sprint service, but use the phone as a media player, do you still get the OTA?

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Remember when my friend got an Evo, bragging how it was better than iPhone... At the time I had webOS... It was still killing every other OS at the time. Miss that masterpiece!

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I got tired of waiting and got rid of mine. Got the Note 3 and so happy I did.

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I love HTC phones their software and hardware but I can't deal with the lack of software updates I don't want to but when my upgrade comes up in may HTC won't even be on my radar

I don't know why people complain. I bought the GNex 2 years ago knowing that I would have to upgrade eventually. Are you never going to upgrade again?!'ll come out of pocket for that new hotness that's out. Phones that came out in 2012 will be LUCKY to make it beyond 4.3 let alone 4.4! Phone tech is slowing down, but these are big business companies we're talking about. Why update when you know 100% 8 out of 10 users will upgrade to the new model. 5 out of 8 of them don't even care about updates..they just want the model. Having sold phones to people for a living, the vast majority could give two sh!ts about updates honestly!

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Too little too late moved on to the Nexus 5 and gave not looked back. I'm done with HTC. Love the build quality but HTC's update process is horrible.

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Running Cyanogenmod 10.2 on my Evo LTE and flashed it to Verizon. That 'fixed' any shortcomings of the phone's software and service.

All of you people kicking HTC need to do more research. They are upgrading more phones than Samsung LG and Motorola now. I never got an update for my HTC evo 4g virgin mobile. Now I have the HTC one & don't have to worry about it. Samsung is the company having update issues. Look at what 4.3 did to the gs3 & gs4. It took them a whole month to fix the issues. Plus the 4.3 came out on htc one a month ahead of gs4!!