Amazon App Store v2.3.0

Although the last update to the Amazon App Store brought us all the ability to go ahead and disable notifications it really didn't work all that reliably. Amazon however has now jumped the version number up to 2.3.0 and aside from fixing the notification bugs, also went ahead and updated the 3G/4G download limit from 20MB to 50MB along with the usual stability enhancements. If you already have the Amazon App store installed, you can update from there otherwise hit the link below to grab it.

Source: Amazon Thanks, Kurt and Eli!

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pimfram says:

About time the up the limits for 4G. Hell, LTE is quite a bit faster than my home connection, it's stupid to have to use that, especially since I have unlimited.

awal1987 says:

i know, it always drives me crazy when i have to be on wifi to download an app. especially on the bus.

hmmm says:

Even 3G. I will download large files (ROMS or Games) while I am working so I don't care if I am only getting 800kbps.

demontooth says:

I can't figure out why it keeps telling me I have new apps to download when I don't. It doesn't make sense.

regression says:

Could it be that you installed an app then later uninstalled it? I have done so and see those apps listed in the Amazon Appstore in my new apps list. I assume that is the notifications I sometimes get like you.

crazed_z06 says:

Yea, Ive had that problem forever and it's extra annoying. Did this update fix it for you?

cajunaggie87 says:

The same thing happens to me. It happens when you uninstall an app and an update comes out for that app, but since you don't have it installed, it just says "Hey you need to install this" and not "Hey you need to update this." It's kind of annoying. I hope that's one of the bugs they fixed.

dsass600 says:

Amazon Appstore drains the most battery on my device. Even when i dont open the application. Its ridiculous.

paulmike3 says:

Same here. It also runs like absolute poo. I use it for about 30 seconds a day for FAotD, then forget about it. It's really a piece of trash that needs a bottom to top overhaul.

icu says:

Free app of the day was cool for a while, but not so much lately. It's a constant source of bugs and annoyances and I'm just about ready to dump it (free apps and all).

There are, however a few apps I bought on there (I know ...), but I can't use them if the appstore isn't installed ... wish there was a way around this.

vicw926a4 says:

What I find really frustrating is when it wants to update an app that I got via Google, or a purchased app and I can't remember which store I purchased it from. I'm always worried about what will happen if I cross them over.

crazed_z06 says:

It's done that to me a few times. It's doing that right now for me with Angry Birds Space. I got it from the Play store, but it says an update is available on the Amazon store.

Ive had apps "cross streams" before and it gave me an error in the play store. I had to manually uninstall the app and then go back and re-install it.

icu says:

Luckily you can go into your Amazon account (via the webpage) go to your "Digital Content" irrc and delete any app from your Amazon account. Had to do this when I bought SwiftKey from the "Play Store"(what am I 12?) because I wanted timely updates.

Mikey47 says:

The free apps have sacked for quite some time. I don't know how long it's been since I saw one that I wanted.

crxssi says:

Yet another frustration from Amazon Store is that you can't tell WHAT CHANGED when an app is updated.

I actually had to find the same app on Android Market just to look up a change log to see what was new with an app.

nwaves says:

Amazon market sucks badly. I bought several apps from them and that's the only reason i still keep it running. It drains the battery a good amount, apps rarely update and when they do update you don't know what changed. I bought Juice Defender Ultimate from them and JD is at the 3.8.3 version from June 2011, while Google play has 3.9.4 version since February 2012. Fortunately, I was able to update JD from Google play and leave JDU (the license part) at the old version but now Amazon market keeps asking me to update JD to the OLD version. I wish I would have never purchased anything through them.

hmmm says:

Best thing about the Amazon store for me is that my wife and I have one Amazon account so we can share apps pretty easily and the FAotD has been a gem a few times (Printershare for one). It isn't so easy to share a gmail account unless you happened to set up a dummy account before you buy your first paid app. It makes most sense for me to buy my apps from there rather than the Android market. I am so glad they have disabled those damn notifications. It is the only thing I disliked.