Evo 4G - Goodnight!

And so draws to a close Day 1 of your new life with the Evo 4G. Sweet dreams, everyone. See you in the morning. (Or in the forums late tonight, if you're anything like us.)


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Admit it - you're sleeping with your Evo


This phone is an orgasm in the hand. And for all you Verizon customers that said this phone is too big for your hands, sorry you have girly hands. Maybe you too could have enjoyed the best phone out right if it wasn't for you little feminine hands. EVO 4G FTW!!!!!

All I can say is that this is one heluva phone. I have had many phones in my day and this one is by far better than any other I have had. So easy to type on. I do not miss my physical keyboard one bit. This is light years beyond the Hero, and that was a pretty good phone.

I am one happy camper. Not regretting being an early adopter at all.

Yeah, Sprint is so horrible- how dare they have the best pricing, a robust network, cool phones, helpful customer support, etc....

more like busted network and support

best pricing is relative....can you put a price on a reliable network?

Ah, it's a good thing that Sprint is generally regarded as having the most reliable network out of the four major U.S. carriers then.

Please do not start a civil war on android central.
I love my Evo and sprint, and I wouldn't trade either.

Sprint has really changed a lot in the past few years. I think they have great coverage as well as great pricing to match. I had to replace my palm pre countless times and they did it without question. They've really stepped it up.

im sorry bust sprint has the best network where i live... ive had verizon and att and they both sucked!!

how so?? and droids have crappy keyboards...i dont see why you would rather have a droid over an Evo??? lmao!! to each is own i guess...

Robust network lol....Thanks to their "Robust network" and the EVO we couldn't even provision or program any new phones customers activated/upgraded today in our store. Talk about robust lol... if you say pricing yes, they beat the competition but so far their network just proved today that can't handle the influx of massive activations.

The same happens to any network when you have such a high turn out for a device, remember when it happened to AT&T and the iPhone. And their network has nothing to do with the activation software

Um... you really don't want to compare Sprint to AT&T do you? ;-)

And, Verizon didn't have these issues with it's flagship phones. crApple fanboys started rumors that they did, but they didn't...

None of Verizon devices pushed out numbers that this phone did. I remember selling most of their hot phones, the turn out this phone caused and the mad rush to get one I saw from people only 2 devices have caused this much Chaos, this device and the iPhone 3G

That's the second time today I've seen this comment that betrays a total ignorance of basic technology. Sprint's internal activation servers have zero connection with their wireless infrastructure. Was your Best Buy attempting to activate phones over the Sprint wireless network? LOL.

100% agree. I had a horrible time getting my Evo activted, and the whole day my wife's Hero worked normally. For people able to make the account changes, the service and the OTA update went just fine.

The whole mess is a fail on Sprint's web data hosting partner, much like the mangled Moto Droid OTA was for VzW.

I'm sorry to hear that. I mean if it works for you than it works. If it doesn't it doesn't. "most" people have a service provider that works for them. Idk why people get up in arms trying to diss some someones carrier. It's funny and sad how much people care about it.

Why are you even posting on this. Quit trolling, if you are so happy with your phone and service provider stick to articles about those and GTF off of this one.

Yeah me too , Droid Extreme !! But hey if anyone wants a new Evo there is a ton left where I live , no lines what so ever at the Sprint stores in my area ( 3 of them ) ??? there was a line for the Palm Pre last year at all 3 of the Sprint stores , no such animal this time around and I find that weird ??

sprint must be crappy where u live then... The Evo was sold out all over where i live!! or maybe people cant afford the evo where u live... because that phone is incredible and i dont see why people would'nt get it...its the best android phone out right now hands down!!!

Sprint has good service where I live in NY . and money certainly isn't a problem that's for sure !!

Sure you're sleeping with it...but will you have any battery life when you wake up?!!!

Lol I'm just mad that I still have a regular old, 3.7 inch Moto Droid



possibly... i was there for a 10 o clock appointment.. where you the guy with the grey blackberry curve?? or the dude with the baby?

What is this "sleep" you speak of? I was so anxious last night I hardly slept. Tonight I won't want to put this phone down.

Im in love!!! best smart phone ive ever come across!! and ive had a crap load of smart phones!!! if you dont like this phone your just a fanboy for another platform or manufacturer ....

Yeah..I'm pretty sure you're just salty because you can't get this phone for some reason. Either you're on contract or you're on your parent's family plan and can't leave. I'm on T-mobile with the Nexus One and am happy with it..but I'm not afraid to admit the Evo is an amazing phone!

For most people here, they don't have anything against the Evo. Just Sprint and their network.

Sprint service has been great in my area. Speetest.com app around 1500 kbps. On Verizon around 700-900 kbps. So far , so good. Glad I switched. LOVE this phone!!!

i love, love my Evo. i will admit, i miss some thing from palm like swiping to go back, but the Evo is a great phone and i dont regret it at all.

Im pretty sure its a great phone but I just couldn't get past feeling like a idiot holding it up to my head in best buy. Its HUGE!

people still put phones to there heads? I never put a phone to my head, EVO, Incredible and Bold 9700 stays on my hips while I bluetooth every call.

I decided on the incredible and I'm glad. I did..the evo is way to big for my hands.plus I care more about the internal memory and Verizon is more reliable in Alabama.both phones are the same price wise,but for me incredible has more for my needs.Android is the best all the way around!

GREAT PHONE! The system crashed immediately after my phone got activated (took 2 hours to get it activated, the best buy rep had to keep refreshing the website). The rep told the people in the line that MY PHONE crashed everything, and I will be the last person to get it.. at least til this afternoon LOL! He also told me some interesting stuff..4G is coming to NYC VERRRRRY SOON (he told me to keep this under wraps...:-P)

The Best Buy rep hopefully was joking, one phone can not crash an entire system nation wide. The systems started crashing, or slowing down as other time zones started opening there stores. Everything for me was smooth up until 11 am when West Coast stores opened. it started slowing down as mountain time zone stores opened.

You have to remember that Best Buy, Radio Shack and other third party Sprint stores all use the same system and nation wide all of them using it at once will not be a pretty site.

it took an hour for radioshack lady to activate my phone any one els had the same problem? she told me everyone was activating so system was really slow

My sister got her's from the Shack and it took them an hour and a half at 11 am central time and she was the only one in the store! It took all of 12 minutes for the fine folks at Sprint to actiavate mine at 8:45 in the morning!

I must admit that I may forgo some sleep tonight to play with my EVO. It has actually exceeded my expectations and I expected a lot! On a side note it sucks that my house is smack dab in the middle of a 4 block radius 4G dead zone in my town. Looks like I'll be using wi-fi in my house.

new to android just dumped my berry, i picked up this thing at 8 am and still havent put it down...dont think ill be sleeping for a while

I got to radio shack at 9am out at 9:15, went pretty smoothly, I am in Fort Lauderdale FL, only 1 person before me. Coverage is Excellent in South Florida.

The Evo looks like an awesome phone, but I am not switching carriers for a phone so I will be sleeping with my Incredible. And by the way, I am the big spoon. ;)

Sorry, not sleeping with it tonight. However, if UPS is nice, I might be tomorrow night or Monday :D

You can put a phone 11 times better than the evo out but if its on Nextel, err then I'll pass..

Lol.. network/website crashes upon launch. It's amazing any carrier other than Verizon would get a decent phone.

Shiiit im still playing with it....love it, sorry for all those haters out there but I haven't had a problem with it since 8:45am since I got it, n YES I AM GONNA SLEEP WITH IT LOL

many haters out there. That is for sure. You just have to remember that haters are only jealous of what you have so they feel like they need to release their frustrations by trash talking the thing their jealous of. In this case EVO and Sprint. Suck a nut be-aches. Haha.

many haters out there. That is for sure. You just have to remember that haters are only jealous of what you have so they feel like they need to release their frustrations by trash talking the thing their jealous of. In this case EVO and Sprint. Suck a nut be-aches. Haha.

@ gianoli516

I'm sorry you didn't get your phone today but I am sure you will get it on Monday. I get that you are disappointed that you didn't get your phone but if that makes today the worst day of your life then you mist have a prety good life.... there are more important things in life than a phone.

@ benthe1

I'm not a hater, I just don't get the appeal. For the most part 4G is a marketing ploy more than anything else right now, and the screen size is too big for me (I also felt the BlackBerry Bold 9000 was too big). I have my Droid Incredible and am very happy with it. If you like your EVO all power to you ... enjoy :-)

I'm a radio shack rep and we told people we were openning at 8 am instead 6 because nobody wanted to show up that early. lol i got there at 7:30 and bought my evo haha, took me 5 minutes to activate. The system started to slow down around 1030-11 about when the west coast stores start to open up (i'm in Chicago). But it was a HUGE launch and for the systems to be as screwed up as they were that means a lot of EVOs were sold, good for sprint. Any system will crash when so many users are trying to use it, has nothing to do with Sprints network. THE PHONE IS SICK AND I'M DEFINITELY SLEEPING WITH THIS BABY!!!!!

Good job everybody who got one of these phones. I admit to being a little jealous because the Evo is a beautiful and amazing device, but unfortunately Sprint doesn't hold a candle to AT&T or Verizon in my area. Also, every time I look at my Nexus it reminds me that I have Froyo. And you don't. ;)

And while I'm sure it sucked for all of you who had issues activating your phone, I'm sure Sprint wasn't exactly crying about it. "Oh no, there are too many people signing contracts and activating phones on our system. We can hardly keep up with them all. We're looking at amazing revenue potential over the next couple years and our stock is doing great. Boo hoo hoo."

I'm in Puerto Rico and let me tell you, I haven't had any problems with Sprint in the short time I've been with them. It's true, I don't have 4g but it's a small price to pay to have THE best smartphone on the market. Period.

As much as I have to say the EVO is pretty damn nice and I'd love to have one, I'll stick with my Incredible....not because Sprint sucks (good service where I live) but just because I get a nice discount from my company with Verizon ;-) Plus service is bout the same honestly. Now if I would hurry up and get that 1750maH battery for it so it doesn't keep dying on me...which I odered from Android Central of course! ;-)

My poor Pre and Hero are jealous. They sat in the corner sulking all night long while my evo slept soundly in my bed (surrounded by pillows) so I wouldn't roll over on it. I kept it charged all night long while it slept soundly and dreamed of fabulous things.

Anyone else receive an OTA this morning? Is this to fix the SD bug? Does it auto install? I'm very new to Android, so I'm learning on the fly. Thanks.

This Evo is a monster! Love it!!!

I did sleep with my Evo and when i woke up, there was a mint on my pillow.

Talk about an experience buying this thing! I swore to myself that I would NOT hang out in a store for hours just for a phone. I'm in my 30's for crying out loud.

Well, so much for that - i walked into a RadioShack store at 7:15am so I could get out and get to work and at 12:30pm, i was still in the freaking store! Sprint's "Datacenter" must be two ten year old Dell Dimensions running Windows NT 3.1. I mean, come on!

I think I was more disappointed in myself for staying so long but the folks there were pretty cool. Anyway, I left WITHOUT a phone at 12:30pm, came back from work at 7:30pm and hit the retry button on the whole process. This time, everything went smoothly. 8:00pm, I was out with a brand new EVO.

I slept with mine. I'll admit my computer was jealous....

I love this phone! it's so fast, and can do almost anything except make breakfast.

I don't sleep w/ an Evo. Don't have Sprint but I'll admit I do sleep w/ its cousin, the Incredible sometimes...

I looooove my EVO! It's even better than I expected! Best Buy threw in a free bluetooth and extra usb cable, was every BB doing that?