Save a boatload on a new MicroSD card

Transcend MicroSD cards are on sale today only at Amazon. You can grab a Transcend 32GB MicroSDHC Class 10 (with adapter) for $13.99 (that's 63% off) or a Transcend 64GB MicroSDXC card (also with adapter) for $28.99 (42% off). If you've been wanting to increase the storage space of your smartphone, today might be a good day to make that purchase. Added bonus: they both come in "frustration-free" packaging, trading the irritating blister plastic packaging for a simple paperboard sleeve.

Additionally, a few of Transcend's standard full-size SD cards are on sale, as are their USB drives (that 128GB drive has been knocked down by 74%), and a pair of ruggedized USB 3.0 external hard drives. And if you happen to own an older MacBook Air or Retina MacBook Pro, Transcend's SSD upgrade kits have been reduced by up to 33% and their SD slot 128GB expansion cards for Macs are going for just $64.99. Check them out at the source link below.

These prices are good for today and today only, though, so if you're looking to buy, we suggest you do so shortly. If not, you can always check out our own store's selection of MicroSD cards for savings every day.

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32GB and 64GB MicroSD cards are insanely cheap today on Amazon


Man I got my SanDisk 64gb card sdxc card for 50 bucks oh well but are transcend SD cards reliable?
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The first and last transcend that I owned died on me. It was a 32gb 10 class microsd. I originally thought it was my S4 but I haven't had any issue with my SanDisk that I using.

My sandisk died after 2 months in my note 3. I called then and it was replaced, however, that one only lasted 4 months.

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So does Transcend, and they're both amongst the largest flash media manufacturers... I've had nothing but good luck with Transcend (I have a 32GB SD on a first gen netbook that's over half a decade old and still works fine), and I've also had failures from both brands, anecdotal evidence is pretty worthless tho. Haven't bought SanDisk as much lately cause their prices have inflated.

You really need to start using Keepa ( to see how the price on Amazon has been historically. $13.99 is low, but not "insanely cheap" considering that Amazon was selling it for $16.95 two days ago. You can't fall for the full price that the retailer lists. It was $13.72 on July 22 and $14.54 on July 7. Good price, but don't go rushing to buy this if you don't already need it thinking that this is a one-off fluke.

Actually went and looked at Keepa out of curiosity, site UI is a little sleeker, similar functionality to Camel. I wasn't aware there was more than one of these. Camel adds used prices and I like their data breakdown better (they list average, highest, and lowest).

OTOH Keepa seems to show more product photos and it can list Amazon prices for different countries, I imagine that's useful for Europeans who can shop at and etc. Both offer identical notifications.

This is true, but there ARE some pretty good deals going on regardless, just not on micro SD cards. The 64GB micro SD is a better deal but I still wouldn't call it insane, $29 puts it $13 under the average BUT it's been that low once already in the past and it's been within $7 plenty of times in recent months.

I have no pressing need for one since my phone/tablet don't use them right now so I'm gonna pass on that, if it were a steeper discount I might bite since I can always use them in micro drives etc (been looking at Surface Pro too which would make use of them).

Fast SD cards are where the better deals are at, if you have a high end camera or want a really fast SD to leave in your laptop for backups you should take a look at those. 64GB UHS-3 95MB/s read 60MB/s write for $38 is pretty good IMO.

I paid $60 for a similar speed 64GB Sony card in November and I thought that was a decent price (actually looked at multiple brand's price history). The Transcend has been lower than that for months tho, prices have obviously come down in general.

The same card in a 128GB capacity is $80 btw, which also looks like a good deal, $20 lower than it's ever been. The 64GB is $10 lower than it's usually been (though it's hit $44 before). I do wonder if prices will continue to plummet or if they'll rebound tho.

Desktop DDR3 is actually higher priced now than it was a year or year and a half ago, tho that market is usually more volatile.

Looks like prices have plummeted more than I thought, the Transcend prices are decent but there's cheaper options still... PNY isn't my favorite brand but they have a 128GB 90/60MB/s R/W card for $63... And the average is $70, still $10 less than Transcend's. 64GB prices are closer...

Looks like Sony's cards haven't dropped much tho, my current ones are Sony only for their price at the time. Never had to deal with PNY for a warrant claim (nor Sony) so no clue about that, but I've gotten replacements without issue from SanDisk, Transcend, and Patriot...

You could always use it on a fingernail sized micro reader; like the Elago Mobile Nano II (always have one on my keychain, highly recommended), they're like $10 or something. Just need a $2 OTG cable to use it on a phone/tablet, or you can use a microUSB OTG reader like Meenova's if your primary use will be on phone/tablet (and obviate the cable).

I actually bought the latter too, haven't used it as much, largely cause I didn't put it on my keychain immediately. I've been thinking of replacing both with something like the Kingston microDuo, they just released the USB 3.0 versions. It's basically a USB plug on one side, microUSB OTG on the other.

They look like a pretty good deal too, the 64GB model is only about $36 and it's good for 70MB/s read speeds over USB 3.0... Looks like write speeds are more poky but they usually are on microSD cards too anyway. If I'm in a hurry to copy something before leaving the house I grab one of my two 200MB/s read/write USB 3.0 drives.

USB OTG is a wonderful thing, I don't miss removable media at all on my phone/tablet, tho I did splurge for the 32GB N5 (16GB N7 tho).

If you wanted to use a microSD card as just a media backup (i.e. move movies from PC to microSD, then use in tablet/smartphone when travelling, etc), will I run into problems on S5 and other newer devices because of how KitKat handles SD cards? I know that once it's "kitkat formatted" via the phone I can move the files to SD by leaving it in the phone and USB transferring from PC; but what if I never format it via the phone, and just start transferring files by tossing the SD card in the PC? Will KitKat devices read the media?

It will, and if it doesn't you just need an app like Nexus Media Importer (I think Samsung builds that functionality in tho, Nexus devices don't mount FAT natively). What Kit Kat changed was how certain apps were granted access to removable storage, I don't think it fundamentally changed the way media is formatted or read. You can look up an article Jerry wrote about this on AC if you have any other doubts.

Have to make sure you can format them to your device.. I've had so many issues with formatting them to my Samsung devices.

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